Esoteric Insights into the Tarot
Newsletter of The Tarot School
ISSN: 1529-0565 
Vol. 13 #4 / February 6, 2021
Occasional musings on random esoteric
attributions, alternating between Major and
Minor Arcana cards. Esoteric attributions
come before the picture on the cards. Since
they apply to almost any deck, this series
is not illustrated.


Number and Name: 

Beauty is the Name of the Number 6.
Beauty is a condition of harmony, balance
and grace. It is the result of bringing the
gifts you have received from nature to a
high state of polish through successful
effort and through passing many tests.
When we have given all that we have
to make perfect what we have been given,
we make ourselves beautiful.


The 6 of Wands is the Beauty of Fire.
It is pure energy at its best and most


The 6 of Wands is Beauty in the World of
. It is a world that will eventually
give birth to everything in its best possible

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