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Vol. 3 #4 / February 15, 2011

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- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: Q&A with Barbara Moore (Part 2)
- Tarot Card Showcase: The Lovers
- Upcoming Events
- Best Practices: Capturing The Heart of a Prospect
- Featured Tarot Blog: 78 Notes to Self: A Tarot Journal 

Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
And a special welcome to our new readers.
Today, the mystery and symbols of tarot continue to
inspire the tarotist, yielding more decks, books and
websites dedicated to this magical picture book. Each
year we celebrate our creativity and gather the tribe
together at The Readers Studio. We've recently updated
the website with these creative contributions from the 
Readers Studio community:
              * 12 exciting new evening Study Groups
              *  a fabulous line-up of merchants
              *  awesome new poster art by Ciro Marchetti
Be sure to stop by for a look!
We continue the second part of a special interview with
Barbara Moore, who will be teaching a Master Class as
one of the three main presenters at the 2011 Readers Studio. 
In this segment, she gives tips on writing and publishing
works on tarot. When tarot is asked to reveal its mysteries, 
it often does so through a story. In this Tarot Tips our
featured card, The Lovers, features a scene from a
well-known story - the creation of Man and Woman in
the Garden of Eden.
Capturing the Heart of the Prospect, the Best Practices
article, has tips on capturing the hearts of leads and
prospects by perfecting your sales copy. We also have
another exciting tarot blog for your enjoyment.
Yours on the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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Tarot Tip

If you missed Part 1 of our interview with Barbara
in the February 1st issue, you'll find it in the Tarot Tips 

TT (Tarot Tips): Do you have any advice for aspiring 
tarot writers or deck creators desiring to be published?

Barbara Moore: My view is based on my experience with
Llewellyn and is not necessarily true across the board.
Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.  Traditional publishing is an industry and
traditional publishers are businesses and must turn a
profit. Despite the stated goal of making a profit, the
industry is not a very profitable one.

2.  There are more quality, publishable manuscripts
available than there is room in a publisher's catalog. 
That is, it is a buyer's market. As an acquiring editor, 
I have to select, say, three to five manuscripts per year 
out of hundreds of submissions. So every time I 
pick up my pile of mail, I am looking for a reason to 
reject whichever project is in my hand at the moment.

3.  Relationships are important. A rejection is a
rejection of a project, not usually the rejection of a
writer. Don't take the rejection personally
(rejection is a big part of publishing) and don't let
it become a reason to burn a bridge.
4.  Understand copyright. Copyright covers words, the
actual written words, not ideas. People get a little
wonky about ideas. If you have an idea, it is likely
that you are not the only one or the first one. We call
the cold submissions that come in "the slush pile."
The slush pile is a great tool for tracking trends. It
is amazing how we'll get several unrelated
submissions for a certain themed tarot deck or certain
approaches to tarot in the period of just a few months.
5.  The bulk of sales come from large chain stores
(think Barnes & Noble). Amazon and independents /
metaphysicals make up a smaller percentage of 
over all sales. Also, just because Llewellyn publishes 
a book or deck, does not mean B&N will carry it.

6.  Publicity is hard. Publicity is any sort of
advertising or promotion that is free. In-store book
signings or radio interviews, for example. The trouble
is, most bookstores do not host in-store signings any
more because it is not profitable for them. If you want
to be a successful author, you'd do well to learn ways 
that you can build your own platform and promote

TT: Lastly, would you give a small tarot tip for our

Barbara Moore: Sure. Always try new things. If the new
thing doesn't work for you right away, try again when
it feels right, next year or in 6 months or whatever.
You are always changing and so is your practice. What
didn't work for you last year, might work the next or
in five years.

Here's another that I originally learned from Dan
Pelletier of The Tarot Garden. Buy a product called
"fanning powder." You can get it from magic shops.
Apply it to your tarot cards according the directions.
It eliminates friction in your cards, making them a
delight to shuffle. You'd be surprised. And tarot is
such a tactile experience. It makes sense to make it as
pleasurable as possible.

You won't want to miss Barbara's presentation at
The Readers Studio. For more information visit or Barbara's website:


Tarot Card Showcase

In this section we will feature tidbits on a specific tarot card. 
While there are many systems and decks to choose from in 
the world of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite Tarot 
images and symbols.
Copyright 1992 U.S Games.

