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Vol. 15 #3 March 1, 2023

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- Welcome 
- Tarot Tip: Combatting Stress with Tarot
- Wald's Words of Wisdom
- Diviner's Corner: Papyromancy
- Meet the Reader: Amy Zerner & Monte Farber
- Best Practices: Tax Deductions and Credits 2023
- Upcoming Events
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Last week was a decade-ending birthday
for me. And this week is the start of a new
decade for my daughter! That got me 
thinking about milestones.

There are any number of milestones we might
reach on our tarot journey. Once I started
to think about mine, I came up with quite a
few. It could be fun to make a list of your
own tarot milestones to see how far you've
come and/or how much there's still to

Here are some examples:

•  Getting your first reading
•  Receiving or buying your first deck
•  Building a tarot library
•  Finding a tarot teacher or teachers
•  Giving readings to friends and family
•  Giving readings to others
•  Getting paid for readings
•  Taking your tarot education to the next level
•  Attending your first tarot conference
•  Designing a tarot deck
•  Writing a tarot book
•  Teaching tarot to others

Let's celebrate our milestones as we share
the adventure of tarot together!

Wishing you joy along the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald, Gina and Sharonah

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Tarot Tip

Stress can arise in your daily experiences
and situations, as it is a natural response
to the various challenges life presents.
It can be caused by a range of factors,
such as work, family dynamics, starting
new ventures, confronting unfamiliar
circumstances, or experiencing traumatic
events or threats.

The human body has an inherent ability to
manage short-term stress, which can aid in
coping and serve as a protective mechanism.
In response to stress, hormones are released
that elevate blood pressure and heart rate.

However, if this response persists beyond
what is necessary for survival, it can lead
to various health issues. Although some
signs of stress may be apparent, others may
not be as noticeable. To identify these
symptoms, the American Institute of Stress
has compiled a list of 50 indicators, which
can be found at

People often turn to Tarot guidance seeking
relief from stressors of varying degrees of

The following exercise is a way to
incorporate Tarot “mindfulness” using
your favorite deck and a journal.

It can be helpful to start with a few
moments of centering and grounding.
One effective technique is to focus on the
breath, inhaling and exhaling slowly and

To enhance this practice, you can also
incorporate a boxed breathing method. This
involves inhaling deeply through the nose
for a count of four, holding the breath for
a count of four, exhaling slowly through the
mouth for a count of four, and then holding
the breath for another count of four before
repeating the cycle. 

Intentionally regulating your breath and
focusing your attention on the present
moment can help to calm the mind and body,
and promote a greater sense of relaxation
and centeredness.

Separate the deck into 5 separate stacks of
Major Arcana, Wands, Cups, Swords, and
Pentacles cards. Then put the Major Arcana
(0-21) aside as you won't be using them. 

Shuffle each stack with the intention of
examining a particular stress. Then draw one
card from each stack of the four suits and
place them in a horizontal row. This 4-card
spread will offer insights on how you can
address the stress.


Position 1 – (Swords)
Abstain / Avoid

Sample question: 
“What-How-Who can help me distance
myself from this stressor?”  

Position 2 – (Wands)
Intentionally Set Boundaries

Sample question:
How can I better communicate my needs?  

Position 3 – (Cups)
Address Feelings / Self Care 

Sample questions: 
• What feelings or emotions am I experiencing?
• Are others aware of my stress and have I
  addressed it?” 

Position 4 – (Pentacles)
Affirm / Realistic Expectations 

Sample questions:
• What can I reasonably do at this time?
• What is one thing I can change today?

Make notes in your journal of any insights
you gain from the spread, or one like it.
This will help you track your progress in
managing stress.



 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            The images of tarot, like everything else, emanate truth.  Their mysteriousness begs us to know them, it draws us deep within them, until we realize we are being drawn deep within ourselves.  ~ Wald Amberstone   TarotSchool.com


Diviner's Corner


Papyromancy is a form of divination that
involves the interpretation of the shapes,
patterns, and other features found in burnt
paper or parchment. This practice is also
sometimes known as pyromancy or burnt
paper divination.

