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Vol. 14 #6 June 1, 2022

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- Diviner's Corner: Cyclomancy

- Meet the Reader: Corbie Mitleid
- Best Practices: Prices Are Going Up ––
  Should You Charge More, Too?
- Upcoming Events
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The Sun

This June is a very special month at The
Tarot School. Wald and I are celebrating our
20th wedding anniversary! We got married at
the very first tarot conference we produced,
The New York Tarot Festival. Planning them
both at the same time was a bit nuts. Like
the myth that bumblebees aerodynamically
shouldn't be able to fly but nobody told
them that, we had no concept of what it
would take so we just did it.

We created a very eclectic, magical
ceremony, which was officiated by the real
live Hierophant and High Priestess, Lon Milo
DuQuette and Mary K. Greer. And the best
thing about it (besides the getting married
part) was that we got to celebrate with so
many people from the tarot community!
It took place at the Summer Solstice, hence
the Soprafino Tarot card above, which was
our wedding cake topper.

Summer or Winter, we hope your Solstice
celebration is full of love and magic!  

And one more thing...
Last month, we held a contest to elicit
ideas for new content. We used a method
mentioned in the Cyclomancy article below
for a random draw of the names of the people
who responded. We're happy to announce that
the winner is Nichole Heid. Congratulations,
Nichole! Thank you to everyone who sent in
ideas. We look forward to using some of them
in future issues.

Wishing you joy along the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald and Gina

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Tarot Tip

Reading card combinations is something that
confuses a lot of people. Here are a number
of techniques that can help you do this.

• Get the Big Picture:

Cards do not have to be next to one another
in order to be related. Looking for patterns
in the spread is a good place to start.

1) Take inventory of the Suits. How many
Wands cards are there? How many Cups, etc.?
This will give you a sense of the overall
energy of the reading. A spread with a
majority of Swords cards, for instance,
might indicate a focus on education,
communication, mental activity (constructive
or difficult), or other topics in the Swords
domain. (Learn your Suit correspondences!)

2) Are any Suits missing? What does that
suggest to you -- a problem area, or perhaps
an area that's well in hand or irrelevant?

3) How many Court Cards are there? Do other
people play a large part in the "story" of
the reading? Or is the querent looking at
things from different perspectives?

4) How many Majors are there? A majority of
Major Arcana cards lends a certain
weight/importance to the reading. The focus
here is more on the personal and spiritual
evolution of the querent than on day-to-day

• Tell the Story:

Place the querent (or yourself if you're
reading your own cards) in the landscape of
each card. What is s/he doing there? How
does that activity relate to their present
circumstance? If you're not sure, ASK! Move
on to the next scene. Do the same thing.
Sometimes the "plot" will be sequential,
sometimes you'll see "flash-backs" -- just
like in a movie. Occasionally, there will be
"sub-plots." (See the Tarot Tips Archives
for the "Story Circle" exercise as another
way of developing this skill.)

The most important thing to remember is to
keep an open dialogue going with the
querent. If, during the course of your
conversation, you get new insights about a
card you've already covered, it's perfectly
OK to go back and elaborate on it.

• Go with the Flow:

Let the story carry you. A lot of times you
won't know where the reading is going at the
beginning. You'll start with something that
occurs to you or seems relevant, and as you
speak, more information and insights will
come to you. Again, feedback from the
querent is helpful in this process.

The skill here is very akin to
conversational skill. Just relax and take it
where it goes!

• Make Connections:

Take a look at the cards in close proximity
to one another and see if you can find
connections between them. Read them as
though they were one image that contained
all the elements you can see. Whatever
additional knowledge you have about the
cards can also be considered.

Here are some examples of card combinations
with suggestions of how you might interpret
them in a reading:

In his aspect as an illusionist and master
of sleight of hand, The Magician can display
great manual dexterity. 

- The Chariot: a skilled auto mechanic
- Ace of Swords: someone who enjoys fencing;
   a neurosurgeon
- Three of Swords: a heart surgeon

She is the keeper of knowledge and secrets. 

