Audio Courses

"So interesting that I could hardly stop listening!"

Csaba Frank, Tarot School student

Great Tarot classes are like great stories — they grab you and don't let go. What if you could lose yourself in the "story" of Tarot any time you wanted, anywhere you wanted?

We'd like to introduce you to a valuable resource that has been a part of The Tarot School for some time. Until now, it has flown a bit "under the radar" and we'd like to bring it out into the light.

For the past ten years, students from anywhere in the world have been able to join us for live instruction, simply by picking up the telephone. These teleclasses (which continue to this day) contain some of the best material produced by The Tarot School to date, including the concepts and techniques that form the backbone of our entire curriculum. We always get great feedback on the classes, but not everyone can attend. So in order to get our offerings into the hands of as many people as possible, we began recording them. And our audio course series was born!

The audio course series is your own personal library of Tarot knowledge and instruction, giving you easy access to timeless information scattered across the books and decks of many lifetimes. Much of the material is rare, obtained from private sources of esoteric knowledge, and all of it is the result of the many, many years of careful research and study on which our reputation for expertise and excellent rests. You'll feel like we're speaking directly to you as we pass this knowledge on.

In these classes, you'll learn the meanings, symbology and attributions of Tarot that go well beyond what can be found in most books. Then we back up the theory with practical examples and techniques that are especially designed to work in "the real world" — your readings. You'll see how it's really done as we present the techniques live to students just like you — and don't be surprised when someone asks a question that you're thinking of at that very moment…

For Tarot enthusiasts, the "total immersion" aspect of a recorded class is pure fun. What's more, the recorded format comes with special benefits. You can listen and learn at your own pace — and with rewind, you'll never miss a beat. Working through the exercises yourself as you hear the class helps you absorb the information quicker. And for the ultimate in retention, just listen again and again!

What do people say after purchasing our recordings?

“I have been studying Tarot for 20 some odd years (since my early 20s). I collect decks, and have just about every credible (and incredible) book available. It was through listening to your cds that information about Tarot made its connection. Your recordings and information from the school have totally changed the depth and quality of my readings.”

— Sharon Sliveno

“After listening to your cds, 'the lights came on.' Thank you so much for these… I have enjoyed each and every one and really learned a lot.”

— Sheron Duckworth

“I have just received my cd course in the post. Wow! What a surprise when I opened it — so much more than I expected and such good value!”

— Pamela May

(Note: Your purchase may be tax-deductible as a training expense. Consult your tax advisor.)

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