In traditional papyromancy, a question or
issue is written on a piece of paper or
parchment, which is then set on fire. The
diviner then interprets the shapes, colors,
and patterns left behind by the ashes and
any remaining unburnt portions of the paper.
The interpretation of these patterns and
shapes is believed to reveal insights into
the question or issue at hand.

Let's say you have a specific question in
mind that you'd like to explore through
papyromancy, such as "What is the best path
for me to take in my career?" You might
write this question on a piece of paper and
then burn it, focusing on your intention and
desire for guidance as the paper turns to

As you examine the ashes left behind, you
might notice patterns and shapes that catch
your attention, such as a particular symbol
or a concentration of ashes in a certain
area. You might interpret these patterns as
signs or messages that offer guidance for
your career path.

For example, you might see a symbol that
represents creativity or innovation, indicating
that pursuing a more creative field could be
the right choice for you. Alternatively, you
might see a pattern that suggests networking
or making connections with others could be
important for your success.

While burning the paper is the most commonly
known method of papyromancy, there are other
ways to use paper or parchment in divination.
Some of these alternative methods include:

Crumpling: Crumpling up a piece of paper or
parchment and then flattening it out again
can create unique shapes and patterns that
can be interpreted.

Folding: Folding a piece of paper or
parchment in a specific way and then
unfolding it can reveal hidden messages
or symbols that can be interpreted.

Tearing: Tearing a piece of paper or 
parchment into pieces and then reassembling
them in a specific way can reveal messages
or symbols.

Writing and drawing: Writing or drawing
on a piece of paper or parchment and then
interpreting the shapes and patterns created
by the ink can also be used in divination.

Soaking: Soaking a piece of paper or
parchment in water and then interpreting the
way the paper or ink reacts to the water can
also reveal messages or symbols.

Here's an example of a papyromancy reading
using crumpled paper:

1.  Take a piece of paper and write a question
or intention on it, such as "What is the next
step I should take in my relationship?"

2.  Crumple the paper into a ball, and then
smooth it out again.

3.  Examine the paper and the patterns that
have been created by the crumpling. Look for
any shapes or symbols that catch your
attention, or any areas of the paper that
seem particularly prominent.

4.  Interpret the symbols and patterns that
you see in the paper. For example, you might
see a heart shape that suggests that your
relationship is a major focus, or a spiral
that indicates that you are in a period of
transition or growth. You might also see
areas of the paper that are torn or creased,
which could suggest challenges or obstacles
that you will need to navigate in your

5.  Use your interpretation to gain insight
and guidance on your question or intention.
For example, if you saw a heart shape, you
might interpret this as a sign to focus on
deepening your connection with your partner.
If you saw a spiral, you might interpret
this as a sign to embrace change and take a
new approach to your relationship.

Papyromancy can be a highly personal
practice, and it may take time and
experimentation to develop a style and
method that works best for you. It can be
helpful to practice with different types of
paper and methods of creating patterns
and symbols to find what resonates
most strongly.

Remember that the interpretation of the
patterns and symbols in papyromancy is
highly subjective and can vary depending
on the individual and their personal
experiences and beliefs. The most important
thing is to approach the practice with an
open mind and a willingness to explore
different interpretations and meanings.

We’d love your suggestion or submissions
for this column! If you have an idea or would
like to contribute, please contact us at


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are a
bestselling husband and wife team whose
expertise and inspiring approach to oracular
wisdom is highly sought after. Since 1988,
they have shared their distinctive brand of
life mastery and artistic excellence through
their unique, award-winning works, which
have sold nearly three million copies and
have been published in eighteen different

Based on intuition-building techniques and
their original interpretations of Astrology,
Tarot, Alchemy, Metaphysics, and creativity,
their useful and beautifully designed
systems are accessible to a mainstream
audience. Zerner and Farber have been
featured in such media outlets as Forbes,
The Observer, The New York Times, Oprah,
Well+Good, Vogue, News 12 Long Island,
MindBodyGreen, FabFitFun, Bustle, and
Refinery29, as well as on many TV, radio
and podcast shows.

