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- Tarot School Aphorism
- That's Cool!: Harry Potter Store
- Meet the Reader: Susan Wands

- Upcoming Events

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Along with this month's Tip on The Hermit,
we have an exciting new feature by Sharonah
Rapseik. Meet the Reader treats us to a
mini-interview with some interesting people
you may or may not know. Short and sweet! 

And one more thing...

 Question mark
Many of you have asked what is happening
with the 2022 Readers Studio so here's a
brief update. 

The hotel has confirmed that April 21-24 is
available and is holding those dates for us.
We now have to negotiate a contract that
takes our current need for flexibility into
consideration. Since Mercury is retrograde,
this will take awhile. 

Once we have a signed contract, we'll offer
seats to those who previously registered for
RS20. At that time, we will also start a
waiting list for anyone else who wishes to
attend RS22. 

Vendors who have previously paid for table
space in the Merchant Faire still have those
tables. There will also be a waiting list
for merchants in case there are any

In the meantime, we recommend you join the
Readers Studio Facebook Group if you haven't
already. It's a great way to connect with
the RS community and get the latest news
about the event.

Wishing you health and bright blessings,
Ruth Ann and Wald

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Tarot Tip



My question is why the Hermit is the "omen
or bad luck" Tarot card not the Devil nor
the Death card? Also, is there any possible
way that we can contrast or redirect the bad
reading (about the Hermit) into a good
reading? Sometimes when the Hermit card
appeared I was afraid and I could not
comment to my friends about this bad thing
that could happen to them. I hope you can
suggest what I should do if the Hermit
appears in a reading.

Thank you and warm regards,

Saudi Arabia


I must admit that neither Wald nor I have
ever heard that The Hermit is considered bad
luck. Perhaps this is a cultural belief?

The Hermit has many wonderful qualities and
has always been one of my favorite cards. As
with all the cards, there is much that can
be said about it. What follows is excerpted
from The Tarot School Correspondence Course.
I hope that it shows you some new ways to
look at The Hermit, and that it tempts you
to learn about all the cards in greater depth.


Karmic Interpretation:

Wisdom, withdrawal, solitude, elevation
of spirit. Attainment through austerities,
purity of intention, the results of persistence.
A long climb following a single path brings
the seeker to the summit. Secrets are revealed
and the truth becomes known. Believe what
you are told.

Archetypal Interpretation:

Wise man, holy man, Elder, Acetic. The sage
in the cave whose words are revered as the
vehicles of Spirit. Detachment becomes
light, a beacon to those with spiritual
ambition. He carries a lamp that dispels the
darkness of the shadow self and illuminates
the chaos of personality.

Persist and climb, purify and elevate.
Believe in perfectibility, in the attainment
of great heights. Never look backward. Never
look down. Completion is your birthright.

Magickal Interpretation:


Name: The Hermit – the one who lives alone.
He is the one who has reached the pinnacle
of achievement, both inner and outer,
through utmost personal effort, and who
shares the grace of that achievement in the
form of the light of perfect example.

Key #: 9 (Major #10) – the numbers that are
the end of the beginning of the numerology
of Tarot. Beyond this point, the Key numbers
become double digits, each of which
numerologically reduces to one of the
single-digit Keys that preceded it, creating
the symbol system of the birth card pairs.

Hebrew Letter: Yod – the number 10 in
Hebrew. Yod means “open hand,” the symbol
of divine grace and power. With the letter
Yod, creation itself was begun as the first 
letter of the divine name known as the
Tetragrammaton, Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh. Yod,
all by itself, may be the single most potent
symbol in all of Qabalah, all of Tarot, and
all of the Western esoteric tradition.

Function: Sexuality (Touch) – sexual desire
without either consummation or repression,
the burning lamp from the touch of whose
pure flame all other lamps are lit.

Astrological Attribution: Virgo (the Virgin)
in its purest form it is sublimated
desire, the root of all ambition and the
source of the energy driving all sublime

Path #: 20 – the experience of the journey
between Mercy and Beauty. In the mystical
interpretation of the story of Genesis,
Mercy is the source of the power of the
first divine statement, “Let there be
light.” Beauty is the sun in which that
light reposes, and through whose grace the
entire universe is illuminated. This is the
light of pure consciousness. 

In a reading, the path of The Hermit is
the experience of the loftiest ambition. It
demands monastic intensity, and complete
surrender to both the goal and the process
of any ambition. Any kind of champion or
super-achiever in the world of performance,
power or spirit reach their full potential
through the intensity of this path.

Intelligence: Will – simultaneously the
power to create and transcend, to be both
within and beyond. As creation emerges along
this path, the Intelligence of Will takes
the form of divine immanence. As creation
returns to its origin along this path, the
Intelligence of Will becomes transcendence.

Direction: North Below – the defining edge
between North (the experience of The Tower)
and Below (the experience of The High

Title: Prophet of the Eternal, Magus of the
Voice of Power –
the form of a revelation,
the message and example of an avatar or
prophet. The voice of a necessary truth or
the act of going beyond any possible


The Mountain is the Element of Earth at its
highest and purest, symbol of the end of the
adept’s journey upward. Light ascending. 

The Staff is a symbol of Will and the
Element of Fire. Beginning of the world —
“Let there be light.” Light descending.

The Blue Background mixed with white is the
the dark fire of the Abyss.

