Birth Card Notes:
Hanged Man / Empress

Hanged Man / Empress

Hanged ManEmpress

Imagery — Things to Look at and Contemplate:

    Postures — hanging / sitting
    (Serene, original vs. comfortable, conventional)

    Colors — red and blue / white and gold
    (Passionate, deep, inward-looking vs. immaculate, perfect, outward looking)

    Clothing — fitted / loose
    (Controlled effort vs. effortless expansion)

    Symbols —

      cross and halo / throne and crown
      (spiritual vs. secular authority)

      living wood / trees
      (derivative vs. original; transformative vs. natural)

      rope / cushions
      (distant connection vs. intimate support)

    Foreground Figures — male / female (son – mother)


    Water (Hanged Man) — deep, dark, formless and elemental

    Venus (Empress) — emergent, light, beautiful and real


    Spiritual vs. Physical

    Detached vs. Involved

    Abstract vs. Specific

The Hanged Man and The Empress have in common a concern with birth and life — physical birth and mortal life, and spiritual rebirth and immortal life. Venus (Empress) is born from the waves of the sea (elemental water). The Hanged Man is born from the womb of The Empress. Being driven at birth from a vessel of blood matches in intensity rebirth by the immersion of baptism in a body of water. The experience of entering the world at birth is equaled by the experience of withdrawing from the world through meditation.

They contrast as detachment vs. involvement, relaxation vs. contraction, tranquility vs. turbulence, concern with simplicity vs. preoccupation with details.

The Hanged Man is focused on purifying, cleansing and deepening himself. Distancing himself from the details of creation, he offers the experience of enlightened detachment and inner illumination to whoever is willing to share it.

The Empress is actively creative, nurturing, protective, and has an intense, immediate, hands-on connection with all her creations.

Unintegrated and unrealized, The Hanged Man can be self-involved and insensitive, self-indulgent and passive, depressed and addictive, grandiose and impractical, lonely and in need of support.

The Empress can be domineering and meddlesome, small-minded and abusive, melodramatic and possessive, demanding attention and feeling abandoned.

Together they are generous, loyal and protective to a fault, and they can be creative and original to the point of genius. They raise caring, selflessness, love and devotion to transcendent levels.

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Hanged Man / Empress

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