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Vol. 6 #3 / March 1, 2014

 In this Issue:
- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: Create Your Tarot Journal - Best Book You'll Ever Read on the Tarot!
- Tarot School Aphorism
- What's Gnu?
- Tarot Card Showcase: Justice 
- 7 Minutes with...
- An Open Call for Performers
- Best Practices: For Entertainment Purposes Only: Legal Disclaimers for Readers 
- Featured Tarot Blog: Toni Allen's Tarot Blog
- Upcoming Events
Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
And a warm welcome to our new readers. 
We hope you'll be getting this on March 1st. As you may
already be aware, Aweber has been getting out from under
a massive denial of service attack. Although they've made
great strides, service is still spotty. This may have affected
you if you're getting the digital version of the Tarot School
Correspondence Course. If your recent lesson didn't arrive
on the day you expected, don't worry -- it will get to you
soon. And Mercury should be in the clear in just a few days!
Meanwhile, back on the ranch...
There are times when we are our own best authority, and
others when some outside counsel is just what we need.
This month's issue takes a look at both sides of this coin.
We're pleased to welcome Kathleen Meadows as a new
guest contributor to Tarot Tips. You'll hear from her
from time to time. Her Tarot Tip offers some great
suggestions on starting or expanding a personal tarot
Justice is our Showcase Card, and the Best Practices
column addresses the issue of using a disclaimer for
your reading practice. Good counsel.
There are lots more goodies, including a new blog,
Tarot Aphorism, 7-Minutes With... interviews, and
a special announcement from Wald. Enjoy!           

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Yours truly on the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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Tarot Tip
by Kathleen Meadows
Whether you are just learning the tarot or have been
working with it for a while and want to explore it more
deeply, you'll benefit from creating your own tarot
journal.  It will be the best book you've ever read
on the tarot!
The following are a few suggestions for sections in
your journal. Remember to date your entries and jot
down briefly what is going on in your life. Don't
make the project too laborious. This shouldn't become
one of your chores!
1.  Take 3 Major Arcana cards and lay them out past,
present and future. Tell yourself the story that these
three cards are pointing to about your life. 
2.  Find a body posture that evokes the card/s you 
are studying that day. Imitate the character in the
picture. For the Magician stand with one arm up
(holding a wand of some kind) and the other pointed
down. For the World, stand with one leg behind the
other, and arms out. Write your feelings and body
sensations while doing the tarot poses in your
3.  Ask the Card/s of the day questions about itself.
Mix the cards and turn them over as if for a reading,
but instead of the usual questions, speak directly to
the cards. 
For example: 
  • What special message do you bring?
  • What do you want to teach me?
  • What do I need to work with you?
  • How will we get along?  
    Answering these questions in your journal will add more
    depth to what has been provided in the divinatory
    4.  Begin a section in your journal titled, "Tarot
    Images" and collect images from magazines, newspapers,
    flyers, and photographs that remind you of a tarot
    card. Note the connections you made between these
    personally collected images and the tarot card
    5.  Record any dreams about the tarot. Dreaming an
    image that looks like a card, doing readings or anticipating
    a reading. These dreams reflect how the tarot is being
    integrated into your unconscious mind.
    About the Author:
    Kathleen Meadows has a Master's degree in the
    Psychology of Religion and has been reading the Tarot
    for 37 years and teaching it for more than 20 years.
    You can read more of Kathleen's articles and view her
    teaching videos at

     Tarot School Aphorism



    Exclusive Access Program

    Wald has created a special course of
    graduate studies for students of tarot
    who want to go very deep. Because of 
    its intensity, he is accepting only a few
    students into an intimate one-on-one
    mentoring program.

    If this program interests you, email
    Wald at, and he
    will set up an appointment to speak with
    you about it

    Tarot Card Showcase

    In this section we will feature tidbits on a specific tarot card. 
    While there are many systems and decks to choose from in 
    the world of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite Tarot 
    images and symbols.
    Copyright 1992 U.S Games.

    Traditional Meanings:
    Balance, decision, compensation, fair
    exchange. Negotiation, arbitration,
    facilitating a compromise. 
    Take responsibility for your actions. 
    Accept the consequences of your decisions. 
    Find the right response to a provocation. 
    See clearly. Weigh the evidence. 
    Accept no excuses. Legal matters. 


    Name: Justice - not law, not order, not even-handedness 
    or fairness, not retribution or the righting of wrongs. 
    Key Number: 11 (Major #12) - the central path and
    symbolic linchpin of the Qabalistic Tree of Life.
    Hebrew Letter: Lamed - ox goad, prod, the maintainer 
    of the straight and narrow way, the sting of the imperative 
    to follow that way.
    Function: Work - the ceaseless effort and steady
    intention to maintain and travel the high wire of the
    middle way.
    Astrological Attribution: Libra - the balance.
    Perfect alignment without tilt, waver or exaggeration. 


