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Vol. 15 #6 / June 1, 2023
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- Welcome 
- Tarot Tip: Court Cards – All in the Family
- Wald's Words of Wisdom
- Diviner's Corner: Black Mirror Scrying
- Meet the Reader: Nicole Colella
- Best Practices: Add Value to Your Services
                           Through Premiumization

- Upcoming Events
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I like to watch home renovation shows. And
because Wald is the best husband, he often
watches them with me, even though it's not
his favorite thing. But he has a special
talent for taking information from different
sources and synthesizing them in interesting
ways. More on that in a moment.

Like many other people we know, our memory
isn't what it used to be. But even if your own
memory is good, you may have experienced
what is called "the doorway effect." That's
when you immediately forget something you'd
planned to do once you pass through a doorway.

The doorway effect is a real thing.
According to University of Notre Dame
Psychology Professor Gabriel Radvansky,
“Entering or exiting through a doorway
serves as an 'event boundary' in the mind,
which separates episodes of activity and
files them away.”

A little while ago, Wald was about to take
some dirty dishes into the kitchen. I asked
that while he was there to please grab a
bottle of water for me. Since that would
involve passing through the kitchen doorway
twice -- once on the way in and once on the
way out -- it didn't surprise me when he
came back without the water. As soon as he
realized what had happened and why, he
quipped that "This is a good argument for
an open concept room layout!" (He's never
been a fan so I found that hilarious! Perhaps
you had to be there.)

So what does all this have to do with tarot?
He suggested that someone who was trying
to remember tarot attributions, esoteric or
otherwise, would have an easier time of it
if they lived in an open plan environment. 

And there you have it -- synthesis!

So if you're planning to renovate your home
while learning tarot, opt for an open plan.
Or not.

And one more thing...

RS24 Master Class Instructors: Liz Dean, Sasha Graham and V.

The Master Class Instructors have been
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combination of wisdom, magic and enthusiasm.
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Wishing you joy along the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald, Gina and Sharonah

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Tarot Tip


Something happened during a reading that has
never happened to me before. I'd love to have
your opinion!

I did a 5 card reading regarding the course
of a relationship. The cards came up in the
following order, including all 4 Court Cards
for the same suit. The Page of Cups, the
Queen of Cups, the Hanged Man, the Knight
of Cups and the King of Cups.



Fascinating! This is certainly a case of
"Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here." Because
the Court showed up as a group, the main
thing to look at here is group energy.

Court Cards can have a number of different
associations but one that is sometimes
overlooked is that Courts can represent
family members:

King = Father
Queen = Mother
Knight = Son
Page = Daughter

Since your question concerned "the course of
a relationship," one could interpret the
scenario as "They married, had two kids and
lived happily-ever-after." However, there
are two reasons I wouldn't read it that way

1) The Court Cards are all part of the same
suit. They are "genetically related" if you
will. Therefore, it would appear that they
are all members of the same family. Unless
this is an incestuous relationship, they
would probably represent the family of one
of the partners in question. That family
doesn't have to consist only of a Mother, a
Father, a Son and a Daughter –– remember,
you're looking at the family as a whole
here. This family is going to have a heavy
influence on the relationship. It's possible
that this is not a "biological" family but
we'll get to that in a minute.

2) The suit of Cups is connected with the
element of Water. By itself, a preponderance
of Cups will give an emotional emphasis to
any reading. But in this case, you have also
drawn The Hanged Man. This card is
associated with Elemental Water –– the
purest form of Water –– which kicks the
water connection up to a whole new level.

What you have is 5 out of 5 cards in Water.
So now what you want to do is look at some
associations for Water to determine the type
of influence this family will have. You'll
also need to define what is meant by 
"family" in this context. 

Here are a few suggestions:

This is the most obvious one. Some families
have a highly emotional tone to all their
interactions. Sometimes this is cultural,
sometimes it's the temperament of family
members. If both partners in the relationship
are used to and/or comfortable with this, it
shouldn't be a problem. If one of the partners
is not, it could be a major source of trouble.

