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- Tarot Tip: Psychological Challenges in Tarot:
                   XV The Devil – Attachment
- Wald's Words of Wisdom
- Diviner's Corner: Aeromancy

- Meet the Reader: Victoria Constantino
- Best Practices: "Doing Business As" (DBA)
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The Sun

We were recently interviewed by a graduate
student in journalism who is working on an
article about how the interest in tarot has
grown and evolved. From our perspective
of having taught for the last 27 years (and
reading for much longer), there have been
many changes in a person's access to and
involvement with tarot. 

Here are some of the ones we've seen: 

• It used to be difficult to find a tarot
deck or book. Over time, more and more
decks have been created and books written.
The challenge now is which ones to choose! 

• Tarot teachers were rare. Other than a
couple of books, they were the only source
of tarot education, and you were lucky if
one lived nearby. Occasionally, a touring
teacher might come by for a weekend class
but then they'd leave. With the development
of the internet, there are now endless 
choices of how to learn. And we have access
to teachers all over the world.

• Finding another tarot reader was hard, and
there was certainly no "tarot community."
Bit by bit, we started coming together,
first in small online forums and eventually
at tarot conferences and Zoom classes and
events. We have grown into an amazing,
diverse, knowledgeable and supportive
community we can be proud of!

No matter when or how we have come
to tarot, and no matter where and how we
learn, the one thing we share is enthusiasm.
That feeling of exhilaration the child in
The Sun card expresses. We definitely
felt it as beginners. The joy of discovery --
of ourselves and of a whole new way to
see the world. It's something to treasure
and nurture, no matter how long our tarot
journey lasts. 

They don't call us Tarot Enthusiasts for

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Tarot Tip

by Katrina Wynne, MA, CTM, CTI, CLC

In the April 2022 Tarot Tips issue, I talked
about VI The Lovers and co-dependence.
Well…we can’t talk about The Lovers without
also examining XV The Devil. Suffice it to
say, they have a very close relationship…Haha!

While most readers associate The Devil with
addiction, I prefer to look behind the
behavior of addiction, the effect, to see
the cause, the motivation for the
behavior…attachment in its many forms.

As you will see, it is this causal issue,
attachment, that affects how we behave, and
can be acted out as the cha-cha-cha dance of
co-dependence, described as the Shadow side
of The Lovers

Attachment is a core issue for most, if not
all of us. Whether it stems from a lack of
healthy attachment with a caregiver in
infancy, or a basic survival need that is
totally sub-conscious, this need drives us
and our behavior in ways we are barely

Here are some of the Attachments that you
and your clients may struggle with:

1. Attachment to seeing life only through
one’s own perspective. One-sided, narrow,
delusional, egocentric, belief based.

2. Living in one’s head, dissociated from or
unconscious of the body, emotions, feelings,
energy. Seen as the chains around the necks
of the two people in the Waite-Smith deck.

3. Fear of intimacy, honesty, vulnerability.

4. Fear of being true to oneself…fear of
judgment or rejection by others.

5. Subverting one’s power for others,
sometimes in the form of bargaining.

6. Attachment to people, places, things.
Fear of letting go, surrendering.

7. Suppression of painful memories,
experiences, or emotions from one’s past.

8. Fear in all its forms!

Clearly, this is a huge topic, and we are
just scraping the surface here, but I hope
to raise your awareness of the deep
implications that may be made when we
welcome The Devil into our readings.

• As a reader how can I address these

First, I always recommend that you stay
within you “scope of practice” and determine
whether to refer the client to a mental
health professional, especially if you see
signs of depression or abuse.

As a human being with your own struggles,
turn up your compassion. Don’t be the
judgmental Devil (a transference issue)
by bringing that archetype to life.
Self-compassion is our first step, which
makes it easier and more authentic, to model
and share this energy with others.

• When we work on our own attachment and
fear issues, it makes it so much clearer to
recognize it in others…so, it starts here
with you. 

Ultimately, I admire The Devil for it is
such a profound catalyst for being truly
alive, breathing in each moment, stepping
fully into each experience with one’s
heart/body/soul, and not holding onto
the past.

All our psychological challenges are life’s
way of helping us to wake up to the greater
beingness of who we truly are, for which
The Devil is one of our powerful teachers.

About Katrina:

Katrina Wynne

Katrina Wynne, MA, CTM, CTI, CLC
is an internationally renowned Transformative
Tarot Counselor™ and trained psychotherapist
with close to 50 years’ experience living the
wisdom of Tarot.

Contact Katrina at:  - website - weblog - podcast


 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            Tarot has evolved as the world has evolved. The cards reveal what the world looks and feels like to the people who live in it at any given time. Tarot is a mirror linked to history.


Diviner's Corner


Aeromancy is a form of divination using the
element of Air by observing the sky,
particularly meteorological and cosmological
events, including the movements of clouds,
winds and sometimes comets, the appearance
of rainbows and other phenomena such as
eclipses and auroras. 

Sub-types of this practice include: 

    • austromancy (wind divination)
    • ceraunoscopy (observing thunder and
    • chaomancy (aerial vision)
    • meteormancy (meteors and shooting stars)
    • nephomancy (cloud divination)

The first recorded instance of the word
aeromancy being used was found in Chambers,
Cycl. Supp, 1753. It was defined as "That
department of science which treats of the
atmosphere," rather than a form of
divination. However, variations on the word
have been used throughout history with the
earliest instance being in the Bible, though
the practice is thought to have been used by
the ancient Babylonian priests.

