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- Tarot Tip: Grounding — Back to Reality
- Tarot School Aphorism
- What's Gnu?
- PsychWise: Find the Pattern — A Tarot Counseling Spread
- Best Practices: Ways to Invest for Business Success
- Cool Tarot Project 
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Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
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What's in your backpack?
In the northern hemisphere, September
is traditionally associated with the start of
school. But it's not just for the kids!
Around here, we like to think of it as
"Back to Tarot School" season. Learning 
energy is in the air, and now's a great time
to pick up your tarot studies again (that is
if you even put them down in the first place). 
And if you're in the southern hemisphere, warmer
weather is right around the corner — also a good time to
re-ignite your tarot practice with learning something new.
Whether your learning style leans toward reading, listening
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And here's what we've got for you in this month's issue:
• It’s not unusual to hear the term “grounding” in
relation to spiritual practice or ritual. This practice of
connecting to a “normal” state of conscious seems
arbitrary yet, many find necessary after working with
altered states of mind when reading the cards. The tip
this issue has some very practical grounding exercises
for your consideration.
• Don’t get bored yet! Go from boredom to excitement
with Dr. Elinor Greenberg’s comprehensive and
compelling look at adding “umph” to your sessions
with her Find the Pattern Spread. She uses it in her
own psychological and reading practice, and it's a
a wonderfully useful approach you can use as is or
adapt for your own needs.
• For the professional, the ‘Best Practices” column gives
tips on ways to wisely expend your energy, time and
money to boost your business.
• You may notice there's no Tarot Card Showcase.
It has been an ongoing feature since we started
this incarnation of Tarot Tips back in 2009. But
the newsletter was much shorter then. As it's gotten
longer and longer, we decided it was time to retire
the column. There are two ways you can still get
this information:
* Visit the Tarot Tips archives!
* Enroll in the Tarot School Correspondence Course
Both places will give you lots of card info goodness!          
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Yours truly on the tarot journey,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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Tarot Tip
Working with psychic energies can feel pleasant, and connecting with
Higher Self or higher levels of consciousness can be naturally uplifting. Many querents report
this feeling, too, after a reading experience. The energy that
connects us with other realms is
generally experienced as positive and filled with good vibrations.
But many people, after doing their work in the
“spiritual” realm, report feeling a bit ‘high” or
“ungrounded.” Some practitioners say they feel drained  after
working with certain clients, or that working with cards or
other divinatory instruments makes it feel difficult to come
back to reality.
The most familiar way to achieve connection with the higher
states is meditation or some form of centering. Coming out
of these states and re-grounding means engaging in
activities that bring us back to normal awareness.
The cards can be useful as a way to re-ground. The most
common way is through clearing the deck. Burning sage or
sandalwood incense is one way to achieve this. Holding your
deck and a quartz crystal and visualizing bright white pure
light  also works well.
The Tarot School method of clearing a deck is super-easy
and can be done at any time:
    1. Place your cards in a single, face-down pile        
    2. Hold your hands over the deck, crossed at the wrists
    3. Quickly separate your hands with a forceful gesture
Clearing the deck in this way will remove any trace of
energy from previous readings and prepare your cards for
the next reading. 
After a long day of readings, another common way to ground
is to eat a hearty meal that nourishes the body, and also the
soul when enjoyed together with people you like or love.
Grounding can be easily achieved by engaging the physical
body. A long walk, aerobic exercise or just walking around
barefoot on carpets returns the body’s vibration to a sense
of normalcy.
Reordering your deck or organizing your deck collection or
journaling are other ways to engage your senses for
grounding purposes. When it’s all said and done, the
process of grounding should be unique to your own psychic
and physical energy level.


 Tarot School Aphorism

Although we'll still be tweaking some things
over the next few months, all the information
you need to know about the 2016 Readers Studio
and Tarot & Psychology Conference is there.
Get your questions answered and reserve your
seat now!
Starting Thursday, October 1st, we're beginning teleclasses again!
Our first series will be the Advanced Elemental Array, which will be
bigger and more exciting than any telecourse we've ever done before
on Tarot Psychology. It's going to be intense. Join us if you can.


