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Vol. 13 #15 / November 1, 2021

 In this Issue:
- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: Skip the Majors
- Tarot School Aphorism
- Meet the Reader: Dax Carlisle
- Diviner's Corner: Onomancy
- Best Practices: Specializing in Certain Clients
- Upcoming Events
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The Hermit reversed

I must admit that I've been struggling with
what to write for this introduction. The
last month has been emotionally fraught for
many people, myself included. And yet, I was
hoping to write about something upbeat.
After "standing on my head" wracking my
brains for several days now, I decided to
pull a card as a prompt. The Hermit --
reversed. The Hermit is one of my Birth
Cards. And there I was, standing on my head!
You can't say the tarot doesn't have a
remarkable sense of humor!

As we move into the Winter months here in
the Northern hemisphere, the days have
become noticeably shorter. The diminished
amount of light is reflected in the reversed
Hermit, as is the age-old suggestion to slow
down and go within during this time of year.
So maybe being upbeat is counter-intuitive
right now -- at least for me. What about
you? What advice can a single tarot card
give you as we head toward a new season and
the year's end? Pull one and see.

A bit about this issue...

There are readers who sometimes choose to do
Majors-only readings (especially if they're
using a Majors-only deck), but have you ever
considered trying a Minors-only approach?
This month's Tip offers suggestions on how
to do this. 

Speaking of the Minor Arcana, we've been
covering the numbered cards in our Monday
night Tarot Salons. Wald's Aphorism on the
7s comes from a recent class. Also in this
issue, learn about Onomancy, meet Tarot
Guild founder Dax Carlisle, and see what
Gina Thies has to say about specializing in
your tarot reading business.

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Tarot Tip

When teaching students who are new to tarot,
most teachers begin with the Major Arcana or
Trumps. This may be due to how decks are
packaged, but more likely it's because these
22 cards are perceived to account for “major”
or existential concerns. 

The Minor Arcana are equally important to
understand –– perhaps even more so than the
Majors –– because they apply to issues that
are of concern on an ongoing, daily basis. 

Most of the time, querents want instant
results, solutions or timing around what
comes next. Questions concerning long-term
goals or the origins of an issue are not as
typical, but they will usually be asked
after the here and now concerns are resolved. 

Skipping the Majors involves removing
the 22 Majors for a pips-only reading.
For instance, should the reading call for
information about a job offer, you would
use all 56 remaining cards to gain detailed
insights into the job issue. You can also
make separate stacks of each suit and use
them for very specific topics.

Here are some suggestions...

Swords: Reasoning – Learning – Academics –
Mental Challenges – Analysis – Planning 

Wands: Action Items- Growth – Progress –
Task Execution – Techniques 

Cups: Meaningful Purpose – Emotional
Connections – Desires – Family – Caretaking 

Pentacles: Earnings – Security – Wealth
Management – Financial Troubles – Material

Experiment doing Minors-only readings for
yourself or close friends to find what works
best for you. 


 Tarot School Aphorism
            In a reading, the number 7 is the sign of intensity; of how important it is to you to do, to be, or to have what you want, or to avoid what you fear or dislike.  ~ Wald Amberstone


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Dax Carlisle

Dax Carlisle began his journey in high
school, with an intense curiosity drawing
him to Psychology, the Mind, Hypnotherapy,
Sacred Geometry, Numerology and Tarot.
After high school, Dax served in the U.S.
Air Force and is a now member of the
D.A.V. and The American Legion. His
“other love” has always been coffee, and
in the 1990s & 2000s, Dax owned and
operated coffee businesses from Seattle,
to San Francisco, to San Diego.

In 2004, he became a Certified 
Hypnotherapist and co-founded The Tarot
Guild, in San Diego, California. That same
year, he also began teaching his “Tarot by
The Numbers™ Course”, in which students
learn Tarot in a unique framework of
Numerology. In 2009, The Tarot Guild
launched its online presence, and Dax
officially launched his first radio show,
“Tarot Today Radio” in January of 2010. 

Dax has been the President of “The Tarot
Guild” for 17 years now, and a radio 
personality for 12 years. He is the Executive
Producer of The Psychic Talk Radio Network,
and hosts “Tarot Today Radio” on Saturdays,
with co-host Mary Brown.

Over the past 30+ years, Dax has helped
literally tens of thousands of clients as a
Tarot Advisor, Numerologist, Certified
Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
He continues to teach his Tarot & Numerology
course, and has mentored and certified several
hundred new Tarot professionals. 

Sharonah Rapseik:
Dax, what makes your tarot practice unique
and how do you express it?

