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Vol. 13 #7 / March 14, 2021
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Ronnie asks…

I have been reading and studying the Tarot
for many years and use it primarily as a
personal and spiritual growth tool. However,
I will on occasion do readings for select
people. I don't do this as a rule, but will
when I feel it is someone who is seriously
seeking answers.

When I do the readings they are quite
extensive, spanning perhaps a year's time.
I am finding now, with the last few readings
I have done, that the forecast comes to pass
in my life situation and not that of the

Is this a case of my will overriding theirs?
And if so, is there anything I can do at the
beginning of the reading to ensure that it
is the querent's questions that are


I'm not exactly sure why this is happening
to you, but I do have a few suggestions that
might help you keep the focus of your
readings on your querent.

You mentioned that you use the Tarot
"primarily as a personal and spiritual
growth tool." No doubt you have a favorite
deck or decks you use for this work. My
first suggestion is to use a different one
for the readings you do for others. If you
feel comfortable using an entirely different
kind of deck for these readings (one you
don't use for yourself), that would probably
do the best job of shifting your attention
to the querent. If you want to use the deck
you're most familiar with, purchase a second
copy and set it aside for public readings.
Keep the deck you use for your personal
work private.

You asked if there is anything you can do at
the beginning of the reading. Here are a few
things to try:

• Statement of Intent

Whether or not you consciously perform
your readings as a ritual, there is a ritual
aspect to every reading and the most
successful rituals begin with a statement of
intent. Make a simple statement such as
"I am here to do a reading for (querent's
name)." You can say this silently or out
loud. If you are recording the session,
saying something to this effect is a good
way to begin the recording.

• Use a Significator

Before you start the reading, choose a card
to represent the querent and keep it on the
table throughout the session. Some people
like to select a Court Card they feel best
represents the querent. When I use a
Significator, I usually have the person draw
a card at random because I find it less limiting.
Check in with the querent to see if the card
they choose is an accurate representation of
their current state of mind –– not yours.

If you don't wish to remove a card from
play, try placing a personal object that
belongs to the querent on the table to
represent their energy. If you're doing an
email reading and the person is not present,
you can use a picture (if you have one) or
a print-out of their question.

•  Use a Focus Card

A "Focus" card can be used in place of, or
in addition to, a Significator. The purpose
of this card is to specifically represent
the topic of the question being addressed.
I sometimes call it a "Target" card. It should
be drawn randomly from the deck and, once
again, get feedback from your querent that
the card is representative of their question.
This works best with specific questions and
may not be appropriate for a general reading,
but try it out and see.

• The Initial Shuffle

I often recommend the reader shuffle the
cards before handing them to the querent in
order to get a little bit of their own energy
into the reading. However, in your case,
I advise that after you clear the deck, give
it directly to your client. Ask them to
focus on their question as they shuffle
the cards.

•  Clearing the Deck

Before and after doing a reading session,
it's advisable to "Clear the Deck." This is
done quickly and easily in the following

1. Place the cards in a single, face-down pile.

2. Hold your hands (palms down) over the
    deck, crossed at the wrists.

3. Quickly separate your hands with a
    forceful gesture.

Clearing the deck in this way will remove
any trace of energy from previous readings
and prepare your cards for the next reading. 

Another great way to keep the focus on the
querent and work with their energies is to
consider their Birth Cards while doing the
reading. The Tarot School's Birth Card
is the most comprehensive training
available for understanding this important
aspect of your clients, your loved ones, and

Bright blessings,
Ruth Ann 
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