Amy Zerner is a renowned collage artist
and fashion designer, and has been selling
her unique "Spiritual Couture" one-of-a-kind
jackets, coats and caftans exclusively through
Bergdorf Goodman for 20 years. She uses
an appliquéd palette of luxurious materials,
hand-painted and dyed fabrics, vintage textiles,
trimmings, antique beads and embellishments
to make her "Spiritual Couture" rich with
layers of meaning and imagination.

Monte Farber is an author, life coach,
astrological consultant, and a psychic
reader. His experiences with reading energy
help him read extremely clearly. He is no
stranger to being honest. If you're
committed to changing your energy
surrounding a particular area of your life,
he can tell you exactly how you're
approaching it from an outside perspective
with a communication line from our guiding

Together Zerner and Farber's best-selling
works include: The Enchanted Tarot,
Karma Cards, The Psychic Circle, The
Enchanted Spell Board, Little Reminders:
Law of Attraction, Astrology for Wellness,
Mindful Astrology, The Creativity Oracle,
The Wild Goddess Oracle,
and their newest
work, Enchanted Worlds.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Amy and Monte, what makes your tarot
practice unique and how do you express it?

Amy and Monte: 
We feel so lucky to have been a part of the
lives of so many Tarot enthusiasts,
professional readers, and their clients who
have benefited from our Enchanted Tarot,
Instant Tarot, Enchanted Love Tarot
and the
Zerner/Farber Deck.

It is somewhat unique that, as a married
couple, we have created these "spiritual
power tools" together –– Amy as the artist,
and me as the author –– over the course of
30 years, so they really are our children,
born of our love and creativity. Checking in
with the cards (our kids!) is part of our
everyday metaphysical practice. When we
read our cards, our attitudes, desires and
strategies for the best course of action can
be reflected upon.

Tarot is psychology and all the archetypes
are about people so if you're not interested
in people, you may as well not be interested
in that and we learn so much every time we
do it.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Thank you Amy and Monte, it’s been a
pleasure to meet you!


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Documentary Film:
Amy & Monte: A Legacy of Love & Creativity –
Exploring the extraordinary lives of spiritual
creators and soulmates Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

Visit the INDIEGOGO Campaign to Contribute:


About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:

Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies
www.tarotadvisor.com  / www.facebook.com/tarotreaders 
www.tarotcoupling.com / www.oraclesoup.org

It's important to consider tax deductions
and tax credits when filing your taxes in
2023. Tax deductions can help reduce your
taxable income and, as a result, lower the
amount you owe. Tax credits, offered by
federal and state governments, encourage
beneficial behaviors such as those that
benefit the economy or environment. Tax
credits provide a dollar-for-dollar break
but often have earning caps.

Small business owners and sole proprietors
can use tax deductions to write off business
expenses. Consult your tax professional or
CPA to find out which expenses are currently
allowed for tax deductions.

Here is a list of common expenses related to
running your business that can serve as a
guideline when consulting with your tax

1.    Business-related meals
2.    Business-related travel
3.    Business-related car use
4.    Business loan interest
5.    Business banking fees
6.    Professional service fees
7.    Professional membership fees
8.    Charitable donations
9.    Gifts to clients
10.   Self-paid medical premiums
11.   Supplies such as books, decks, decor,
        and props that are business-related.

And here's a big one...

Training and Educational Materials!
Most, if not all, your tarot lessons
(in all formats), conference fees and
related travel may be tax deductible, too.

It is easier to track your expenses if you
use one account or payment method for all
your business-related expenses.

Here's to your prosperity! 


Small Business Taxes: What to Expect in 2023


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