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Birth Card Course

Are You Ready for Tarot's 12 Most Essential Mysteries?
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Some have defined magic as, “Changing consciousness at will.” If that's true, then you are about to discover one of the sturdiest, most reliable, and profound magical tools that has ever existed.

How would you like understand yourself, your clients, and any person who has ever lived from inside their own unique bandwidth of consciousness?

Yep. That's magic.

This is Tarot Wisdom You Have Never Seen Before

As an experienced practitioner, you know that one of the greatest gifts of the tarot is how it can open a door to a universal understanding and empathy for the human condition.

The Birth Cards are the tarot's front door, with the welcome lights blazing.

They reveal the fundamental starting place of self-awareness, and they are the tarot's first means of self-knowledge. To know anyone's Birth Cards is the beginning of knowing them.

The Tarot Psychology Course: Birth Cards is like no other. It focuses on the tarot cards corresponding to your birthday yet goes far beyond that. You will recognize a whole spectrum of evolutionary possibilities, which reveal a potential unfolding of your personal destiny. Each lesson introduces and builds on priceless techniques and methods for experiencing the energies of the cards and for making them your own. Ultimately, it teaches you to have faith in the natural equilibrium that each Birth Card set represents.”

— Mary K. Greer, legendary scholar, teacher, professional tarot consultant, and author

Sign up for this exceptional course and —

    • learn to see and use the Major Arcana cards of the tarot in a completely new way.

    • be on the cutting edge of tarot expertise never before available.

    • fresh insights about yourself and others that may have eluded you will become crystal clear.

    • get an infallible tool for enriching your own self-awareness and counseling for clients that you cannot find anywhere else — at any price.

A feast of delicious surprises awaits, begging for you to savor each one slowly, yet fully available for practical use as quickly as you wish.

“I have long admired Wald Amberstone for his deep knowledge of the Tarot and its complex esoteric traditions.

Even more impressive than his direct teaching that I've been lucky enough to experience has been seeing and hearing the students who've studied with him and Ruth Ann Amberstone at The Tarot School in New York. Their thorough knowledge and ease with the mysteries of the cards is the best tribute to their teachers.

Now, reading the lessons of this course awakens something else in me, a kind of awe at the beauty and depth of the writing.

Speaking with the awareness of a philosopher and the voice of a poet, Wald gives us the Splendor of not just the Tarot, but of this strange life we live, half in the struggles of the body and half in the mysteries of spirit.”

— Rachel Pollack, incomparable master tarot author, scholar, deck creator, and teacher

The Birth Cards Course Includes:

    • Fourteen self-paced lessons that will clarify and inspire your relationship with each of the Majors, as well as how they interact with one another.

    • A Quick Reference Study Guide: The Twelve Bands of Perception – The Birth Card Environments.

    • A bonus lesson listing dozens of notable figures from history and contemporary culture by their Birth Cards.

    • A stunning new way to understand the Birth Cards as they illuminate your own personal Qabalistic Tree of Life.

    • How to use the Birth Cards to examine the relational dynamics between people.

    • A course within a course that will revolutionize how you understand the visual imagery in each Major Arcana card.

Decades of Distilled Wisdom from Two of Tarot's Most Treasured Teachers

You'll be introduced to the Amberstones' Birth Card calculation system, developed over 20 years ago independently of other methods (of which they were not even aware at the time).

They began testing it almost immediately in the wider tarot community. As one early collaborator notes:

“In 2002 the Amberstones were looking for a psychologist willing to test out their Birth Card system with actual psychotherapy clients. I volunteered to try it on myself and, if it worked, use it with any clients that I thought could benefit.

The moment I looked at myself through the lens of my Lovers/Devil Birth cards, I found that they illuminated things about me that I had not previously been able to put into words. I realized that I had just been given an unexpectedly powerful new tool that I could easily integrate into both Tarot Counseling and traditional psychotherapy. My clients love it! The people I read for love it! I do it for random strangers and they become new friends…

After working with the Amberstones' Birth Card system for 18 years, I thought that I had nothing more to learn. Then, I received their new Birth Card Course and realized that I had only scratched the surface of what was possible. There are new insights on every page, and I am thrilled how this new material is deepening my understanding. I highly recommend this Birth Card Course to anyone who loves Tarot and wants a deeper insight into Birth Cards and an easy to understand, non- pathologizing perspective on personality issues.

— Elinor Greenberg, PhD, CPTR, author and internationally renowned Gestalt therapy trainer

This simple but powerful tool is your passport to a stunning new way of understanding the cards. With it, the Amberstones will guide your journey through each defining landscape of the Birth Cards so that you can experience the cards in a multitude of dimensions.

Each Birth Card lesson is an evolutionary step and examines:

The Journey of Emergence
How you, within your Birth Card topography, respond to the world you are inhabiting defines your fullest sense of self. That sense that emerges is personality, and the process of becoming this personality is the Journey of Emergence.

The Journey of Return
When you look away from and beyond the world, you engage in the drive to go beyond the personality you know as you. The Birth Cards will illuminate and define the unique contours of this journey to realize your truest identity.

The Essential Task
Every Birth Card combination sets itself an essential identifying task according to its nature, which it is driven to complete before its journey of return is done.

Unintegrated and Imperfect Realizations
You'll learn to recognize the unique, potentially destructive ways that distortions and dysfunction within a particular Birth Card set can play out.

Energetic Continuum
You will master the spectrum of extremes in which each Birth Card combination may present itself. This will show you the public and private, ultimately infinite ways any one person is both utterly unique, and yet still falls within the continuum of their own Birth Card profile, and no other.

