Esoteric Insights into the Tarot
Newsletter of The Tarot School
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Vol. 13 #2 / January 9, 2021
Bi-weekly musings on random esoteric
attributions, alternating between Major and
Minor Arcana cards. Esoteric attributions
come before the picture on the cards. Since
they apply to almost any deck, this series
is not illustrated.


Child of the Powers of the Waters;
Lord of the Triumph of Light

The title of a card is its identity revealed,
its innermost self. It is a statement in the
form of a secret, hidden in the form of
evocative words that don’t immediately
reveal their meaning.

To understand the meaning of a card’s title,
you sometimes have to pay attention to every
word, and even the parts of words, as well
as the context in which they are spoken.

For example, The Chariot is called Child,
not Son or Daughter as in other titles. The
Chariot holds a warrior undifferentiated by
gender-reference symbolism. Whoever looks
at this card can see themselves in it as a

Then there is the phrase “Powers of the
Waters,” not the “power of water.” Of
multiple powers and multiple waters.
“Child of” refers to a lineage.

Child of the Powers of the Waters describes
a process by which the unknown powers of
the unknown waters produce an heir, a
single symbol that unites and continues
what came before it. 

In this case, the whole process refers to
being the last and final expression of all
the elemental rivers connecting the
transcendent in you to the spirit in you
across the dangerous darkness of the Abyss.

That’s part one of the title. With that
understood, part two is easier to understand.
Lord of the Triumph of Light is the one
who brings the light of spirit into view
from out of the vast and original darkness.

That’s why the path of The Chariot, the
reason for its existence in the deck, is
understood to be a revelation. With the
triumph of light, a way forward is revealed.
You could say that, in the context of the
Tree of Life and its descending triads, the
first trimester of pregnancy in the birthing
of creation is safely concluded.

When The Chariot comes up in a reading,
look for a way forward in difficult
circumstances, a way that demands courage,
determination and effort to succeed.

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