The focus here is on spirituality instead of
raw emotion. The family in question could
also be a group of people with a spiritual
connection as opposed to being related
by blood. Looking at Cups/Water this way
would tend to give the couple a strong
foundation and a shared spiritual path with
those directly around them.

"Sharing Water" puts the emphasis on
community. Here, you're looking at the
involvement of the couple in community
affairs or possibly building an intentional
community of their own. Again, the
definition of "family" here is mutable ––
just like the element of Water. 

Human relationships are complex. You may
find that more than one of the things I've
mentioned above apply.

So when a majority of Court Cards come up
in a reading, even if they aren't all of the
same suit, look at the group dynamics that
surround and influence the querent. Most
likely these are people who are an important
part of the question.


 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            Meaning and mystery and explanations and secrets. What is and what isn't. All those things make the study of tarot a real path. I am never going to get tired of it. And I'm never going to come to the end of it.


Diviner's Corner

black scrying mirror

Throughout history, humans have sought
methods to gain insight into the unknown
and unravel the mysteries of the future.
One such practice is catoptromancy, an
ancient art that harnesses the power of
mirrors to glimpse into the realm of prophecy.

Divination through a reflective surface 
has been a source of connecting to the
supernatural realm the world over.

Key 7 - The Chariot, in the Waite-Smith
and Marseille decks, depicts the charioteer
clad in armor, shell-shaped vambraces and
crescent-shaped pauldrons on either shoulder.
These pauldrons are described in Levi’s
Ritual of Transcendental Magic as the Urim
and Thummim mentioned in Biblical texts
in reference to objects used by a high priest
for oracular purposes. 

Exactly what the Urim and Thummim were
is still up for debate as they are mentioned in
Scriptures but are not described. One theory
is that they were polished stones, one light
and one dark placed in an elaborate breastplate.
The light and dark or black and white colors
correlate with their placement in the temple
and correspond to the pillars Joachim and
Boaz, depicted in black and white on the
High Priestess card.

Modern researchers and scholars theorize
that these were polished stones which were
able to give off reflections – in other words,
a mirror. 

Mirror divination is ancient. The ancients
may not have used the term mirror, but
certainly the use of a polished obsidian
stone or black mirror has been used for
prophecy throughout history. All sorts of
reflective surfaces have been used but in
occult circles, the black mirror is the most

In ancient Mexico, black polished obsidian
was used for divination. These smokey depths
were used by practitioners to travel in
between worlds. The back mirror was one of
the symbols of the deity Tezcatlipoca, who
was often depicted with a black mirror.

During the Middle Ages, catoptromancy gained
popularity in Europe. Practitioners would scry
into mirrors, seeking visions or messages from
the spirit realm. The mirror was considered a
conduit for divine communication, enabling
individuals to connect with otherworldly entities,
departed loved ones, or even angels and demons.

In the modern era, catoptromancy has evolved
alongside other forms of divination. 
Contemporary practitioners incorporate various
techniques and tools such as candlelight, incense,
or crystals to enhance their scrying sessions. Some
also utilize specific rituals or invocations to attune
themselves to higher realms of consciousness.

You can purchase black mirrors or create your
own and personalize them as you like.  

Black mirror divination is said to work best in
low light almost dark room settings.

Happy scrying!


• How To Make A Black Mirror For Scrying

Editor's Note: 
Amazon and Etsy carry black scrying mirrors.
It also occurred to me that once the screen
has gone dark, your smartphone could also
work! ~ RA

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for this column! If you have an idea or would
like to contribute, please contact us at


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Nicole Colella

Nicole Colella is a Certified Tarot Reader
who uses the tarot as a tool to receive
spiritual guidance and shed light on a wide
array of topics including interpersonal
relationships, shadow work and emotional
healing. She also offers tarot readings for

Nicole also enjoys using her psychic
abilities to read and assist other tarot
readers and mediums and has written a
book on this topic Kickstart Your Tarot
Business: A Professional's Guide to
Building Your Business.

