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- Welcome 
- Tarot Tip: 10 Active Listening Techniques
- Wald's Words of Wisdom
- Diviner's Corner: Abundance Checks
- What's Gnu?: The 2024 Readers Studio!
- Meet the Reader: Pamela Steele
- Kickstarter: Stardust Wanderer Tarot
- Best Practices: Get in Sync with the Natural Business Cycle

- Upcoming Events
Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
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Rachel Pollack / photo by Ruby Rose
photo by Ruby Rose

Rachel Pollack has been a special presence
in our lives since we started The Tarot
School in 1995. When we produced The
New York Tarot Festival in 2002, she was
one of the teachers, and attended our wedding.
She was one of the three master class
instructors at the very first Readers Studio
in 2003, and taught at and/or attended every
single RS, except for one when she had her
first bout of cancer. In addition to being
one of the most favorite teachers, Rachel
made collectors very happy by bringing her
artwork and handcrafted magical necklaces
to her table at the Merchant Faire. 

Rachel's Birth Cards are The Star and Strength.
This combination gave her a wicked sense of
humor, and she could often be found at the
center of laughter. 

She perfectly expressed The Star's
astrological association with Aquarius as
peaceful, optimistic and gregarious, and
Strength's association with Leo as
charismatic, energetic and emphatic.

In our Birth Card Course, Wald wrote: 
"The Star and Strength are graceful,
beautiful, peaceful and strong. Their powers
and talents are in perfect balance and 
harmony. Between them, all their virtues
are at the service of the world."

We are grateful that Rachel's passing last
month was peaceful and surrounded by love.
She deserved no less.  

And one more thing...

Speaking of Birth Cards, we recently
finished our Tarot Salon classes on the
Birth Card sets. They were packed with
great information but that's not the whole
story. So starting this month, we'll be
exploring the techniques we've developed
to make them even more interesting and useful.

If you missed any of the previous classes, you
may request a catalog of Tarot Salon replays
by sending an email to

We look forward to sharing this fascinating
topic with you!

Wishing you joy along the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald, Gina and Sharonah

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Tarot Tip

When conducting a tarot reading, it's
important to not only be skilled in
interpreting the cards but also to practice
active listening. Active listening involves
fully concentrating on what the querent is
saying, and showing empathy and 
understanding towards their situation.

One of the main benefits of active listening
during a tarot reading is that it helps to
establish trust and rapport with the
querent. When you show genuine interest
and concern for your querent's situation, it
creates a safe space for them to open up and
share their thoughts and feelings. This, in
turn, allows you to gain a deeper understanding
of their situation and to provide more accurate
and insightful interpretations of the cards.

Another benefit of active listening during a
tarot reading is that it can help to uncover
hidden emotions and issues that the querent
may not be aware of. Sometimes, they may
be hesitant to share certain aspects of their
life, either because they are ashamed or
because they don't think it's relevant to
the reading. However, through active
listening, you can pick up on subtle cues
and ask thought-provoking, open-ended,
or gentle questions to help them explore
these hidden emotions and issues. This
can lead to a more comprehensive reading
that addresses the querent's concerns on a
deeper level.

When practicing active listening, it's
important to approach your querent's
situation with an open mind and without
judgment. Everyone has their own unique life
experiences, beliefs, and values that shape
their perspective. By actively listening to
the querent, you can gain a better
understanding of their perspective and
provide interpretations that are tailored to
their specific needs and concerns.

Here are 10 examples of active listening

1) Reflective Listening: 
Paraphrase what the querent has said to show
that you have understood their message. 
For example, "So what I'm hearing is that
you're feeling overwhelmed with your
workload, is that correct?"

2) Clarifying Questions: 
Ask questions to ensure that you have
understood your querent's message correctly.
For example, "Could you give me an example
of what you mean by 'difficult situation'?"

3) Nonverbal Communication: 
Make use of nonverbal cues to show the
querent that you're engaged and interested
in what they are saying. This includes
maintaining eye contact, nodding, and using
appropriate facial expressions.

