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Vol. 14 #8 August 1, 2022

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- Welcome / An Important Announcement
- Tarot Tip: Reading Spreads Without
                   Assigned Positions
- Wald's Words of Wisdom
- Diviner's Corner: Cromniomancy

- Meet the Reader: Sheilaa L. Hite
- Upcoming Events
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Blessing Sigil for Rachel Pollack

One of the many wonderful things about the
tarot community is how we all pull together
to help each other. Rachel Pollack, one of
our treasured tarot royalty, has asked for
our love and energetic help as she battles
another bout of cancer. She posted this
"Important Announcement" on her Facebook
page, which was shared around so you may
have seen it. However, there are many who
are not on FB so we're publishing it here 
as well. 

"I know rumors have been circulating about
my health. I apologize for not coming
forward before. It's been a hard time, and
I haven't had much energy. 5 or 6 years ago
I was very ill, and couldn't work. It
turned out I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma,
a cancer of the lymphatic system. It was
advanced (I couldn't eat), but I went
through a tough chemo and it worked. Or so
it seemed. Not long after it showed up on
a scan. So I went through an even harsher
treatment, and finally that did work.

And now cancer has been found again.
The doctors assumed it was Hodgkin's once
more. Instead, it's a completely different
variant of lymphoma. Once again, it's
advanced. Right now, I am just trying to
get through the days. Next week, I begin
chemo. I am not giving up, and neither
should you!

6 years ago I told Cara Hoffman, a
brilliant writer and former student of
mine, of my condition and that I couldn't
work and was almost out of money. In less
than 24 hours she and 2 other former
writing students had set up a GoFundMe
campaign. The response was incredible.
Not just the money, but the love and the
great healing energy.

So now I need your help again. Not
financially, I am okay there. But the
support, and the love, and the healing
energy, are incredibly powerful and
wonderful. So please, I want to hear from
you. I will not be able to respond to
every comment, but I will read and take in
every offering. 

Zoe is compiling a list of people who are
nearby and can offer direct support or
assistance. If you'd like to be on the
list, send an email to
and put SUPPORT in the subject line.
Include how we can contact you.

This is a powerful and wonderful
community. We cherish each and every
one of you!"

The illustration above is from Jamie
Sawyer's Pocket of Peers Tarot Deck. 
T. Susan Chang used it to create a special
magical sigil to help us focus our healing
energy as we send it to Rachel. 

If you do not have a healing practice
already, we suggest a simple, powerful 
technique from Rudy Hunter. It works!


And one more thing...
Our hearts go out to Gina Thies as she
mourns the loss of her dear sister. We're
sending love and prayers to you and your
family, Gina. May memories of Desmonde
warm your heart forever!

Wishing you joy along the tarot path,
Ruth Ann and Wald

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Tarot Tip


I have been told by some people that they
do not use spreads for all readings. I wonder
if you could discuss this. I am not so much
interested in pros and cons of using spreads
or not using them, but more interested in
finding out what the people who don't use
spreads with assigned positions are actually

I do readings on a free site, and they gave
us a file of spreads and said they would
prefer that we use spreads. I have only ever
used spreads, even if they were just custom-
made spreads. I am just very unclear about
what people are doing alternative to the
kind of spreads I'm familiar with. 

~ Marcia


I often read using spreads without assigned
positions. There's really nothing too
mysterious about reading that way if you
understand the basic principle that any card
can answer any question. You can use the
Voice in the Card technique at any time,
whether you're reading with one card or

In this technique, standard or traditional
meanings of the cards are completely
disregarded. It is a purely intuitive
reading derived only from the visual imagery
in the card. Let your eyes wander over all
the pictorial elements in the card until
your attention is held by one particular
detail that contains the message for you.

Another technique is to develop a continuous
story. Start your reading with one card and
then choose additional cards to give you
more information or tell what will likely
happen next.

A favorite reading style we use in class is
to lay out three cards in a horizontal row.
Read them as multiple facets of a single
jewel, each card giving a little more
information or insight. Make special note
of the card in the center as it will be more
important than the others. Look for any
patterns, such as repeated numbers or Suits,
to add an additional layer of interpretation
to your reading.

Some people just start throwing cards on the
table at a great rate, without any apparent
spread positions. competent readers who do
this pick out the relevant information from
a rapid flow of cards in a form of free
association that can produce remarkable
results. Sometimes this technique is used by
psychics as a buffer to make their clients
feel more comfortable. And, of course, there
are those who use this method to disguise
their lack of knowledge of the cards.

Personally, I believe that if you focus your
attention on one card at a time, as if it is
the only card you have to answer the
question, you'll wind up using fewer cards,
doing deeper readings, and concerning
yourself less with assigning positions.
There are times when it's more appropriate
to work with positions and other times when
they're unnecessary. I don't advocate one
method over the other –– it's all good! 


 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            Tarot is a description, a reflection, a vision, an idea. In modern times, it is said to consist of archetypes, which are living experiences turned first into ideas and then into ideals.


Diviner's Corner

sprouting onion

Cromniomancy is divination by onions. It is
usually done by interpreting their sprouting
behaviour, after some kind of ritual to state
the topic of the divination. This often
involves inscribing the onions, dedicating
them on an altar or something similar.
But cromniomancy is/was also done in
idiosyncratic way not involving sprouting

It is not known why the onion was chosen
for that kind of divination, not other
fast-sprouting plants. A look at other
divination methods shows that plants used
for divination have or had some significance
as important food source and/or medicinal
herb. The onion is rich in Vitamin C and was
important because of this, and it was widely
used as medicinal herb against colds and
other infections.

