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- Tarot Tip: Fun & Easy Tips for When You're Stuck
- Wald's Words of Wisdom
- Diviner's Corner: Kipper Cards
- What's Gnu?
- Meet the Reader: Brandy Rachelle
- Best Practices: “Future Proofing” Your Business
                            for the Age of Aquarius
- Upcoming Events
Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
And a special welcome to our new subscribers.

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I really struggled with finding something to
write about in this month's introduction.
I've never been someone who can write blog
posts or interesting emails every week. I
often have trouble with this column but
something usually suggests itself before the
deadline. But even with the grace period of
Leap Day, I was totally up against it.

I considered finding some way to connect
tarot to Leap Day but it would be a real
stretch -- not to mention, this is the March
issue and I didn't want to be writing about
something in February.

I tried drawing some tarot cards for an
idea. This has worked in the past, but this
time I just stared at the cards and got

Then I asked ChatGPT to suggest something.
I tried one of the sample prompts and asked
for "a fun fact about the Suit of Wands."
Perhaps a pithy statement about each of the
four suits would do the trick. But instead
of a short "fun fact," it gave me three long
paragraphs about the Suit of Wands, none of
which was new or interesting. Fail.

As a last resort, I tried bibliomancy. I opened
a large book to a random right-hand page,
closed my eyes and pointed my finger to
the word "Conference." I had considered
writing something about the upcoming
Readers Studio tarot conference but had
decided against it. So I tried it again. I
opened the book to another random page,
this time on the left-hand side and in a
different chapter. Guess what? My finger
landed squarely on....... "conference"!!!! 
Un-freakin'-believable! Wow. Just wow.

So apparently, the universe said that it's
Really Important that I tell you to register
for the 2024 Readers Studio at the end of
April if you haven't already done so. It's
Really Important that you know something
Really Important will happen for you there. 

Now I may choose to ignore ideas that come
into my head, but I have learned never to
ignore Really Important Messages from
the Universe
. You shouldn't either. There's
still time to register. 

And one more thing...

Wald and I have been thinking about offering
a 4- to 6-week intensive on Practical Reading
Techniques with Birth Cards. The course would
focus specifically on readings and would not
include instruction on the Birth Card sets
themselves. (We have a written course for that.)
We'd hold it over Zoom but it would be in
addition to our weekly Tarot Salons.

Since Wald also teaches classes to students
in China, we're not sure whether we would
have the time and energy to add this third
project. If this sounds like something you'd
really like to attend, please drop us a quick
email at and let us
know. It will help us decide whether or not
to do it. Thanks so much! 

Wishing you joy along the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald, Gina and Sharonah

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Tarot Tip

Whether you’re a beginner just getting your
feet wet or someone who’s been reading cards
for a while, there's always room for growth
and new techniques to enhance your practice.

When faced with a card or spread that you're
struggling to understand, shifting your
perspective can lead to a breakthrough in
your interpretation. Here are some things
you can try to give you some fresh insights.

1.  Narrow it Down: 
Start by focusing on a single aspect of the
card. Is it a person, place, thing, or idea
that jumps out at you? Narrow it down to a
single noun. For instance, The Chariot could
be a car or describe the idea of commuting.

2.  Use Your Imagination:
Don’t be afraid to expand beyond the
immediate imagery of the card. Let your
imagination suggest a deeper storyline.
Imagining The Sun card as a day at the
beach could suggest a period of relaxation
or happiness coming into someone’s life.
It might advise that the best time to take a
trip is during the Summer.

3.  Get Wordy: 
Say it! Think of words or phrases that come
to mind when you look at the card. Even
though they may not have anything to do
with any standard interpretation, they may
mean more to the querent than they do to you.
For example, that word or phrase might be a
private joke to the person you are reading
for and be just what they need to hear.

4.  Act It Out:
Sometimes, the physical act of mimicking
a gesture or posture from a card can unlock
deeper insights. If a card depicts a figure
in contemplation, imitating that posture
might help you tune into the card’s energy
and message more deeply. The 3 of Swords
may prompt you to place your hand over
your heart. This could point to a matter of
honesty or truth. Use your body as a tool to
connect with the cards on another level.

Implementing these tips can bring a new
layer of depth and enjoyment to your tarot
readings. They're especially useful when a
card doesn't seem to make sense in the
context of a reading, no matter your level
of experience.


 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            Every suit has its own brand of intentions, feelings, ideas and experiences, its own humor, magic and troubles. And every suit has its own style of love.