4) Empathetic Responses: 
Active listening involves showing empathy
towards the speaker and acknowledging their
For example, "I can understand why you
would feel frustrated in that situation." or
"That sounds really difficult, I'm sorry you're
going through that."

5) Summarizing: 
Summarize your querent's concern to ensure
that you have understood it correctly. 
For example, "If I understand correctly,
you're saying that you're struggling to
balance your work and personal life, is that

6) Paraphrasing: 
Restating your querent's message in your own
words shows that you have understood it
and encourages further discussion. 
For example, "So you're feeling frustrated
because you feel like your ideas aren't
being heard by your partner, is that correct?"

7) Encouraging:
Using verbal cues such as "mm-hmm" or
"yes" can show that you're actively engaged
and interested in what they are saying. This
can help to encourage them to continue
speaking and to share more information.

8) Asking Open-Ended Questions: 
Ask questions that require more than a
simple yes or no answer, and that encourage
your querent to share more information. 
For example, "Can you tell me more about
what you mean by that?" or "What are some
other ways you have tried to address this

9) Paying Attention to Non-Verbal Cues:
Pay attention to your querent's body language,
tone of voice, and other non-verbal cues to
gain a better understanding of their emotions
and perspective.

10) Avoiding Interruptions: 
Refrain from interrupting your querent and
allow them to fully express themselves
before responding. This shows respect for
their thoughts and feelings and helps to
build trust and rapport.

Active listening is a crucial component
of a successful tarot reading. It helps to
establish trust and rapport with the
querent, uncovers hidden emotions and
issues, and provides a more tailored and
insightful interpretation of the cards. By
practicing active listening, you can create
a safe and supportive environment for your
querents and provide readings that are truly


 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            The Esoteric Function of The Star is Imagination, which uses the flow of light as the matrix for all the possibilities of nature.  ~ Wald Amberstone


Diviner's Corner

Abundance Check

There are many fantastic ways to get
motivated and bring about prosperity through
ritual practices. In the 20th century New Age
movement, there was a revived interest in
Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction
that advocates use of mental focus to create
whatever success you can imagine.

The principle behind Universal Laws such as
the Law of Success, Law of abundance, etc.
is that the Universe is an unlimited source  
and responds to what we desire, but also
to what we fear or lack.

An Abundance Check can be used to manifest
financial gains, but can also be used for
anything you want to increase. It is a bank
check from the Universe.

In writing a check, you are aligning with
the Law of Abundance, and it is important to
stay aware of your vibration. Pay attention
to what you are feeling, thinking and doing
to bring about your desired outcome.

In writing an Abundance check you are
sending out your best intention to the
Universe. You can begin your check writing
ritual on the New Moon. For an added boost,
align it with another important planetary influence.

The process is simple:

1.  Date the check 
Write the current date or choose a date when
you want to receive your desired amount.

2.  Write your name
Write your name in the space for “Pay to.”

3.  Choose an amount
In the box for the amount, write the exact
amount you want to manifest.

4.  Write a memo
Write what the check is for or write
“Paid in full”

5.  Sign the check
Sign the check with “The Law of Abundance,”
“The Universe,” or your own name.

6.  Keep it
Put it in a safe place and the universe will
take it from there.

You can use a check from your own checkbook
or create your own.  

Additional Resources:

* You can download a Free Printable Abundance
Checks PDF and get some additional tips here:

* Shop for "Blank Manifestation Checks" on Amazon.

* Do an image search for "abundance checks"
   or "manifestation checks" to find more options
   and resources!

Happy manifesting!

We’d love your suggestion or submissions
for this column! If you have an idea or would
like to contribute, please contact us at


What's Gnu?


Believe it or not, last week marked 20 years
since the first Readers Studio in 2003!
So much has happened since then. The
Readers Studio grew from a simple 42-person
gathering to one of the largest tarot conferences
in the world.

During that time, hundreds of tarot teachers
have shared their cutting-edge work, book
and deck deals were made, speaking careers
got their start, creative treasures found loving
homes, and life-long friendships were forged.