    The Red Robe is a symbol of the power, passion and
    intensity of Mars.
    The Green Cape is the color of Venus, ruler of Libra.
    On the green trim of the robe are leaf designs, symbol
    of Life and The Empress, Key III, whose color is green
    and whose function is the creation of living forms.
    The Gold Scales are a reference to Libra, symbol of
    perfect balance, one half of the meaning of Justice. 
    The Sword is the blade of absolute discrimination that
    cuts away the excessive and unnecessary. This is the
    other half of the meaning of Justice.
    The Gold Crown is a symbol of the divine origin of the
    power of Justice.
    The Blue Stone in the crown is the third eye that
    cannot be deceived, fooled, or influenced by anything
    The Square Brooch with the Red Center is the 
    harmonious joining of Sulphur (Red) and Salt (White), 
    of Active and Passive, of Energy and Matter. It binds 
    the cape of Venus to the robe of Mars.
    The Grey Pillars are the two pillars of the Tree of
    Life, with Severity and its Sword on the left and Mercy
    and its Scales on the right. Twin pillars in tarot are
    always a symbol of the rite of initiation, separating
    innocence from knowledge, apprentice from initiate.  
    The Purple Veil is the color of equilibrium established
    between the extremes, which are symbolized here by the
    colors red and blue. 
    The Throne is cubic in form and grey in color. This
    form and color combine to symbolize the authority of
    spirit manifesting as the form of whatever power sits
    on it.
    The Step connects abstract Justice Above with manifest
    Justice Below.  
    Excerpted from The Tarot School Correspondence Course


    One great question, one great answer!

    Wald asks interesting questions of interesting 
    people in 
    the tarot community, and Ruth Ann creates 7-minute 
    content-rich videos for you to enjoy.

    Sheilaa Hite / Mary K. Greer / Nancy Antenucci
    Caitlín Matthews / Kooch Daniels / Victor Daniels
    Jeannette Roth / Rachel Pollack
    Theresa Reed / Carolyn Cushing / Katrina Wynne
    and more!

    Open Call for Performers!

    What? A short entertaining act that is Tarot related.
    It can be a tarot idea, concept, song, poem, dance, etc.
    that is as short as 4 minutes or as long as 10 minutes.
    In the past few years, these acts have ranged from an
    English gentlewoman reading her letter aloud to Mr.
    Waite, a group of folks singing a song about the Moon,
    a dancer moving from the Two of the Swords as an
    initiation of becoming the High Priestess, a main
    vocalist with two backup singers presenting their own
    song about the craziness of being a tarot reader as a
    job. It doesn't need to be funny or clever...heart felt
    Where and When? The Readers Studio, April 26, 2014
    during the Readers Studio Saturday Night Feast.
    Who? You and as many people as you want to involve 
    that would love to express some tarot idea, concept or
    imagery. We are looking for entertainment...not teaching
    so think outside the box!
    Why? Because playing is good for the soul and all of us
    will be in the mood to play by Saturday night!
    How? Contact Nucc (Nancy Antenucci) at 
    if you are even considering it. All acts need to be pre approved. 
    Nucc will also be checking in with each act closer to the time of 
    Readers Studio. Deadline is March 15! 
    A few ideas for scenes/acts:
    *A lively dialogue between Tarot and Lenormand...
    one person is Tarot, the other is Lenormand.
    *One card and how the Body, the Spirit and the Mind
    would respond (a person for the Mind, for the Body and
    for the Spirit)
    *Lip Synching to a Song that is totally Tarot such as
    "We are the Champions" for The Chariot card 
    (the 2014 year card)
    *Be like an Aunt Clara figure from Bewitched and give
    spells to overcome insecurities in reading for another
    *A fun interaction that would involve each table
    represented by one card
    *A couple talking about their love affair - the Queen
    of Wands and the King of Swords
    *Someone playing a mentalist (with fixed people in the
    audience playing along)
    This beautiful image is the Art card from the Tarot of
    the Zirkus Magi, Doug Thornsjo 


    April 25 - 27, 2014
    LaGuardia Marriott Hotel, New York

    Best Practices for Professional Readers
    By Gina Thies
    During a recent appearance as a guest on 'It's In The 
    Cards' ( a listener
    asked how I felt about having to use the disclaimer
    "for entertainment purposes only" as a professional reader.
    The topic of this disclaimer comes up every now and then. 
    It seems most troublesome to many readers who strive to 
    eliminate certain stereotypes that unfortunately comes 
    "with the territory," so to speak.
    I am comfortable with clearly defining what I provide
    to customers at the time they get a reading. I know that 
    what I do in terms of helping people gain perspective on 
    life issues is a serious matter for me and my clients, even 
    though I cannot claim any professional licensures.
    The use of this disclaimer and other similar statements
    may actually be required in some areas when it comes to
    "psychic" services or fortune-telling. Most of these fall 
    under consumer protection regulations outlined by the 
    Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They are usually pretty 
    straightforward and have language that can be used as 
    they are written. Some readers prefer to outline their own 
    versions of their obligations and their client's rights. 
    These notices also serve to protect the business owner or 
    service provider from legal actions for damages.
    The mission of the FTC is to prevent deceptive or unfair 
    business practices, especially when it comes to making 
    claims about a product or service that claims to do
    something that it cannot. They protect all consumers. 
    Most importantly, advertisers must have evidence to 
    back up their claims or risk getting into trouble with 
    the law.
    It is important to remember that, although you take
    your tarot consultations very seriously, if you are not
    licensed to counsel or provide therapy, you need to
    state this clearly to those you serve, or else consider
    using "for entertainment purposes only" when you
    charge for your services. 
    The best thing to do is to define in writing your terms
    of service and let the consumer know up front that you
    are not a licensed professional. One great way to do
    this is to have the disclaimer in writing on your website 
    or blog where clients would go to purchase a reading 
    or service from you, and make it clear what they are 
    agreeing to by making a purchase from you. For legal 
    questions on divination services in your area, talk to a 
    qualified attorney. 

    Featured Tarot Blog

    Toni Allen brings over 30 years of experience with
    tarot to the web with an intriguing blog that talks
    about her books and a new ways of looking at the
    symbolism of tarot. 
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