Astrological Attribution: Gemini (Mutable Air)
Qabalistic Path: Binah to Tiphereth
Esoteric Title: The Children of the Voice: 
The Oracle of the Mighty Gods
An angel clothed in a purple gown with red-purple wings
and flame-like hair hovers in a grey cloud with arms
outstretched above a pointed mound that lies between a
nude female standing in front of a fruit tree that is
wrapped by a serpent, and a male standing next to a tree
with flames for leaves.
The Lovers depicts the creation story featuring Adam,
Eve, The Serpent and Archangel Raphael as The Holy
Guardian Angel. Adam and Eve are placed next to trees
that are the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge,
The male figure, Adam, sets his gaze upon his female
counterpart. Eve has her eyes on the amazing Divine
creature above her. It is as if they are poised to make
a statement regarding some realization or perhaps a
choice that has been determined. These three figures
make up a natural trinity.
The man and woman represent the masculine and feminine
aspects in opposing pairs such as Adam and Eve; King
and Queen; Father and Mother; Force and Form. This 
Path speaks to the principle of polarity and division. It
symbolizes the division of the sexes in manifestation
and shows the dualities contained within the individual. 
The sign of Gemini the Twins attributed to this key also 
represents this dual energy.
The trees will be easily recognized as the Tree of Life
and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil mentioned 
in Genesis. The two trees illustrated on this card
reference the mystery of equilibrium. The Tree of Life
behind the male has 12 flames that refer to the 12
zodiac signs and the secret to immortality. The Tree of
Knowledge behind the female has apples, which once
plucked, become separated from their source. The fruit
from this tree represents humanity's fall into the
"real world." It symbolizes awareness, awakening,
and a forgetfulness of one's divine self.
Behind the shoulder of the female the serpent is coiled
around the tree as a constant source of temptation,
urging us into physical existence. In some traditions,
the serpent was indistinguishable from Eve, being a
shadow of Adam in his androgynous form. This division
in Adam is only reconcilable through love. The primeval
serpent was essential to the story of humanity's
In a reading, The Lovers is typically interpreted as
the literal joining of two lovers. It can suggest a
marriage, an agreement, or combining of forces. The
Lovers shows individuality within a partnership.
Relationships take on a more spiritual tone rather than
focusing on the physical.
With The Lovers there is a realization of the
difference between right and wrong. A reunion with the
Divine and a return to paradise can happen once all
lessons of physical existence are learned. Issues of
virtues, moral strength and responsibility may need to
be addressed.
Positive Keywords: Attraction, love, union, virtue,
harmony, choice, optimism, goodness, creativity,
beginnings, openness, beauty, enchantment, selection,
and trials that are surmounted.
Negative Keywords: Temptation, end of relationships,
entanglement, jealousy, shame, inner conflict, and bad

Upcoming Events:
  • April 29 - May 1, 2011
  • The Readers Studio (RS11)
    LaGuardia Marriott Hotel
    Queens, New York
    Presenters include: Caitlin Matthews, Corrine
    Kenner, Barbara Moore, Mary K. Greer, Bev
    Haskins, James Wells, Carolyn Cushing and
    many more!
  • August 27 - 28, 2011
  • San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium
    Golden Gateway Holiday Inn
    San Francisco, California
    Their 20th Anniversary celebration!


    Best Practices for Professional Readers
    For a thriving practice to continue it takes a bit of
    "romancing" of current clients and leads or
    prospects. Prospects come from sources as simple as a
    business card to websites or blogs, and it is important
    to think about capturing their attention and their
    hearts, however they may find you.

    What you say to your prospects is important for
    establishing and maintaining relationships. This comes
    into play in writing copy, particularly sales copy. I
    know many spiritual entrepreneurs dread making a sales
    pitch, but it should be as easy as giving a message
    that comes from the heart.

    Here are a few pointers to win the hearts of your
    prospects with great sales copy.

    1.  Get Personal. This is easily done in sales letters 
    and email using mail merge or autoresponders.
    Using a person's name is always an attention grabber.
    Also think of the customer instead of making it about
    your services. Make a personal appeal in important
    areas like the greeting or subheading.

    2.  Share Your Story. Tell them a little about
    yourself. Copy is very appealing when it takes a human
    approach. Use phrases that sound conversational and
    words that will bring your personality to life in your
    sales message.

    3.  Target Interest. You need to know what issues you
    are resolving for your prospect and create a headline
    or message that helps to solve their problem.

    4.  Details. People want to know the bottom line in
    your offer. Use bullet points to list the details of
    your offers or what they will need to do to get your
    offer. This works well for those who like to skim
    through lengthy pitches.

    5.  Show them the money. Make sure to include the
    value in what you are offering. Demonstrate the savings
    or costs in your offer in dollars.

    6.  Walk Them Through It. Give more than one way to
    place orders and give step-by-step directions.

    7.  The Future. Get them thinking about the future.
    Mention your availability; remind them to sign up for

    8.  Objection Obstacles. Give them reasons to say
    yes. Think of all the reasons they may object to your
    offer and counter these in your copy.

    9.  Use The Right Words. Words like you, new, fast,
    easy, proven, exciting, savings, discount are all
    attention grabbers.
    Once you have written your copy, read and re-read it or
    have someone else proofread it. Review your copy and
    think about the following: 
        a) Does it ask you to do something? 
        b) Do the words touch the emotions? 
        c) Does it address wants or needs and sound irresistible?
    Questions arise when developing or transitioning
    to professional Tarot Reading status to earn
    income. These can range from "How can I make
    money with Tarot?" and "How do I get started?"
    to more complex technical and business questions.
    You may already be up and running and have
    questions about how to enhance or ramp up your
    business. We would love to hear from you. Send any
    questions, or interest in a future class on the
    Business of Tarot, to

    Tarot Lovers Welcome Home! 

    Join our international event as hundreds of tarot

    readers, teachers, authors and artists gather for three

    extraordinary days of tarot study and play.

    The 2011 Readers Studio ...the place to be for tarot! Click Here!

    April 29 - May 1, 2011
    LaGuardia Marriott Hotel, New York

    for all the details!

    Featured Tarot Blog
    Professional tarot reader Ginny Hunt's blog takes us
    into the fantastical world of her writings on what she
    loves most - tarot. The cards are discussed in detail
    and 78 Notes has a list of interesting categories for
    exploration. Looks amazing too!

    Join our 2,800+ fans and join the fun!
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