Creating and holding that sacred space was a
great honor but also took a huge amount of
work and energy.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic,
Wald became deathly ill and the knee surgery
I had scheduled was canceled. (I still haven't
had it.) Readers Studio has been on hiatus
in the hopes that we could continue it once
the public safety crisis had passed. Things
have improved in that regard but our
personal health, strength and energy is no
longer up to the challenge. We reconciled
ourselves to the prospect of bringing the
conference to a close.

Then something unexpected happened...

We were approached by our friends and
colleagues, Michelle and Roger Welch.
In addition to running their SoulTopia
metaphysical shops, they have been
successfully producing The International
Divination Event (TIDE) in Dallas, Texas and
the Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) in
Portland, Oregon. Knowing our situation and
how important The Readers Studio has been
for the tarot community, they offered to
take it over!

This is great news for you because it means
that Readers Studio is a go for April 25-28,

Be on the lookout very soon for email and
social media announcements with more

We want to assure you that the Welches have
promised to uphold the traditions and
quality of The Readers Studio and that they
have our full support.

It has been our privilege to serve the tarot
community in this way for the last 20 years.
We respect Michelle and Roger and are
confident that The Readers Studio will be
safe in their hands.

Last Call for Refunds:

2020-21 was chaotic for most of us. We did
our best to issue refunds for the canceled
RS20 but were not able to reach everyone.
If you feel you are still owed a refund, please
email us at Include
the email address you use for PayPal and we
will take care of you right away.

The Readers Studio has been a huge part of
our lives, and we admit that letting go has
been hard. But our biggest motivator has
always been supporting the tarot community
and we didn't want to let you down by
bringing the event to an end. Now we don't
have to worry about that.

We wish Roger and Michelle all the best as
they take over the reins, and we look
forward to having a chance to simply hang
out with you next year!

Bright blessings,
Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone

P.S. In case you are wondering, we are NOT
retiring from running The Tarot School!!

We plan to maintain our full schedule of
classes and courses for as long as we are
able. Our website is packed
with goodies and we have some surprises in
store in the near future.


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Pamela Steele

Pamela Steele is an artist, author, professional
Tarot reader, mystic, dreamer, and all-around
adventurer. Pamela believes we are all Divine
Beings having a human experience.

Pamela has loved Tarot for over four
decades. She has also taught Tarot and given
presentations through BATS, NWTS, local
colleges, public libraries, and at various
new age events. As a professional massage
therapist with a background in natural
remedies, Pamela offers physical and
spiritual healing to those who seek
wholeness. One of her goals is to leave the
world and all who dwell upon it better than
she found them.

Pamela Steele is the creator of the Steele
Wizard Tarot
, the Wizard's Pets Tarot, and
the Eternal Seeker Oracle. The Steele Wizard
Tarot is an 88 card deck with additional
court cards and additional major arcana
cards. The Wizard's Pets Tarot includes 78
poker-sized tarot cards and a 78-page
coloring book of all the cards. The Eternal
Seeker Oracle evolved from over 40 years of
Tarot study and reflection. It can be used
independently in divination or combined with
Tarot consultations using the deck(s) of
your choice. Each card represents a prime
archetype, as do the Tarot's Major Arcana,
meant to explore the innermost workings of
the human psyche.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Pamela, what makes your tarot practice
unique and how do you express it?

Pamela Steele: 
I use both the Steele Wizard Tarot with
the 10 additional cards and the Eternal
Seeker Oracle for guidance.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Can you tell me more about the Steele
Wizard Tarot and why you added 10
additional cards?

Pamela Steele: 
From the first time I looked at a tarot deck
(my original RWS), I felt like some 
important cards were missing. There were no
specific cards for young women, nor was
there a card for personal truth or other
archetypes that (in my opinion) referenced
evolving beyond duality into the realm of
pure spirit. In a nutshell, I created the
Steele Wizard's additional cards because
I wanted more information and clarity.

My readings tend to go beyond duality and
into the realm of pure spirit. You will have
a bird's eye view as to where you are on
your journey, how you got there, and the
options available to move forward. These
readings are about providing you with the
"keys" to self-knowledge, self-discovery,
self-empowerment, and self-mastery.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Thank you Pamela, it’s been a pleasure to meet you!


