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The Fool - Universal Waite

Happy Fool's Day!

While many people celebrate "April Fool's
Day" with jokes and pranks, we in the tarot
community have claimed this day in
recognition of The Fool in the tarot deck
and it's importance to our personal life's

There are many different ways of looking
at this iconic card. Some popular ones are
Beginner, Seeker, Innocent, Adventurer,
Wanderer and Free Spirit, among others.

At The Tarot School, we like to share our
understanding that The Fool can never fall
off the cliff because new ground is created
with every step The Fool takes. 

But Wald has discovered an even more
profound way of looking at our beloved Fool.
The following is excerpted from his writing
on the subject...

"Before the beginning, there is nothing,
No-Thing. Before the beginning, all is dark
but alive and aware as deity without
expression. The path of The Fool begins in
the living darkness. He steps from nothing
to nothing, and as he does, his steps create
light. The light of The Fool’s steps
sparkles in the darkness, and is the first
something, the first contrast, the first
distinction between subject and object. The
whole of creation is made from the sparkle
of the light of The Fool’s journey. Your
journey, too, is from darkness to light, and
your whole personal universe is made of this
light, even the painful parts.

The Fool is your companion for the whole of
your life’s journey, from your first breath
to your last. He is the companion who
sustains you while you sleep, who wakes you
to begin your day, and keeps you from
falling or failing no matter what challenges
the world brings you, as long as you draw
breath and choose what to do next."
~ Wald Amberstone

However you wish to interpret this card, may
The Fool continually refresh your adventure
with tarot!

And one more thing...

Even though we're not running The Readers Studio
this year, there's still a lot we have to do before
the big weekend so there won't be a May issue
of Tarot Tips. If you're coming to RS24, please
find us and say hello! 

Wishing you joy along the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald, Gina and Sharonah

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Tarot Tip

by Heather Mendel

When first presented with a Tarot deck,
I was overwhelmed — not only with the
cards themselves, but how to to shuffle,
select and lay them out, even deciding
what questions to ask and how to ask them.
Why read cards? 

For me, my spiritual path has been long and
varied and my passion has always been about
more mysterious aspects of our lives. An
intuitive inner knowing that I have come to
recognize as the voice of the Sacred Feminine
exists within all of us and has always intrigued
me. I wanted to hear it more clearly in my
attempt to understand the magical and invisible
connections that hold us all together. 

While many friends the Tarot community focus
on predicting future events, my interest was
always in the present moment and what I
could do to make the most informed decision
possible. Tarot can do that too. What, I
wondered, about the perennial questions of
the spiritual seeker: Who am I, Why am I
here and Where am I going? Tarot has helped
me appreciate that the answers to such
questions seem to be a process that evolves
as we do. 

I feel it all starts with asking a question
and entering a dialog with the inner self .
. .  and listening. ‘Asking’ is a verb—
posing a question that the Sacred Feminine
within takes as a signal to reveal the
concealed. In this sacred space of dialog,
we learn step by step to pay attention and
open to possibilities. 

With a focus on strengthening the intuitive
and believing the questions I wanted
answered was wide-ranging, I have discovered
4 steps in readings to be helpful:

1. Create a sacred space in which to work.

2. Acknowledge the intuitive in a ritual of
respect and appreciation.

3. Ask the question you want answered.

4. Take time to reflect of the information
you perceive and allow the ideas,
impressions and feelings to flow.

Tarot cards seem to be multidimensional—
the more we ask, the more they reveal. Our
international Tarot community is cohesive
enough to include those who, like myself,
are willing to interweave other mystical
traditions into our understanding. 

The kabbalistic mystical tradition is the
bedrock of my beliefs. Just as ‘asking’ is a
verb, so too is the word ‘kabbalah.’ It
means ‘receiving’—  first we have to ask the
question ‘what is kabbalah?’ It is a process
that reveals itself. As a mystic with a
small ‘m’, I find tarot and kabbalah blend
so perfectly and most obviously in the Minor
Arcana. Kabbalah offers the map— the Tree
of Life with its 22 pathways, 10 ‘cosmic
chakras’ arranged in 3 columns on 7 energetic
levels that aligned with our human chakras. 