Cromniomancy was historically performed
across Europe, Africa and northern Asia. The
sphere within a sphere of the onion made it
a much-revered symbol of spirituality and
eternity, to the extent that the ancient
Egyptians took their sacred oaths with their
right hand on an onion.[citation needed]
There are many forms of cromniomancy, from
divining the weather by the thickness of the
skin, to gaining inside information.

The earliest written mention occurs in
Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy,
referring to cromnyomantia as a custom of
laying onions on an altar on Christmas Eve
in order to divine when someone will be

One method is to place onions on a sacred
altar to learn about friends and family far
away and out of contact. The names of the
beloved are inscribed on individual onions
and left undisturbed until they began to
sprout. The faster the sprouting, the better
health and happiness was enjoyed by the
friend named on the onion.

Onions also provided romantic advice for the
love-lorn. A woman trying to choose between
lovers would carve out their names on
separate onions. The one that sprouted first
would reveal the suitor most worthy of her
affections. Some sources have it that this
should best be done on December 1.

Answers to any question could be sought by
inscribing yes and no on two separate onions
and planting them to see which sprouted

A method practiced in southern Germany to
predict the weather for the following year
goes like this: At New Year's Eve, twelve
big, sphere- like pieces of onion are taken
and put on a wooden board in a row. They
represent the months from January to
December. Then a grain of salt is put into
every piece of onion, and the whole thing is
left overnight in a room without heating,
but without frost. The amount of liquid in
every onion piece tells how much rain/snow
there will be in the respective month.


Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Sheilaa Hite

Sheilaa L. Hite is a Tarot Master and
Instructor. She is featured in Paulette
Cooper’s book, The 100 Top Psychics in
, and is a favorite guest and
consultant on radio and network TV. She also
writes a popular monthly forecast column,
“Tarotscope — Ancient Archetypes for New
World Guidance ©.” In addition to writing,
speaking, teaching, consulting, and working
with her private clientele, Sheilaa leads
tours to the most magnificent spiritual
places on our planet.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Sheilaa, what makes your tarot practice unique
and how do you express it?

Sheilaa L. Hite: 
I am a catalyst of the soul and mind, a
life-skills mentor, a “somewhere over the
rainbow” visionary with a gift for
appreciating and implementing the practical,
down-to-earth processes necessary to make
dreams come true. The Tarot cards aren’t
just cards, they’re prompts from “Source”
that open up an infinite number of universes
of information and possibilities. My
accuracy rate and client retention rate are
high because I tune into that “Source” and
trust that I’m being properly directed by it. 

My Tarot practice is also unique because, in
addition to being a Tarot practitioner, I’m
adept at many other intuitive arts including
Astrology, Intuitive Counseling, Numerology,
Mediumship, Spell Casting, Palmistry, Past
Life Regression I am a Certified Life/Success
Mentor, Healer, and Transformational Guide.
I use all of my skills, gifts, and talents when
I counsel a client. 

I come by my gifts and my methods naturally.
I was born with these gifts and was fortunate
enough to have the encouragement of both
parents, a father who was a union organizer,
negotiator, and marriage counselor, and a
mother who was a psychologist. People were
always coming to us for problem-solving,
healing, and empowerment. It was what
my family did, so it was a natural step for
me to choose helping people as a profession.

I know that if there is a problem or issue,
there is a solution. My job is to use my
intuitive detecting skills and discover that
solution and present it to my client in a
practical, workable format as I empower them
to live in the space of hope and possibility.
When I listen to my client and look at their
issues, I’m interacting with them and their
problem from a 360 degree perspective.
Because I work in this way, I’m able to
weave the usable answer or solution for
them from that experience of them.

Very often the consultation takes the form
of a conversation between my client, spirit
guides, ancestors, and myself. Although I
often lay out a spread (I like the structure),
I sometimes start talking and turn the cards
over as I talk and read the “story” they tell
as they reveal the direction I need to go in
to find solution. Everyone has a story and
the cards help you discover what that story
is and how to relate it to your client in a
way that will help them.

Though I don’t always think of myself this
way, my clients tell me that I’m a no-nonsense
oracle. I like a fairy tale ending as much as the
next person, but life has taught me that you
can’t get to that fairy tale ending if you don’t
apply practical, appropriate actions to the issue
or problem. I take my responsibility seriously
when someone puts the care of their soul in
my hands, and I deliver the information with
empathy, gentleness, and honesty. 

I offer my clients the opportunity to see
what was previously unknown to them. I teach
them how to turn ‘lead into gold’ spiritually,
figuratively, and literally. I guide them to a
deeper relationship with themselves. And
always, I offer them an opportunity to see
themselves as the “Divine Energy” sees them
–– worthy and entitled to a life of infinite joy.  

To live in joy and encourage everyone else
to do the same is the nature of my being. To
work to make that a possibility is my
passion. I love seeing people tap into their
potential and awaken to the realization that
life is a grand adventure and they can live
the life of their dreams. I love my work, I
love that I’ve been chosen to do it, and I
love that I’m good at it. 

Sharonah Rapseik:
Thank you Sheilaa, it’s been a pleasure to meet you!


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