The Defining Question
Each combination has a soul-deep motivation that may be summarized as a question that drives and defines its point of view. This single sparkling insight has the potential to revolutionize how you understand the driving force in peoples' lives.

These lessons are designed to be studied in order, each building on the previous one. From this carefully crafted method, a synergistic wealth of insights and inspiration results. However, with all the materials at your fingertips, your self-study experience is up to you.

When I went through the Birth Card Course, I was delighted to see patterns emerge in my life that were consistent with my birth cards. It gave me an inside track to handling issues that keep repeating in my life.”

— Lorrie Morgan, Founder and CEO, RedHotCopy

Did we mention?
You get a complete course within this course that may well awaken a new passion in your relationship with the cards.

The art of seeing the Major Arcana as Birth Cards begins by paying attention to three kinds of visual imagery the Amberstones call Color, Costume and Choreography.

As they explain, “Working with Birth Cards entirely depends on and begins with learning to see the cards differently, and possibly for the first time. Here, everything is in the details.”

This lavish gift of discernment is woven into every lesson and is just one more example of the exceptional value in the Birth Card Course.

Is there a particular deck I should use?

Naturally, we understand that everyone has their personal favorites, so we encourage you to enjoy the Birth Cards with the deck(s) you connect best with. However, to take full advantage of Color, Costume and Choreography, we recommend the Universal Waite Deck for its subtle use of color and clarity of the symbols.

Since the late 1990s, the Angeles Arrien method of working with the birth cards has been one of my favorite ways to study, teach, and read the tarot. So while I am always inspired by the Amberstones' work, I was not sure their approach to the birth cards would offer much new territory for me, personally.

I could not have been more wrong!

I was not expecting this course to trigger a mind-boggling evolutionary leap, but that is exactly what happened over the course of the program.

One minute, you are mulling over their beautiful insights about the relationship between, say, the Hermit and the Moon. Then suddenly you realize you are immersed in a multi-dimensional symphony of infinite variations that have left you profoundly changed — as a reader, and as a human being.

This course is a masterpiece from two of modern tarot's greatest treasures. Brilliant and indispensable for all serious readers.”

— Beth Owl's Daughter, teacher, writer, author, priestess, and tarot mystic

Plus —
Practice and More Practice

As you may imagine, this material is very rich and multifaceted. Thus, it merits a slow, methodical absorption. That's why, drawing on their more than 80 years of combined experience teaching, the Amberstones have included a dynamic repertoire of proven practice techniques and exercises.

✵ Step by brilliant step, you will sharpen your understanding and build your expertise.✵

I am a newbie. Will this course work for me, too?

Yes! The Tarot School Birth Card Course will deepen your tarot experience no matter what your level of study.

Or you might be wondering…

Is this the same material they have in their audio course, workshops and live classes?

While it was necessary to repeat a few things, the Birth Card Course is unlike anything they have taught before.

I've been studying Tarot Birth Cards with Wald and Ruth Ann both live and by recording since I started with them in 2002. I also use what I learned about Birth Cards in my own readings.

This is definitely a brand new and highly expanded version. I just completed the new Lesson One and already have had new insights.”

— Beth Palladino, New York

A Revolutionary New Way to Divine the Grandeur of Our Lives

Make no mistake. While the work itself is not overly complex, there is nothing about it that is simplistic or stereotypical.

As the Amberstones write:

Pigeon-holes are for letters, not for people. Birth Cards and the people born in them are bands of possibility and variations on possibility. What is possible can't be measured because it is not finite. The lesson of Birth Cards is that you are what is possible…

At its heart, tarot is an instrument of mystery, and it treats the universe as a living thing. To tarot, a living universe is a self-evident truth.

This universe speaks directly, even sings, to poets, primitives, mystics and children, and through tarot, everyone can hear its song. This song of the world connects the voice of the unseen with the voices of the seen, every living thing with everything else.

All of our accumulated knowledge is never more than a candle's glow in the darkness of the mystery that surrounds us. What drew us to tarot in the first place keeps us fascinated. Even tarot experts feel the delicious presence of the unknown just outside the door of what they know.

Listen — don't you hear it? That most rare and delicious presence of the unknown is singing to you. The mystery of the multiverse is knocking on your door.

Open it and you will hear this song of the world with a new understanding and resonance beyond imagining.

Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone possess an immense knowledge of Tarot. How lucky we are that they created the Birth Card Course, a master class in tarot Birth Cards…This is a must-do class for any serious tarot student.”

— Theresa Reed, aka The Tarot Lady — author and renowned tarot teacher and reader

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For $195 you'll receive all 14 complete lessons, each one brimming with unforgettable insights regarding the particular cards for that chapter, as well as extraordinary new insights that will change your understanding of the Tarot itself — the culmination of the Amberstones' vast treasure trove of experience and practice.

    ☞ In addition, you'll get a quick reference study guide

    ☞ PLUS a list with dozens of famous people by their Birth Cards.

Best of all, you can take your time in this self-paced collection of material that has never been shared before, exploring their beautiful practices and absorbing each fascinating observation.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes! You may choose a 3-month installment plan of $65 per month.

What if I only want to learn about my particular Birth Cards and skip the rest?

Every lesson contains information not included in the previous one, so that they evolve from start to finish.

However, your purchase gives you the whole package! That's because we realize it is natural to want to examine your own cards first, and those of the people who are important to you. So, if that is your wish, you will have every lesson at your fingertips.

But we are sure that once you start your explorations, you will recognize that the ordered lessons will serve you best, especially if your desire is to take your Tarot knowledge and service to a whole new level.

Energize your experience.

Hone your skills.

Rock your practice.

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