Dax Carlisle:
I believe the best way to predict the future
is to create it! …. Instead of “The Fool's
Journey,” I see it as “The Magician's Journey.”
The real power of Tarot is helping clients
manifest the future they want! I will start off
with answering my client's mundane, everyday
questions, but then I use this as a springboard
to a conversation about questions like:

• What outcome would you RATHER have?
• What would you like to create today?
• What does your best future look like?

I facilitate the changes my clients want to
make, and help them set their goals and
manifest the futures they desire. I do this
with Tarot, combined with Numerology
and the many additional techniques in my
“Tarot Toolkit” such as Life Coaching,
Neuro-Linguistics (NLP), Emotional 
Freedom Technique (EFT), and Hypnotherapy.

These days I spend most of my time helping 
new professionals on their journey. I recommend
my students, and members of The Tarot Guild,
fill up their own “Tarot Toolkit” as well!

Sharonah Rapseik:
Thank you Dax, it’s been a pleasure to meet you!


Follow Dax Carlisle here:

Facebook: @DaxCarlisle
Instagram: @DaxCarlisle
Twitter: @DaxCarlisle
Learn more about “The Tarot Guild”

Dax's “Tarot by The NumbersTM Course”

About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:

Diviner's Corner


What’s in a name? Onomancy, the art of
divination based on a person’s given name,
has been around since the days of
Pythagorean mathematics. Since early
classical times, people have believed that
names have meaning and can also predict
a person’s future. 

In onomancy, every letter is assigned a
number and is used in conjunction with
Gematria, a system in which every number
is given a specific meaning. 

In its most popular use, onomancy was
employed to determine the victor when there
were two opposing sides in matters such as
wars or legal disputes. The person having
the name in which the letters added up to
the greater sum was always picked to be the
winner. This was how Achilles was chosen
to triumph over Hector.

In more modern times, this method of
divination became popular in determining
the compatibility of a couple considering
marriage, much like the use of astrology for
a similar purpose. And some parents name
their children after careful consideration
of onomancy to ensure the best possible
future for them.

Dungeons & Dragons aficionados may
recognize the Onomancer as a class of wizard.
One of the fan wikis has this to add about the
topic of True Names:

"Onomancy, or naming magic, is a method
of spellcasting that uses a creature’s true
name to enhance a spell’s effects. A true
name is the name by which a self-aware
creature identifies itself. This name might
be the name a person was given at birth, or
one a person chose or earned later in life.
Whatever a name’s origin, the simplest way
for you to know your true name is to think
truthfully about yourself and then think,
'My name is …' Your true name is how you
finish that sentence.

You can try to hide your true name by using
a pseudonym, but you must be wary not to
inhabit that false name too deeply. If a
false name comes to be the best expression
of who you are, it becomes your true name.
Changing one’s true name is never a quick
choice; it’s something that happens over
time as a name becomes the creature’s truth."


Unofficial D&D 5e Wiki

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Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

Tarot is a versatile tool. Its many uses and
techniques are as unique as the person who
decides to divine with it, so tarot seemingly
has no limitations. And it doesn’t. The
limitation comes only with the talent and
capacity of its users.  

As tarot practitioners, we theoretically
look at whatever a seeker asks. But what
happens when a topic is off-putting or
beyond the scope of the reader's skill set?
What if a reader decides they are only
interested in certain topics, or limits
themselves to regular clients and won’t take
on new clients? These are decisions any
seasoned reader may have to come to terms
with at some point on their professional
tarot journey. 

You can have a niche and specialize in
certain areas of concern. I have had recent
conversations with fellow tarot practitioners
who have admitted to not reading on certain
topics. They prefer to read on areas in which
they themselves have lots of knowledge and

For instance, one has no interest in relationship
readings. One of the reasons is that they feel
clients who examine relationships, especially
of an intimate and romantic nature, are typically
in unrequited relationships and may have
conditions that make it challenging to repair or
overcome. As one put it, “love is blind and you’ll
not be able to make them see!” 

In another instance, one practitioner has over
40 years of business and sales experience, and
has run her own business for many years. She
prefers clients who need professional and
business-related advice or insights. 

So is narrowing your client options something
you should do? Well, that depends. You can
certainly attract the clients you want when you
are marketing and in the content you have on
your business website or social postings.  

You may not wish to be a “jack of all trades”
reader who caters to every need. If you are
starting out as a new reader, you may not
have a special niche yet. It does take time.
Notice whether certain life experiences
come up frequently in your readings, or
if you are attracting certain types of querents. 

Whether to specialize or not is entirely
up to you. 

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