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Vol. 15 #9 September 1, 2023

 In this Issue:
- Welcome 
- Tarot Tip: This Card Makes No Sense!
- Wald's Words of Wisdom
- Diviner's Corner: Stones and Gems

- Meet the Reader: Maria G. Maas
- Best Practices: Mission and Purpose Statements

- Upcoming Events
Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
And a special welcome to our new subscribers.

  This month you came from:
Brazil, Canada, Japan, Panama, Portugal,
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Tarot School Bus

It's Back to Tarot School Time! 

September is here and it's and time to board
the magical school bus to a wonderland of learning!
My granddaughter is starting kindergarten and
has a whole new educational adventure ahead
of her. 

If you're reading this newsletter, those
early learning experiences are now a distant
memory. Perhaps you miss school. Perhaps it
was a trial you'd rather forget about. For
many of us it was a mixed bag. One thing's
for certain, we had to follow a set curriculum
and didn't have any choices when it came to
learning what really interested us.

You now have plenty of choices of what to
study -- maybe too many choices! Wald and I
chose tarot (obviously) and hope you do, too.
Learning tarot is a comprehensive education
all by itself. Think about it. 

Here are some of the things you can learn
about through studying tarot:

• Archetypes
• Art
• Astrology
• Business
• Color theory
• Communication
• Comparative religion
• Confidence
• Contemplation
• Counseling skills
• Cultural studies
• Decision-making
• Divination
• Esotericism
• Ethics and morality
• Hermetic qabalah
• History
• Intuitive awareness
• Listening skills
• Literature
• Magical practice
• Mathematics
• Meditation
• Metaphysics
• Observation
• Pattern recognition
• Personal growth
• Philosophy
• Psychology
• Reading techniques
• Research skills
• Ritual and ceremony
• Self-understanding
• Spirituality
• Storytelling
• Sociology
• Symbolism 
• Writing

Does that surprise you? If you give it some
thought, you can probably add to this list.

At The Tarot School, we touch on most of
the things on that list through our classes
and courses. If you haven't visited us in
awhile, now is the perfect time to hop on
the mystical magical school bus and take
it to

We'll be there to greet you with open arms!

And one more thing...

We're having a Back-to-Tarot-School

If you've known us for any length of
time, you'll know that we hardly ever
have sales. Perhaps the Blue Moon /
Super Moon energy prompted this
exceptional event.

For the month of September, we are
offering 22% off the cost of our
non-certificate correspondence course!

It contains a lot of what's on the list
above and you can upgrade to the
degree program if you want to go
even deeper with your tarot studies.

Read the details at:

Use Coupon Code BACK2SCHOOL
at checkout to save 22% on the course.

Wishing you joy along the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald, Gina and Sharonah

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of your tarot journey. In order to take the greatest
advantage of this newsletter, please send us your
questions regarding any aspect of your tarot study
or practice and we'll do our best to answer them
in an upcoming issue.

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Tarot Tip

Sometimes, when doing a reading, you
may come across a card or cards that
make absolutely no sense at first glance.
One of our readers asked what to do
when this happens.


Is it possible to pick a card that doesn't
feel right at all for the question asked?
I like to do one-card readings, and picked
one for a question I had that didn't seem
at all appropriate. It made no sense to me.
Perhaps I need to ponder the meaning of
the card more as it should apply to the
question. What do you suggest?



This is a great question, Erica! 

Wald and I always say that any card can
answer any question. It’s just a matter of
looking in the right place. There are many
ways you can look at a card and one of them
may have the answer or lead you to it. Here
are a few things to consider: 

• Your personal interpretation of the card

• Interpretations from others (books,
teachers, internet, etc.) 

• The colors 

• The type of clothing the figures are
wearing, if any 

• Posture, gestures, which way a character
is facing 

• Esoteric attributions (astrology, qabalah,
numerology, function, title, etc.) 

• The symbols in the image (sun, mountains,
pillars, etc.) 

• A literal interpretation of the title of
the card — You’re a star! 

• A message from a single detail that
catches your attention

• Your gut feeling about the card

• A journey into the landscape of the card 

• Contemplate the question, “What is this
card trying to tell me?” 

Any one of these things can give you useful
information. Think of it as a treasure hunt!


• Tarot School Study Guides:
   Color, Costume & Choreography
   The Voice in the Card

The Secret Language of Tarot
   by Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone


 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            The light of the sun and the light of the moon give us time and space in the immediate frame of our everyday lives, and the light of the stars give us infinity and a place in the totality of the universe. Without them, we would literally be nowhere and nowhen. Without them, we would not be human.


Diviner's Corner

Bowl of Stones

Since the beginning of our existence, people
have placed importance on rocks, stones, and
gems. It is believed that they have had mystical
and healing abilities. From the earliest records
of history, stones have been used as talismans,
amulets, and for medicinal purposes. Gemstones
have also been used for adornment, decorative
purposes, as well as weaponry.

Our ancestors believed that stones and rocks
crafted into precious pieces would protect
them from misfortune and bring them good
luck. The earth was mined for many of its
resources as people attached importance to
the natural resources that surrounded them.

Most of the lore and history regarding the
metaphysical associations of stones and gems
dates back to the Biblical Old Testament and
other ancient civilizations. The assignment
of magical properties to stones corresponded
to gods and goddesses. Many gems and stones
have inspired numerous myths and legends.

Crystals, rocks, and stones are used by some
as oracles. The color and type used for
magical purposes depend on the practitioner.
Twelve stones have been raised in importance
based on the story of Moses. Aaron, the
brother of Moses and a high priest, wore a
breastplate containing twelve stones when he
went in to communicate with God.