Diviner's Corner

Fin De Siecle Kipper by Ciro Marchetti
Fin De Siècle Kipper by Ciro Marchetti

Originating from 19th-century Germany,
Kipper Cards have captivated the hearts and
minds of divination enthusiasts with their
intricate designs and profound storytelling

Unlike the mystical symbols found in Tarot,
Kipper Cards depict more relatable, everyday
scenes, focusing on human relationships,
professional endeavors and social interactions.
Kipper Cards can also serve as a tool for
self-discovery, helping you to understand
your place in the world and your connections
with others.

While they have traditional spreads such as
the "Three Cards Spread" for simple
questions or the "Nine Cards Spread" for
more complex queries, Kipper Cards are
flexible, allowing you to adapt and create
new spreads that cater to your personal
questions and situations. 

Here are some things to know that will help
get you started:

Main Characters:
Pay special attention to the Main Character
cards, such as the Main Male or Main Female,
as they often represent the querent or significant
individuals in the querent's life. The context of
these cards within the reading can offer deep
insights into personal relationships and
individual influences.

Auspicious vs. Inauspicious Card Placement:
The position of a card within a spread can
indicate whether its influence is positive
(auspicious) or negative (inauspicious). For
instance, cards falling in future positions
might suggest outcomes based on current
trajectories, whereas cards in obstacle
positions might highlight challenges or

Directionality of the Characters:
Many Kipper Cards feature characters
looking or facing a certain direction,
which can influence the interpretation.
A character looking towards another card
can indicate focus, interest, or influence
towards the aspect or person represented
by that card.

Near vs. Far Card Placements:
The proximity of certain cards to key cards
(like the Main Characters) can affect their
impact on the reading. Cards that are closer
might signify influences or events that are
more immediate or have a stronger effect on
the querent's situation.

Combining Card Meanings:
While interpreting individual cards is essential,
the true art of reading Kipper Cards comes from
understanding how the cards interact with
each other. Look for themes or messages that
emerge from the combination of cards and how
they might weave together to form a coherent
narrative about the querent's question or

Intuition and Context:
Beyond the traditional meanings and placements,
your intuition plays a critical role in interpreting
readings. The context of the querent's life, the
nuances of their question, and the vibe you get
from the cards all contribute to a personalized
and insightful reading.

Diving into Kipper Cards is more than just
learning a new form of divination — it's
about discovering another tool for personal
development and insight. These cards are
particularly focused on the tangible,
showing their strength in deciphering the
complexities of everyday life and social

Whether you are in search of direct answers
or broader life guidance, the Kipper Cards,
with their compelling illustrations and
narratives, offer a deeper understanding of
the tangible world. So why not give them a try?
You may find that they have just the right kind
of practical advice you're looking for.


• Kipper interpretations, courses, video and more
from Toni Puhle, author of The Card Geek's
Guide to Kipper Cards

• Meet the Seaborn Kipper
This is an introduction to a new deck plus
an informative interview about Kipper readings.

We’d love your suggestion or submissions
for this column! If you have an idea or would
like to contribute, please contact us at


What's Gnu?      Audiobook: Unlocking the Secret Language of Tarot by Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone

Unlocking the Secret Language of Tarot:
22 Keys to Understanding Its Symbolic Imagery


Are you a lover of audiobooks? If so, you
may be happy to know that the new edition
of our book, Unlocking the Secret Language
of Tarot
is available in that format. 

I have to say that having listened to Wald
for almost 30 years, it was a bit of a
disconnect for me to hear it narrated by a
woman but that may not matter to you. 

Here's the link to a 50-minute YouTube
"video" of the narration. Since the
recording is so long, it's probably the
whole first chapter.

If you want to know more about the
book first, pop over to our website for the
lowdown on what's inside. You can also
purchase an autographed copy of the
physical book


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Brandy Rachelle

Brandy Rachelle is a professional tarot
reader, energy healer, spiritual guide,
writer, podcaster, and teacher.

Brandy has been studying tarot for over two
decades and began openly reading for the
general public in 2015. Up until 2017, she
worked as a crime and intelligence analyst
and used her intuitive gifts along with the
guidance of the tarot to work major crimes
cases across the country while reading for
friends, law enforcement professionals and
others who working within the criminal
justice field.

Today Brandy continues to regularly assist
local, state and federal law enforcement and
intelligence agencies on cases as a crime
analyst and forensic psychic, the vast
majority of her time is now sent reading
tarot for private clients looking for guidance
in their lives.