To follow Pamela Steele:





Pamela Steele's Decks:

Steele Wizard Tarot

Wizard's Pets Tarot

Eternal Seeker Oracle
Winner in CARTA Awards Best Oracle Deck - Judges' Choice

Pamela Steele will be speaking at The International Divination
Event (TIDE)
in Dallas Texas that runs from May 5th-7th.
Her presentation will be an exploration of how divination is
essentially the language of the soul.

For more information and registration please visit


About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:



Stardust Wanderer Tarot

I've been waiting for this project to come
to Kickstarter for awhile. It checks so many
boxes for me –– the artwork is beautiful,
the deck is fun, it's sexy, it's sci-fi / fantasy,
and has Gods and Goddesses and pirates
–– oh, my!

The Stardust Wanderer Tarot comes from the
creative mind of Jen Sankey and the artistic
brilliance of Carol Phillips. They make a
wonderful team!

Here's a teaser from the Kickstarter page:

"Enter this magical world of space pirates,
gods, and goddesses as we follow the story
of Mena, our fool on the deck, but she is
also our brave adventurer about to embark on
a journey of self-discovery. These 78 cards
feature a universe where Gods and Goddesses
rule and space pirates roam, deciding on the
way if they are paying attention to those
rules. The Commoners live on the planets
in this system, leaving the space pirate life
behind. They live and coexist with both the
pirates and God/Goddesses peacefully.
Mena finds herself right in the middle of
the divide, helps bring balance to this world,
and finds herself in the process...." 

I've pledged my support and encourage you to
check it out!

NOTE: I had some trouble when I used Chrome
but Firefox worked perfectly.

~ Ruth Ann

Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

The cycles and patterns of the natural world
have been recognized and studied by our
ancestors, and their influence is still present
in our lives today. Natural law, including the
cycles of the Moon and other planetary
influences, is followed by many practitioners.
These cycles have also been quantified and
organized in a way that shapes our world.

Unless you live off the grid, you are sure
to feel the impact of the fluctuations of
the economy. Economists and monetary
authorities have long studied the cycles of
the economy that examines the constriction
or expansion of economic activity.

We are at odds of a sort with the natural
cycle of the season when it comes to our
business cycle. The cycle most of us use is
based on the calendar year starting in
January. In actuality, and my astrologers
out there may agree, the new year starts in
the Spring and not on January 1st. (I find
it interesting that tax season ends in the
Spring season, but I digress.)

Entrepreneurs can benefit from understanding
natural business cycles, which typically
consist of four to six stages depending on
the model. 

The stages are:

• expansion
• peak
• recession
• depression
• trough 
• recovery 

These cycles are noticeable to us even if we
are not aware of the theory.

We know when our business is profiting
(expansion), at maximum level or
sustaining (peak), not getting as many
appointments or have to chase business
(recession), business trickles in or dries
up for weeks or months (depression),
accounts and savings are in the red
(trough), and when there is an uptick
in appointments, event,  and/or booked
classes (recovery).

During each stage of the business cycle,
it is important to remember that bills and
expenses will still need to be paid, and
none of our bill collectors care about what
phase our business is in. 

As an example, my reading business is now
about 80% events-based. The natural cycle
for that means that I tend to be busier during
weddings season (March – April), graduation
celebrations (May-July), Fall (September-
October) and the Winter holiday season

Our clients spend based on similar cycles
so you may notice that around the holidays,
tax season, Summer, and the start of school
could be feast or famine. More often consumers
won't want to spend as much during these
times, so you may want to tailor your prices
and offers to match the spending habits of
your clients during these times. 

To evaluate your business cycles and
determine what was more lucrative and
sustainable for your business, it is helpful
to review your accounts and taxes from the
past few years. This will help you to make
informed decisions, especially with the
pandemic having such an impact on the

Natural law and the cycles of the economy
have a significant impact on our lives and
businesses. Understanding and following
natural business cycles can help you make
informed decisions and adjust your prices
and offers to match the spending habits of
your clients during different stages of the
cycle. Reviewing past accounts and taxes
can also help you evaluate your business
cycles and determine what was more
successful in the past.


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Readings with Ruth Ann

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