PsychWise – Tarot & Psychology Q & A
with Elinor Greenberg, PhD, CGP, CPTR

How to Transform Boring and Repetitious Readings into
Something Exciting and Useful 

I have been reading for a long time and have some
querents who come to see me regularly. Lately,
I have been getting a bit bored reading for some of
them because they always ask variations of the same
question, only about different people.  
It could be about romance: “Does he really like me?”  
“Should I contact him?” Or about work or friendship:
“Why don’t my colleagues include me when they go
for drinks after work?” “Why am I always the one to
have to initiate plans?”  
These querents seem satisfied by my readings and don’t seem to notice that
each reading focuses on essentially the same question and only the names 
change.  Is there another  type of reading that I could do that would be helpful
to these querents and more interesting to me?            


Many querents tend to ask the same questions over and over
again without realizing that they are always asking about a
different version of the same old disturbing problem.  The
cast of characters may change, but the problem does not.
Some querents are sophisticated enough to recognize that the
same thing is happening to them again and again, but they
have no idea what to do about it.  They would like more from
a reading than their question suggests, but they do not know
what to ask for.  
As a psychologist who also reads Tarot cards, when I read
for a querent I usually have at least two goals in mind. 
The first is to use the cards to answer the querent’s
basic question, while the second is to help the querent
learn something new and useful that they can apply in their
everyday life.  I have built this dual focus into a simple
and practical Tarot Counseling spread`that I call “Find
the Pattern.” “Find the Pattern” focuses on what is
really going on under all these similar, but different
instances and what the querent can do to move things along
in a more positive direction.
For example, my querent Sara briefly dated a series of men
that she had met through an online dating site.  By briefly
I mean that she rarely saw any of them more than once or
twice before they stopped contacting her.  Sara was always
hopeful that the man was still interested in her, but that
work or school or other life events were temporarily
distracting him from contacting her again.  After each man
disappeared, Sara would come for a reading with basically
the same question: “Does….(fill in the blank)…still
like me?” or “Should I try and contact…(fill in the
blank) again?”  “(Fill in the blank) liked my picture on
Instagram.  Does this mean he still cares about me?”  The
same thing seems to happen to Sara over and over again with
a rotating cast of characters. The name of the man that Sara
is focusing on changes, but the questions stay basically the
same.  I decided that Sara needed an insight-oriented
reading that would help her understand and break out of this
unsatisfying pattern.
The next time Sara asked for a reading, I suggested that we
try something new, a spread that I had developed for her
that might be able to give her insight into what was really
going on with her and all these men and how she might shift
things to get more of what she wanted and less of what she
did not.  This piqued Sara’s interest and she was eager
for me to do this reading.  
Below is the generic version of my “Find the Pattern”
spread that you can adapt to different circumstances.

STEP 1: Select and layout 7 cards  
Using your usual method, have your client select 7 cards. 
Lay the cards out and assign the following meanings to each
of your spread positions. You can use my layout below, or
make up one of your own.
Card 1: Querent—A card that describes the querent in this
repeating situation

Card 2: Others —What all the different “others” have in common
Card 3: Connection —What connects the querent and these
others (Lay out this card horizontally so that it connects
Card 1 to Card 2).