Brandy's background in working with people
from all over the United States and foreign
nations has helped her to become a far more
well rounded reader, allowing her to have a
better understanding of the human experience
and its challenges, and knowing the vital
importance of empathy, compassion and
professionalism. These deeper insights have
carried over into helping her serve a diverse
clientele from all walks of life, belief systems,
cultures, races, ethnicities, socioeconomic
statuses and more.

In an effort to change the way in which law
enforcement and the public view and engage
with psychics and tarot readers, Brandy
trains other tarot readers and psychics on
ways to fine tune their skills to better work
with law enforcement and the families of
missing persons as a forensic psychic.

Aside from reading tarot and assisting law
enforcement, Brandy loves to research,
write, and teach. In 2022 Brandy and
Jennifer Steidley, launched "Keepin' It
Symbol" a podcast channel dedicated to
helping others interpret signs from the
Universe through the art of symbolism.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Brandy, what makes your tarot practice
unique and how do you express it?

Brandy Rachelle: 
My tarot practice is unique because as a
crime analyst, I view tarot through the lens
of human behavior analysis. Every Major
Arcana and Court card has a motive,
something that drives why they do what
they do. 

Most readers focus on the expression of
the behavior of that card, I focus on the
motives so that I can predict with precision
what they will do or say and how they will
do it based on their triggers. This is what
we see in the Minor Arcana cards. 

Each Major Arcana or Court card has a
"Jekyll and Hyde" side, and which version
you get is predicated on the Minor Arcana
card at hand. 

For example:
What exactly does the 7 of Swords look like
for the Queen of Cups and what has to happen
to her specifically to trigger that kind of

Thank you Brandy, it’s been a pleasure
to meet you!


To Follow Brandy Rachelle:






About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:


Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

Every business no matter the size must think
about the future. It is fortunate to be able
to live the dream of owning a business. Many
entrepreneurs start their business as a side
hustle with the intention of leaving a
career and the added hope of never going
back. In order to sustain your business, you
have to do the same activities that large
corporations do to thrive.

Before we get into some strategies for
future-proofing, I’d like to digress a bit
into what is currently happening celestially
and astrologically: 

- A total solar eclipse will cross Northern
America on April 8, 2024. According to
NASA, it will be the last of its kind that
will be visible for people in the U.S. until
August 23, 2044.

- Pluto moved into Aquarius on Saturday,
January 20, 2024. This is a temporary move
into Aquarius, as Pluto retrogrades back
into Capricorn on September 1. Pluto returns
to Aquarius on November 19, 2024 remaining
in Aquarius until 2044! 

I know enough about astrology to be slightly
dangerous but this signals a lot of transformation
and changes for two decades. I would say lots of
Death and Tower moments for those of you who
prefer tarot terms.

To return to the topic of future-proofing,
this term is used a few different ways. When
it comes to thinking about this for your
business, it means creating long-term
strategies that will help you thrive no
matter what the economy does or doesn't do,
and preparing for all sorts of known and
unknown events, whether the planets control
them or not.

Assess what you would like your life and
business to look like over the next two
decades. You can work within a 1-, 3-, or
5-year timeframe, whichever is most

• Analyze
Start by prioritizing which customers you’d
like to retain and how. An understanding of
the data you may be collecting about your
clients over time is useful in directing
your outreach and analyzing trends in your
client base or audience. The better you know
your clients, the better you'll know which
solutions or services to provide and which
you may need to retire.

• Honor Your Expertise
It is natural to want to offer all sorts of
services in order to diversify and bring in
potential new business. However, if you’ve
already built an audience around a specialty
or subject expertise, stick with it. 

• Diversify
In contrast with being an expert in your
field, you may need to change how you offer
your services. For example, you may try
shifting from a virtual experience to an
in-person encounter or vice versa.

• Innovate
Future-proofing means being aware of and
understanding trends, technology, and how to
meet the needs of the consumer. Staying
creative and open will prove beneficial when
things change or don’t go as planned.

Remember the astrological events I
mentioned? Imagine what you and your
business will look like in two decades.
Will you want to do the same business?
Will you expand? 

I know someone who owned and ran a
brick-and-mortar bookstore for years until
it closed over 20 years ago. Due to their
passion for learning, teaching and reading
they have amassed a vast personal library.
They are now thinking about creating a
digital bookstore. 

Is this the influence of the planets at
work? It will be interesting to see the many
changes we will go through as we slip into
the true Age of Aquarius. 


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Readings with Ruth Ann

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If you have a working knowledge of the
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I excel at giving Readings for Readers so
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