In Renaissance magic, aeromancy was
classified as one of the seven "forbidden
arts," along with necromancy, geomancy,
hydromancy, pyromancy, chiromancy
(palmistry), and spatulamancy

Some believe that the signs made apparent
to the aeromancer were messages from air
elementals or from gods associated with the
air element, the sky and weather, including:

Tinia: the Etruscan god of lightning

Adad: the Babylonian god of thunder,
lightning, and prophesy

Amun: the Egyptian god of wind, fertility,
life, and secrets

Aditi: Hindu goddess of the sky

Enlil: Mesopotamian god of weather who could
see visions of the world and humans with
wind currents

Thor: Norse god of thunder

Zeus: Greek god of the sky and thunder

Vayu: Persian yazata of the wind and

Perun: Slavic god of thunder

The esotericist, Eliphas Lévi believed that
the practice of aeromancy was simply a means
of opening up the practitioner’s own
imagination and abilities and that there was
no actual meaning in what the reader
observed, that the reading came from within.

Bells, ribbons, wind vanes and other objects
may be used to discern the movements of the
wind for divinatory purposes or the sound of
the wind passing through leaves or grass may
carry the message. 

Many modern tools for predicting the weather
such as barometers and thermometers were
used by aeromancers and it is likely that
the practice of aeromancy had much influence
on the development of modern meteorology.

You can practice aeromancy today by simply
using pieces of paper and, if needed, a fan.
If the answer sought is just a 'yes' or 'no',
write these on two papers; if you need
more than that, consider all the possible
answers, and write them on as many pieces as
necessary. Make sure your pieces of paper
are of the same size. You can then drop the
papers from higher ground, an upstairs
window or such, or use the fan to blow them
away from a flat surface, such as a table.
The paper that touches the ground first
reveals your answer.


We’d love your suggestion or submissions
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like to contribute, please contact us at


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Victoria Constantine

Victoria Constantino is is a longtime Tarot
practitioner and seeker of visionary wisdom.
She is the author of “Tarot by the Moon …
Spreads and Spells for Every Month of the
Year.” She spent more than a decade as an
editor and publisher of literary fiction and
non-fiction, and was the managing editor for
a prominent women's lifestyle magazine.
She left the field of publishing to focus on
her writing and spiritual practice. Victoria’s
previous publications include poetry and
fiction and instructional guides for a
business publisher. She holds a Master’s
Degree in writing from the University of

Sharonah Rapseik:
Victoria, what makes your tarot practice unique
and how do you express it?

Victoria Constantino:
I think Tarot is such a personal practice to
begin with as we use it to attune to the
energies  specific to a person, whether
ourselves or those we are reading for. I use
Tarot as a touchstone to check in
energetically, but how I have used it has
changed over time as I learned more about
myself and the world that I live.

I love how over time and as I have grown in
my understanding of the Tarot, I will
sometimes “see” in my mind’s eye the image
of a specific card in answer to a questions
I have. As for how I express it, I enjoy
working with different layouts and creating
beautiful spreads, as beauty is something I
have always appreciated. Finding different
ways to present the cards and maybe enhance
certain aspects of a card through flowers or
crystals or other props is fun for me.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Victoria, I know that the Moon plays a big
role in your Tarot practice, can you tell us
a little about that?

Victoria Constantino:
It can be fun (and potent) to use Tarot in
ritual work in alignment with the Moon
phases. For example, if you’re setting new
intentions on a New Moon, something as
simple as writing down what you want to
manifest and tucking it under a Tarot card
that represents what you want to bring in is
a way of working with sympathetic magic,
or combining like energies to support your

One example would be writing down an
intention to meet your perfect partner and
combining it with The Lovers card. You could
even cover it over with a piece of rose
quartz blessed with rose oil. You don’t need
anything fancy or special, just your own
imagination and a deck of Tarot cards.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Thank you Victoria, it’s been a pleasure to meet you!


To follow Victoria:

Social Media: 

YouTube: Victoria Constantino
Facebook: @VictoriaConstantinoAuthor
Instagram Book Page: @tarot_by_the_moon
Instagram Author Page:

You can purchase Victoria's book,
Tarot by the Moon here:

About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:

Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

Most soul practitioners who are sole
proprietors operate under their legal given
name. But I’ve come across many over the
years who, for various reasons, opt to
separate their “magical" life from what they
do or how they are known professionally.
In those cases, they have used a “doing
business as” or DBA title. 

A “doing business as” title can also be used
to build brand awareness based on a
particular marketing strategy. It would then
be the public face of your business. In
taking the DBA route, research the
name/title you want to use carefully. In the
US, each state has its own set of rules when
establishing a DBA so I would also do
homework in the state that applies to where
you reside.

If you are know in the community by a “stage
name” you can look into using that as a DBA.
But if you are using a DBA to keep your
identity secret, and operate under your
legal name for banking, payment from
clients, etc., your legal identity will be
difficult to keep under wraps and might
confuse clients.

Being known as Super Star Reader in your
community is great, but if you change your
brand awareness and want to be known by
your legal name, you could use “Super Star
Reader” as a tagline attached to your brand
so that you’ll be Gina Thies – Super Star
Reader.  A unique name can be advantageous
if you are lucky. Think – Beyoncé.

If you change to a DBA, however, it may take
awhile for the change  to stick. Some opt to
choose a whole brand change, complete with
new website and social media rebranding.
Before you register a domain, have printed
materials or take on a name for your services,
consult local laws and legal professionals to
find out steps you may or may not have to
take to establish your trade name. Brand
awareness is important because it is a constant
reminder of who you are and what you offer
to the people who may seek you out for services.

Awesome Resource:

• How To File a DBA


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