Card 4: Hidden Factor— Something that the querent is not
aware of that underlies this pattern

Card 5: Do — Something the querent can do to change this
pattern in a positive direction

Card 6: Stop Doing—Something that the querent needs to
stop doing in order to change the pattern

Card 7: Learn — What the querent is meant to learn from this
Optional Card 8 (Bottom of the deck):
Confirmation that the reader is on the right
track or further details.
                             LAYOUT OF SPREAD

                                    Card 7 (Learn)
                         Card 5 (Do)        Card 6 (Stop)

 Card 1 (Querent)       Card 3 (Connection)      Card 2 (Others)

                                   Card 4 (Hidden)
           Card 8 (Optional bottom of the deck commentary)
STEP 2: Look at the card at the bottom of the deck
After you finish reading the 7-card spread, turn over the
deck of remaining cards and look at the bottom card.  This
card can be used to summarize or comment on the reading. 
Often it will confirm whether your reading is on the right
track. You can choose to read this as Card 8 and put it face
up on the table and share it with the querent, or you can
keep its meaning to yourself.
STEP 3: Summarize the Pattern for the Querent
I have found it useful to take a few moments at the end of
the reading to look at the reading as a whole, and then
briefly summarize its message about the pattern that
underlies all the separate, but similar instances that my
querent has experienced.  I suggest that you do this after
you have already read and discussed all the cards with your
One of the virtues of summarizing the pattern is that it
forces both the Tarot reader and the querent to focus on the
overall message, instead of individual cards in the reading.
 One of my pet peeves when I get a reading is that some
readers are so busy interpreting each card or reassuring me
that everything will be fine that I don’t come away with a
clear answer to my question.
How to Introduce the “Find a Pattern” Spread to a
 I usually keep things very simple and direct.  I
will use my client Sara as an example.  
“Sara, I was thinking about your situation and I had an
idea for a reading that you might find helpful. I know that
many of the men that you have been dating have been
frustrating and disappointing.  Would you be interested in
my doing a special reading that focuses on discovering the
pattern that underlies these separate situations, and how to
shift this pattern into something more satisfying to
Sara eagerly agreed and said that she wasn’t aware that
there were different kinds of readings that we might do. 
Below is the reading that I did for Sara using my “Find
the Pattern” spread and my summary of her pattern.
Card 1: Represents Sara in this situation of man after man
              who disappoints her
Card 2: Represents some commonality that all of these men
Card 3: What connects Sara with these men?
Card 4: What underlying factor causes these relationships
               to fail?
Card 5: What is something Sara needs to do to get the kind
               of relationship she wants with a man?
Card 6: What is something that Sara needs to stop doing?
Card 7: What is Sara meant to learn from this experience?
Card 8: Commentary about this reading