She is a current active member of The
International Tarot Guild, TABI (Tarot
Association of the British Isles) and a
graduate of Dusty White’s Academy of
Divination, where she now serves as a
moderator and mentor to new students.

Nicole is based in the NJ/NY area, she
does readings internationally for private
clients, group and corporate events, both
in-person and virtually via Zoom.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Pamela, what makes your tarot practice
unique and how do you express it?

Nicole Colella: 
What makes my tarot practice unique is
that I enjoy reading for clients who are
looking to heal relationships with others
and themselves through shadow work.
Often times, clients are not only suffering
emotionally but also physically because
the two are tied closely together, with
emotional issues presenting as physical
ailments in the body.

I approach readings from a healing
perspective and see tarot as another
component in the process of creating a
wellness plan for a healthy life.

My work has become even more unique
because of my latest venture in reading
for animals.

Do you use a particular deck when you
work with animals?

I specifically use “The Wise Dog Tarot”,
“Grimalkin's Curious Cats Tarot” and “The
Guardian of the Night Tarot” from M.J.

Can you tell me a success story about how
you helped an animal and their human parent?

I did a reading for a dog and I noticed that
she was feeling anxious around a situation
with her parents. The cards were mentioning
feeling betrayed, and I asked if they were
considering getting another dog.

The answer was yes, and that they were in
fact considering it but weren’t sure how
their pup would react. So yes, their pup was
very content being the only child and the
parents were very happy to know that a
decision was made in their little one's best

Thank you Nicole, it’s been a pleasure
to meet you!


To follow Nicole Colella:





To Purchase Nicole's Book:

Kickstart Your Tarot Business:
A Professional's Guide to Building Your Business


About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:

Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

Premium brand. Premium level. Specialty.
Major brands have understood how to market
to a niche clients and customer base. More
and more, companies have taken to the
practice of premiumization to add to the
products and services consumers already

Premiumization has made a big impact on
the type of products shoppers are looking
to buy, and is driven by demand. Today's
consumers are not only seeking better
quality but also demanding a premium
experience that aligns with their lifestyle
and aspirations. 

The real question is are they willing to pay
premium prices? If you have children, have
you ever had them turn up their noses when
you tried to buy them an off-brand product?
Yes, my son had to have NIKE sneakers and
Ralph Lauren Polo shirts or he just couldn’t
go to school!

It is not just about brand recognition.
Consumers associate quality with being
“crafted” better, using “natural” ingredients
and they are seeking “authenticity”

Your brand can get an instant boost by
associating with other practitioners or
brand names through social proof. However,
it is important to approach premiumization
thoughtfully. Merely relying on brand
recognition or celebrity endorsements may
no longer guarantee success, given the risks
associated with the "cancel culture"
phenomenon. Instead, focus on building
social proof through strategic partnerships
and collaborations that align with your
brand values and resonate with your target

Using premiumization means understanding
what your base or audience wants and needs,
and customizing offers and services that
match those demands. 

You can do this by:

1.   Raising awareness
2.   Building desire
3.   Creating value
4.   Seeking a different audience 
5.   Thinking long term
6.   Inspiring your customers

By consistently delivering exceptional
experiences, you can create an emotional
connection with your clients and customers,
fostering long-term relationships and
positive word-of-mouth.

In a competitive marketplace, premiumization
provides a path for your business to
differentiate itself, add value, and attract
discerning consumers. By understanding
and implementing the key principles of
premiumization, your business can position
itself as a leader in your industry and drive
sustainable growth. 


What to consider when building a premium brand

The Downside: Don’t Let Your Premiumization
Be an Excuse for Discrimination


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