- The Two of Pentacles: an accountant,
   especially at a high level where
   confidentiality is important.
- The Eight of Cups: a psychotherapist,
   perhaps specializing in lifestyle changes or
   12-step programs.
- The Lovers: a confidante and/or mediator

Physical strength, patience, a love of
nature and animals. 

- The Four of Swords: the illness, death or
   recovery of a pet
- The Ten of Wands: great physical
   endurance, combined with patience and
   good nature
- The King of Pentacles: a bull market

Movement, change of circumstance for the
better, journey near or over water.

- The Sun: a move to a warmer climate
- The Hermit: a trip to the mountains,
   possibly alone
- Eight of Wands: an overseas plane trip or
   flying to a cruise destination

Victory, success, an out-of-town visitor, a
trip or tour. 

- The Ace of Wands: a book-signing tour
- The World: International recognition
- The Eight of Pentacles: a successful sales

These are just some ideas to get you
thinking. Make your own list of card
combinations and see how it adds another
dimension to your readings. Have fun!


• Story Circle Technique

• Tarot Tips - 78 Practical Techniques
to Enhance Your Tarot Reading Skills

by Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone 
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 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            A human being by nature is infinitely deep. What would happen to the world around you if the intensity of who you are was unleashed?


Diviner's Corner

spinning top

Cyclomancy is a form of divination based on
spinning an object and deriving predictions
or conclusions from the object's final
resting direction. Cyclomancy is derived
from the Greek “kyklos” meaning a circle,
and the Latin word, cyclomantia. The most
popular method of Cyclomancy Divination is
“Wheel of Fortune” that dates back several
hundred years and has survived even today as
a television game show. The roulette wheel
is another well-known variation.                    

In some traditions, a wheel, knife or top is
spun on a surface marked with letters,
numbers, words, names, astrological signs or
mystic symbols. Those that fall closest to
the device's pointer are used as the
divinatory message.

Any suitable object may be spun and its
direction may be used to obtain a simple
yes/no answer or directional indicator. For
example, an object with a distinguishing
feature may be spun between two diverging
paths or disparate objects, and the one
closest to the feature is chosen. 

The party game Spin the Bottle is loosely
based on this concept. The game is played by
several players who sit, stand, or kneel in
a circle. A bottle is placed horizontally on
the floor in the center of the circle. A player
spins the bottle and must kiss the person to
whom the bottle points when it stops spinning.

A variant is the Cyclomancy Wheel or Number
Wheel. This consists of a revolving wheel
divided into equal parts with a pointer
attached to the wheel. Ask a question and
rotate the wheel, which will come to a stop
at a particular number. Each number has its
own significance and will act as a guideline
in answering a question.

Anyone who has attended one of our Tarot
Salons has experienced Cyclomancy. At the
end of each class, we have a giveaway. To
choose the winner, we enter the names of
each student into an online app called the
Wheel of Names. Watching the wheel spin
and land on that week's winner is always
a lot of fun! You can enter anything you
like, not just names, to create your own
Cyclomancy device. And you can have as
few or as many entries as you like. For
example, two listings can answer a simple
Yes / No question; the 12 months or 52
weeks of the year can help with a timing
question. Any list of variables will work
so enjoy experimenting! 


Wheel of Names

Tarot Salon

We’d love your suggestion or submissions
for this column! If you have an idea or would
like to contribute, please contact us at


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Corbie Mitleid

Corbie Mitleid is is a certified Tarot
master, psychic medium, teacher, and
ordained minister. She has been reading
for 50+ years and is a full-time “intuitive
counselor” with worldwide clients.

Robert Schwartz features Corbie’s work
as a channel and past life expert in his
breakthrough book series on Karma and
pre-birth planning, Your Soul’s Plan,
Your Soul’s Gift, and Your Soul’s Love. 

Corbie Mitleid is also the author of
Clean Out Your Life ClosetThe Psychic
Yellow Brick Road
, and You’ve got the
Magic - Who Needs a Genie?

