The Tarot School Birth Card Course

The Tarot School Birth Card Course
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You’ve probably heard of using the date of birth to align with a combination of Major Arcana cards.

If so, you’ve almost certainly read up on it and played with this concept to better understand yourself, the people in your life, and even those you read for.

But this is not another one of those “You are a ____card, therefore you are this or that” introductions.

Are you hungry for in-depth, new insights that revolutionize how you understand tarot?

With the guidance of Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone’s vast research and decades of experience, this deep dive master class will not only show you how to use this straight-forward process to be a better reader, it will hand you the keys to decipher the entire range of the human experience. Yeah. Really.

Birth Cards are among the best friends a tarot reader can have!

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