Learning to use this map to understand the
mystical significance of the numbers 0-10
provides a foundation for what the numerical
system of the cards offer us; when we add
the information of the 4 suits which represent
not only the 4 elements but 4 levels of soul
consciousness, experience and expression,
we have all we need, and the use of a
non-figurative deck will give us the answers
we are looking for in response our questions. 

Working in this way, with a spread of cards,
we attend also to the relationship of one
card to another on the table in front of us,
the story unfolds and the inner dialog with
our intuitive becomes unique, personal and

Such are the cards of the Parallax Oracle
simple in design, providing a number on a
Tree of Life in one of 4 colors plus the
icon of the particular suit as can be seen
in this video:

7 of Cups from the Parallax Oracle by Heather Mendel

In April, in preparation for the Summer
Solstice 2024, I am offering a 7 week class
on this process entitled: Kabbalah and
Consciousness—Counting of the Omer
in Search of the Sacred Feminine
and you
are invited to contact me for details.

Finally, perhaps a different way of
selecting the cards that also deepen our
relationship with the intuitive — I have
started using a pendulum to select the
cards. The pendulum does not need to be
anything fancy—I started with a perfume
bottle-top shaped like a crystal on a
string. I learned to know my personal ‘yes’
and ‘no’ spins. Now after dividing the
shuffled deck into a number of smaller
stacks or fans, and with the swing of the
pendulum, work my way through till I have
the correct number of cards for a specific
layout, indicated again by the pendulum. 

Just like using a Tarot deck the practice
may be slow at first, but gets faster as you
become more comfortable with it. It has now
become my honored ritual to connect me to
my Intuitive, which deepens my appreciation
for the magic of the tarot.

Heather Mendel

Born in South Africa, Heather and her
husband, Rabbi Norm Mendel now live in
Upstate New York. She is the author of 7
books and the designer of 5 Tarot and
Lenormand decks.



youtube channel:


 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            The Wheel of Fortune bends all experience into dramatic circles and makes all of them spin one within the other.  ~ Wald Amberstone


Diviner's Corner


It’s that time. Mercury goes retrograde
today, April 1st through April 24th.
In the realm of astrology and divination,
the concept of planetary retrograde,
particularly Mercury retrograde, holds
significant importance. A planet is said to
be in retrograde when it appears to be
moving backward in the sky due to the
relative positions of the planet and Earth.
This optical illusion impacts astrological
interpretations, with each planet’s 
retrograde offering unique insights and

Mercury retrograde is perhaps the most
discussed amongst these phenomena,
occurring three to four times a year. It is
traditionally associated with communication,
travel, technology, and information mishaps.
In divinatory readings, Mercury retrograde
can signal a period of reflection and
reevaluation in these areas. It's a time
when the past might resurface, offering
opportunities for resolving unfinished
business and learning from previous

During divinatory practices, such as tarot
readings or astrology, acknowledging Mercury
retrograde can guide individuals to navigate
these periods more mindfully. A reading
might suggest focusing inward, reassessing
plans, or delaying the signing of important
contracts until the retrograde passes. It
emphasizes patience, careful communication,
and flexibility in plans.

Moreover, the retrograde of other planets
can similarly influence readings but in
areas governed by those celestial bodies.
For instance, Venus retrograde touches on
love and relationships, Mars on conflict and
energy, and so on. Each brings a time for
introspection and reevaluation in specific
life aspects.

Planetary retrogrades, especially Mercury's,
are significant in divinatory readings,
offering a unique lens through which to view
and navigate challenges. They prompt a shift
in focus from outward action to inner
reflection, urging individuals to pause,
review, and correct course as needed. This
celestial phenomenon encourages a deeper
understanding of one's life path and
personal growth opportunities.


• Your Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

• Using Tarot During Mercury Retrograde

We’d love your suggestion or submissions
for this column! If you have an idea or would
like to contribute, please contact us at


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Michelle Welch

Michelle Welch is a tarot reader, psychic
medium, author, CEO, and mother of five.
She is also a licensed attorney who draws
upon her intuitive and psychic abilities in
high profile court cases. Michelle hosts the
podcast "Soul What" on all listening
platforms, YouTube, and Facebook. She
also hosts "Tarot Takeaways," a SoulTopia
Instagram series. 