Sharonah Rapseik:
Corbie, what makes your tarot practice unique
and how do you express it?

Corbie Mitleid:
I absolutely go “in the moment” for a number
of my Tarot spreads. If someone asks a
specific question that can have a number of
parameters, I don’t just jump to the “Celtic
Cross” or 3-card spread. For instance, if
I was reading for a person who was having
an argument with their contractor, instead
of just using a 5-card relationship spread,
I would pull cards to answer specific questions.

I will ask things like:

• How is the contractor used to doing

• How does he intend to solve things?
• Where is the compromise? 

And so on.

It is really about telling a story to the
client, rather than just plunking down Tarot
cards in a pre-determined set pattern.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Can you tell us about your work as a channel
and as a past life expert and how you use
that in Tarot work?

Corbie Mitleid:
Anyone who truly gets “deep in the weeds”
with Tarot is a channel!  When you trust the
energies working with you, you can remain
open to whatever that message is –– even if
it isn’t “typical” for the card meaning. 
And the past life retrieval skill helps me
deconstruct what might be coming into a
client’s life now from a previous incarnation;
I have a Tarot spread that helps clarify that
for them as well.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Can you tell us about your books?

Corbie Mitleid:
Clean Out Your Closet shows the reader how
to find their own answers, design their own
toolbox, and discover that healing “the old”
and creating “the new” can be a positive,
joyful and soul-satisfying experience.

The Psychic Yellow Brick Road is a “field
guide” to navigating the world of
professional psychics with sharp, clear,
practical information for those who are
intrigued by the idea of using “intuitive
assistance,” but have no idea where to start.

You’ve Got The Magic - Who Needs a Genie?
is a treasure trove of everything that I have
learned about being a “road warrior” on the
holistic expo circuit, and how to scale the
twin mountains of metaphysical “a-lister”
and business master.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Thank you Corbie, it’s been a pleasure to meet you!


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About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:

Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

Higher prices for gas, groceries and keeping
up with utilities are on everyone’s mind.
Ongoing thoughts about inflation and
recession may have you thinking about
budgeting and making ends meet. In terms
of running a business, it’s no different.

Large corporations are also looking over
budgets and digging in their heels around
raises in salaries versus raises in supply costs.
Have you ever noticed that while things
like your electricity bill can be curbed due
to usage, services such as wireless and
cable bills cannot?

The tendency for us all is to tighten up on
how we spend and what we spend on. We
will do necessities but luxury and self care
are the first to go. Getting a reading may
not be a priority when it comes to looking
at budgets. 

Some practitioners are lucky to survive from
reading clientele but more often it's not
enough. You have to offer other services to
make ends meet or get into the gig work,
which for me has been a significant part of
my reading income. Not everyone is cut out
for event or party gigs. If you have not
developed the ability to give quick readings
in under 5 minutes or less, you are not a
party reader.

If prices are up, does this mean you need to
raise your fees? Maybe. It’s going to depend
on your clientele. Your regulars may be okay
with the change and of course new clients
won’t have any history to compare.

Inflation has created an increase in gig
workers, those who work independently but
are not necessarily defined as sole
proprietors or business owners. Back in the
day, it was called moonlighting.
Nonetheless, people are having more than one
job or career to make ends meet.

If you are thinking that increasing your
prices may be a solution, I will point out
that it is quite a task to get someone to
pay you more for the same service. It’s not
impossible but you have to stand firm. I
suggest creating a budget for your living
expenses first to determine if raising your
prices is necessary. It may be more about
sticking to a budget and reevaluating your
expenses than raising your fees. 

Ask yourself: 

• Do you need to vend at a fair right now? 

• How much would attending a conference
cost you and what is the ROI (return on

• Is a weekend away from your clients adding
to your bottom line or costing you where
you'll have to double your efforts to catch up? 

• Do you need to drive all over for work

• Do you need to give up the space you are
renting to see clients and start your home

• What about taxes or emergencies? 

Consider where you can cut business expenses
before passing on higher cost of operating
to your clients.

Be prosperous always!



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