Card 1: Key 18 The Moon
Sara is still evolving with regards to choosing a mate.  
Who she actually needs is not yet clear to her.  It is still
early in the process.
Card 2: Ace of Swords
The men that Sara has been choosing to date are all verbal,
smart, and like to win.
Card 3: 5 of Wands
Both Sara and the men she chooses tend to be competitive
with each other.  
Card 4: Page of Wands Reversed
Both Sara and the men she chooses tend to be immature, not
ready for a real relationship, and act out with each other
Card 5: 2 of Swords
Sara needs to pause and think about her choices.  She might
want to consider limiting her verbal and intellectual
sparring with men.
Card 6: 8 of Cups
Right now Sara should stop searching for a man to love until
she makes some changes in her approach to men and
understands more about what she actually needs in a man.
Card 7: 10 of Pentacles
Sara needs to learn to become more practical about choosing
a man to date and marry.  She would do better to focus on
men who see themselves as ready now for a serious
relationship that might lead to marriage and who are family
minded (as opposed to her guys who are immature and are
looking to date and have sex without settling down into
anything more serious right now).
Card 8 from the Bottom of the Deck: Key 5 The Hierophant
When I turned over Sara’s deck, there was an upright Key 5
The Hierophant.  The Hierophant is sometimes read as a
marriage card.  Upright suggests a traditional marriage,
reversed something not traditional.  In Sara’s case, I
read it to mean that Sara would do best with a man who wants
to have a traditional relationship that ends in marriage, as
opposed to simply having sex or living together without
being married to each other.
Based on this reading, my understanding of the basic
source of Sara’s disappointment with men is that she is
still a bit immature for her age and tends to pick the
wrong type of man for a serious relationship. Sara is
drawn to competitive men with sharp minds who excite
her because they can verbally banter with her and
winning their affection seems like a challenge. Sara and
these men both enjoy their competitive verbal sparring
and the sex, but they tend to have little else in common
that might lead to a serious relationship.  Sara needs to
rethink her priorities, stop dating this type of man, and
look for someone who is practical, traditional, and ready
for a loving, non-competitive relationship that leads to
marriage and family. 
The above is how I conceptualized Sara’s Pattern for
myself.  When I summarized it out loud for Sara, I chose
my words more carefully.  For example, no one likes to
hear they are immature, so I put my assessment more
“Sara, this spread suggests that you are still evolving as
a woman and that your approach to choosing men needs to
evolve as well for you to get what you really want.  You and
the men you have been dating tend to be drawn together
because you both share a youthful approach to dating that
emphasizes the challenge of getting the other person to like
you, competitive verbal banter, and the exciting sexual
sparks between you.  However, these men are too immature
for you and are not yet ready to settle down in a serious
relationship.  If you want a more serious and long-lasting
relationship with a man, these cards suggest that you need
to look for someone who is financially stable, somewhat
traditional, and ready right now for a loving and
traditional relationship that leads to marriage and family.”   
My experience is that most querents are unlikely to change
their pattern after one reading, no matter how accurate it
is.  This is no different than therapy.  Therapy clients are
started on the road to change by a good session that results
in increased insight, but making the actual change takes
time and effort.  The “Find the Pattern” spread is
designed to help expand our querents’ awareness of the
elements in their pattern that may be detrimental to their
long-term goals.  If the reading gets them to think twice
before they repeat the same exact pattern again, it has been
a success according to my standards.

Dr. Elinor GreenbergDr. Elinor Greenberg, PhD, CGP, CPTR
is an internationally renowned Gestalt therapy
trainer who specializes in teaching the diagnosis
and treatment of Borderline, Narcissistic, and
Schizoid adaptations. She has been studying
tarot since 1995 and is psychology consultant to
The Tarot School, where she earned a Third Degree
in Tarot. She is a member of B.O.T.A. (Builders
of the Adytum) and has been certified as a professional
tarot reader by the American Tarot Association. 


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Best Practices for Professional Readers
By Gina Thies
The conventional wisdom of “you have to spend money to
make money” has been around for years. It has been the
rationale for business expenses ranging from advertising to
supplies. Typically, practitioners who are just starting out
mistakenly assume that investing in advertising, especially
sponsored ads or pay-per-click advertising on social media,
will be a good investment.
But this type of advertising is costly and often not properly
executed. You may want to consider that many people who
see a sponsored ad on Facebook are already connected to
you somehow, and you will be wasting your money reaching
clients you already have. Effective use of pay-per-click
advertising means researching who you need to target, and
writing ads that will hit the right demographics.
There are ways to invest in your business that require
little or no money. One effective way to invest in your
business is to listen to the people who already do business
with you. Survey them individually or collectively via email
surveys to find out what they like about what you have to
offer, and/or what improvements or services they would like
to see.
Some things are worth spending money on. Without a doubt,
attending conferences or trade-shows are  worthwhile
investments, especially if you have tangible products and
want to attract new clients. If you are worried about the
expense of traveling to conferences, talk to a tax
professional to discover ways the trip could help you with
tax deductions.
If you do have an advertising or marketing budget, it's a
good idea to consult with someone who has expertise in these
areas before spending your money. If you have any questions
related to pay-per-click, ad words or online marketing, feel
free to drop me a line. 


Cool Tarot Project
Ginnie Jester has created another magical
tarot deck of a photographic exploration of
another magical city — Paris!
She's put her heart and soul into this project
and we believe it deserves the support of
the tarot community.
You can read the dramatic back-story here:
And there are just a few days left on her
funding campaign to make this dream a
reality. Please consider adding this special
deck to your collection:       

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