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Back Issues:

Originally started in 1998 as a Yahoo Group, Tarot Tips was revamped in 2009 and has a whole new look! These links will give you instant access to the treasure trove of information found in all our recent back issues.


January 1 — Working with Time Frames in Tarot


December 1 — Secrets of Using Spreads
November 1 — Cringe-Worthy Comments from Querents
October 1 — How To Handle General or Vague Questions
September 1 — 10 Tips for Tarot Collecting
August 1 — Personal Card Associations
July 1 — Interesting Ways to Interpret Reversed Cards
June 1 — Breathing Fresh Air Into Old Tarot Habits
April 1 — Freshen Up Your Tarot Spreads!
March 1 — The Best Book You'll Ever Read on The Tarot!
February 1 — The Reader – Querent Relationship
January 1 — Becoming New


December 1 — Hidden Revelations Technique
November 1 — Energy Types and Tarot
October 1 — Exploring Emotions with Tarot
September 1 — Story Circle Technique
August 1 — Details, Details – What Are You Missing?
July 1 — A Spread for Deep Exploration
June 1 — Astrology in Tarot
April 1 — The Initial Image Technique
March 1 — Interpreting The Pages
February 1 — 18th Birthday Issue!
January 1 — Why Attend Conferences?


December 1 — Using Reversed Cards in Your Readings
November 1 — The Marseille Tarot Ethos
October 1 — Memorizing Card Meanings
September 1 — The Last Card in a Reading
August 1 — How Often Should You Get Readings?
July 1 — Build Confidence as a Tarot Reader
June 1 — How To Choose A Good Tarot Deck
April 1 — The Fortune Principle
March 1 — Moon Cycle Spread
February 1 — 17th Birthday Issue
January 1 — A Little Bit About… Shuffling Cards


December 1 — What Do Those Tools Mean?
November 1 — Dealing with Naysayers and Non-Believers
October 1 — Elemental Energies and Tarot
May 15 — Tarot Tips on Hiatus
April 15 — Q & A with Corrine Kenner
April 1 — Group or Multi-Person Readings
March 15 — The Message in The Title Card
March 1 — Family Dynamics and Tarot
February 15 – Q&A with Barbara Moore - Part 2
February 1 – Q&A with Barbara Moore - Part 1 (Sweet 16 Edition)
January 15 — Confusion, Challenges and Faulty Interpretations
January 1 — Tarot Study Guidelines


December 15 — Astrology and Tarot
December 1 — Using Pentacle-Shaped Spreads
November 15 — The Angels of Tarot, Part 2
November 1 — The Angels of Tarot, Part 1
October 15 — The Shining Knights in a Reading
October 1 — Fantastic Flora of Tarot (Anniversary Issue!)
September 15 — Weather, Climate and Atmosphere in Tarot
September 1 — Project Planning Spreads
August 15 — How To See Patterns in a Reading
August 1 — Wisdom of the Beasts of Tarot
July 15 — How To Use the Blank Cards in a Reading
July 1 — Spreads for Traveling, Moving or Spiritual Journeys
June 15 — Masculine Archetypes in a Reading
June 1 — Numbers and Tarot
May 15 — Deck-Clearing Techniques
May 1 — 2-Card Spreads
April 15 — Before- and After-Reading Meditations
April 1 — Non-Verbal Pearls of Wisdom
March 15 — Timing Techniques
March 1 — Interpreting Water in Readings
February 15 — Dispelling The Devil
February 1 — Negative Cards in Positive Positions – Part 2
January 15 — Negative Cards in Positive Positions – Part 1
January 1 — Dealing with Difficult Clients


December 15 — The Business of Reading Online
December 1 — Imposing Spiritual Beliefs
November 15 — Advice or Interpretation
November 1 — Death Card Readings
October 15 — Getting the Most from a Tarot Spread
October 1 — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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