Michelle was born and raised in Longview,
Texas in a religious family of four. Because
of her spiritual childhood she always had a
relationship with angels, God, and other
spiritual beings. She attended Texas A&M
to receive her BBA in business and
afterwards attended Baylor Law School to
become a licensed attorney where she was
able to utilize her intuitive abilities to
easily pick juries.

Michelle Welch has appeared on CBS News,
The Jenny McCarthy show, Coast to Coast,
and many others. In her spare time she is
training to be a death doula. She enjoys
fishing, reading and writing. Interestingly,
fishing connects her to her grandmother who
lived to be 106 years old and keeps her
close to her southern roots.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Michelle, what makes your tarot practice
unique and how do you express it?

Michelle Welch: 
Most importantly, I am unique because I
"future tell." I am a full-blown psychic
medium. In my tarot practice, I only read
the information given from the cards and
my intuition. By that I mean, I never give
advice or my personal opinion, nor do I tie
things up with a nice little ribbon. If I do
not receive the information, it is not my
job to put the puzzle together. I am a
channel, an oracle, a messenger."

Like the oracle or sphinx of earlier times,
I know and accept that tarot may not reveal
all of the answers someone seeks. My clients
do not come to me for opinion, advice, or
speculation. Also, I never play the odds on
readings. Just because someone has broken up
with someone else ten times does not mean
they will an eleventh time.

My clients come from all over the world and
all walks of life because I know how to read
cards. I have always been psychic, do not
claim to be a life coach, am honest but
caring, and I have a compelling, honest and
high accuracy rate. I "flow chart" read. My
clients present the question. We then read
using my "flow chart" method that cuts to
the heart of the matter.

An example of this is a high powered
businessperson in Dubai who wants to know
which business would be the best investment
between three choices. After all the necessary
disclaimers, I ask my client to get the three
investments in mind in order 1, 2, and 3 but
give me absolutely no information. I emphasize
not to change the order when I begin reading.
Even if it seems like the reading of card #1 goes
more with what they had as investment #3, 
do not change it.

That is what I call a "punt", when a reader
is wrong but they want to say the cards were
in the wrong order. I have no patience for
phony readers. I also will not "punt" and
say it must be a past, parallel, or future
life just to say I'm right (unless I stated
we were doing that at the beginning). That
would go something like this, "Oh...That
didn't happen? It must have been a past

So I turn over card one and I say, it looks
like opportunity one would look like this...

Then I do the same with card 2 and card 3.
We then "flow chart" down from the card that
is most promising or perhaps the one that
isn't, but they thought would be.

I am often quiet about my knowledge of
tarot. I know a lot more than I let on to
people because I love to learn. Tarot has
a zunique energy that has stood the test of
time and adapts to those in all walks of
life. Whether someone is a tarot scholar or
a tarot beginner, tarot helps to point you
to new ways of thinking and viewing our
lives and this human experience.

As in everything I do in life, I have one
clear manifesto:
I strive for excellence, professionalism,
and to assure ethics in my practice!

Thank you Michelle, it’s been a pleasure
to meet you!


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About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:


Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

A “must have” for the modern professional
is a business card. Sharing your contact
information has entered the tech age through
digital business cards and other ways to
digitize and share your information.

Traditional paper business cards can be a
bit of a hassle to update and carry around.
If you are at an event or conference,
digitally sharing your information is a

Digital business cards save money and the
environment. Digital sharing helps spread
the word about your business quickly and no
one will leave it behind. Having different
options available is a win because not
everyone will be at the same level
technically. Consider streamlining your
efforts when networking.

Here are a few ways to digitize your contact

1.    QR codes
2.    Virtual business card design apps
3.    Airdrop
4.    Email signatures
5.    Apple Wallet
6.    Google Wallet

Also, check out this really great article
with specific instructions on ways to
digitally share your business information: 


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