These 12 stones are listed in the book of
Exodus, as follows:

Carbuncle (Garnet)
Sardius (Ruby)

One of the twelve tribes of Israel was
assigned to each stone, but the specific
properties of the stones were not. The
priest, theologian, and historian Flavius
Josephus correlated the twelve stones with
the twelve months of the year and the twelve
signs of the zodiac. Along with this
correlation, the belief spread that each
stone’s power would be amplified in the
month it was assigned.

For some diviners, only these twelve stones
are used in readings or other ritual practices.

The universally accepted uses are as follows:

Garnet – self-confidence, awareness
Diamond – protection, strength, good fortune
Amethyst – calmness, courage, protection
Jasper – relief from pain, creative thinking,
               aura cleansing
Ligure – psychic vibrations, attraction, loyalty
Sapphire – peace, happiness
Agate – confidence, victory, inner peace
Onyx – restful sleep, relaxation, healing
             and recovery
Ruby – used for healing and ease in childbirth
Emerald – loyalty, devotion, hope, and renewal
Topaz – astral travel, astral communication,
              and intuition building
Beryl – improved concentration, visions,
            dream work

From their mystical attributes and healing
qualities to their role as symbols of
protection and adornment, these treasures of
the Earth have held a significant place in
the hearts and minds of people throughout time.

We’d love your suggestion or submissions
for this column! If you have an idea or would
like to contribute, please contact us at


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Maria G. Maas

Maria G. Maas is a psychic, educator, radio
host, author, wife, and cat mama. She loves
combining tarot with angels and sharing
their wisdom to guide, support, protect, and
heal people, animals, and our beloved
planet. She is based in the New York /
Connecticut area from May through October
and in Southwest Florida from November to
April, where she does readings internationally
for private clients, group and corporate events,
both in person and virtually via Zoom.

Maria G. Maas is co-founder and president
of the International Association of Angel
Practitioners (IAAP). The IAAP is an
organization formed to educate and support
spiritual entrepreneurs around the globe.

Maria connects with her angels and spirit
guides, who assist her in bringing forth
what is most important for her clients to
know at the time of their reading. With her
client's permission, Maria's angels and
spirit guides consult with her client's
angels and spirit guides. Together as a team
they help her to see, hear, feel, or know
what her client needs to know most for their
highest good.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Maria, what makes your tarot practice
unique and how do you express it?

Maria G. Maas: 
Throughout much of my teen years and young
adulthood, I consulted the wisdom of the
tarot for my own self-guidance, and an
occasional friend or family member. In 2009,
following the loss of my grandmother, I lost
interest in many things and among those
things was tarot.

One day, in the metaphysical section of a
local bookstore, something drew my eye
to the shelf that held books about angels.
I continued around the corner of that aisle
and again my eye was drawn to an angel
oracle deck. I had never been interested in
angel cards before this but something stirred
in me. I purchased a book about angelic
healing and an angel oracle deck that day.

I felt my energy shift when I began reading
that book and working with that deck. I felt
lighter. I wanted to work with my tarot 
cards again. I started using both decks
simultaneously. The angel cards complemented
the tarot cards and allowed me to take my
tarot readings to a whole new level.

I could intuitively feel which cards had the
most significance for the reading. Some
cards I could interpret mundanely as taught
in books, while others I could interpret
intuitively, and still others I could
interpret psychically. For example, I could
look at a card or touch a card by placing my
fingers or my palm on top of it to feel it's
energy and then speak whatever came to me
through my intuitive and psychic senses,
going with the flow, trusting my angels and
spirit guides.

Studying with many different teachers has
allowed me to build a repertoire of
knowledge and skills that is diversified. I
strive to push myself out of my comfort zone
and try new techniques that are challenging
to me. I recently created and self-published
a unique angel oracle deck using
photographs, some of which I took myself.
The messages on these cards were channeled
to me by my angels. This oracle deck is the
perfect complement to any standard tarot
deck. Currently I'm working on a journal for
tarot readers.

Thank you Maria, it’s been a pleasure
to meet you!


To Follow Maria G. Maas:



To Join and Learn more about the
International Association of Angel
Practitioners (IAAP):

To Listen to Replays of Maria's Radio Show


About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:

Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

According to Simon Sinek, the acclaimed
author of Start With Why, research indicates
that more than 80 percent of Americans
do not have their dream job. I wouldn't be
surprised if this is true in other countries, too.
I'd also bet that a significant portion of this
demographic is likely made up of aspiring
entrepreneurs. No matter how big or small,
every business needs to have a clear vision,
purpose and mission. True success isn't
possible without them.

Together, these foundational aspects propel
enterprises toward tangible results and
achievements. Indeed, anyone nurturing
aspirations of an ideal vocation sets out
with a visionary blueprint for their future.
The business vision is like a roadmap
showing where you want to go and how you'll
reach your goals. By maintaining an active
vision, your business won't stagnate.

The mission, usually expressed shortly and
clearly, turns the vision into actionable
steps for the company. These statements
boost marketing and help build a strong
company culture.

The heart of a company's purpose is
understanding why it exists. Figuring out
your business purpose means looking at not
just what you do, but also who you're
helping. Even though making money is a big
reason for business, don't forget about your
customers and the wider community you're
making an impact on.

When you're defining your business's vision,
purpose, and mission, it's important to make
sure they can last, work well, and get support
from both current and future contributors to
your success journey. 


• You can read The Tarot School's mission
   statement here:

•  Creating Mission and Vision Statements


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