The Lamp is the instrument of transformation
turning Fire into Light, and Light into

The Six-pointed Star in the merging of the
upward-pointing triangle of transcendent
Fire and the downward-pointing triangle of
immanent Light.

The Grey Robes are a symbol of the cloak
that covers the divine mysteries from the
eyes of the unprepared. They are called the
Inner and the Outer Robes of Concealment,
references to Chochma (Wisdom) and Binah

The Hood on the robe suggests the letter
Yod. This suggestion is fully expressed in
the BOTA deck where the hood is clearly in
the shape of the letter.

The Hermit himself is the Ancient of Days
and the Light of the World, two references
to Divinity. He is an incarnated beacon,
proclaiming silently “Where I am, you may
also be.”

Transcendent Interpretation:

True knowledge, the inner knowledge, is the
giver of Light. When it shines in the mind
and the intellect, the Lord of the Universe
is beheld everywhere.

This Knowledge transcends the imaginary
distinctions of logic: matter and spirit,
the individual and the universal, microcosm
and macrocosm, liberation and bondage. It
takes one beyond the reach of time and death
to the transcendent realm beyond the illusion
of differences.

The ancient wisdom says, “Where there is no
darkness, nor night nor day, nor being nor
non-being, there is the auspicious One,
alone, absolute and eternal. There is the
glorious splendor of that light, from which
in the beginning sprang Knowledge of the

The ancient wisdom does not agonize over
suffering and sorrow but accepts them as the
fruits of ignorance. The fact that reality
has a dark side only means that light is
missing. When the light of the Truth strikes
the darkness, then darkness disappears.


The Tarot School Correspondence Course is
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 Tarot School Aphorism
            Tarot as a whole is a mirror in which you can see the many levels of yourself and the world reflected.


That's Cool!





Harry Potter Store - New York City 

Harry Potter New York is the first official
Harry Potter flagship store in the heart of
New York City next to the iconic Flatiron
building at 935 Broadway.

Opening on June 3rd, the store houses
the largest collection of Harry Potter and
Fantastic Beasts products in the world from
pocket money items to rare collectibles.
Spanning three floors and over 20,000 sq. ft.,
the flagship store offers exclusive lines,
magical photo opportunities and lots more!

You can also shop from a hand-picked
selection of Wizarding World products and
Harry Potter New York exclusives in their
online store.


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Susan Wands

Susan Wands lives in New York City, where
she has worked as a writer, playwright,
producer, and actor. A practitioner of tarot
cards, she has used them as a resource for
inspiration and guidance for over thirty
years. She also finds inspiration in the
lives of women artists, especially Pamela
Colman Smith.

Susan is the author of the “Magician and
” book series, where the tarot cards of
Pamela Colman Smith come to life and
battle past dark forces in a renown cult.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Susan, what makes your tarot practice unique
and how do you express it?

Susan Wands:
As a tarot reader and writer, my tarot
practice sometimes needs resources other than
cleansing with incense and sage spray to stay
fresh and tuned in.

Whenever I find history, artwork or research
that resonates with me, whether it’s a
treatise of the Visconti-Sforza Tarot Deck
or a biography of Austin Osman Spare,
I’ll channel it into my tarot card preparation.

As I shuffle the cards, I’ll keep this new
research discovery in mind and then lay the
cards out in a Celtic Cross or a Three-Card
spread. This is when I'll see how influences
of the research manifest themselves in the
spread. Then I’ll take a photo of the tarot
configuration and store it on my computer
for future use. I’ll also post images of the
inspiration on my Instagram account.

Currently, I’m editing the third book in my
series on Pamela Colman Smith, “Emperor and
” and am delighted how frequently
cards related to my research also come up in
tarot readings.

Sharonah Rapseik:
Thank you Susan Wands... it’s a pleasure to
meet you.

• You can purchase the first book in Susan
  Wand’s book series; “Magician and Fool

• To follow Susan Wands:

About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:

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Astrology in Tarot: The Minor Arcana w/ Wald Amberstone

• Saturday, July 24th, 2021

The Magic of Astrology in Tarot Part 3
The Minor Arcana: Ace – 10
w/ Wald Amberstone

Cheryl Ryder and the Albuquerque Tarot Tribe
Meetup are excited to host Wald's latest
presentation on astrology as it specifically
applies to tarot.

This is what he has to say about it:

Meaning in tarot is many layers deep, and
each layer is a whole discipline unto itself.
Qabalah, alchemy, astrology, numerology,
psychology — all these add their wisdom
to the knowledge of self and world that
tarot gives us in such abundance.

In this series, we’ll look at how the basic
symbolic elements of astrology fit so
perfectly into the structure of a tarot deck.
We'll be looking at how each Minor
Arcana card fits into the structure of the
Zodiac Wheel of the Year, the Decans, the
Modalities of the signs (Cardinal, Fixed,
Mutable), and how to blend them together
in tarot readings.

You don't have to have attended Session 1
or 2 in person to attend Part 3.

3 classes for the price of one!

When you RSVP and pay for Session 3
you will be sent a Dropbox link to the
recording of Sessions 1 & 2 which contain
materials and references that will not be
reviewed in much depth in Session 3.
You will also receive a link to the handouts
from both sessions. 

Time: 2:30 pm EDT 
Location: Zoom
Tuition: $20
Register at:

Note: You do not have to join the Meetup
if you don't want to. Just make sure to
indicate that the money is for "July 24th
Wald Amberstone Class"
 in the comment
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order to get confirmation for this event.


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