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        Happy New Year!

I saw a meme on Facebook that said, “At
12:01 AM on January 1st, for the first time
ever, hindsight will actually be 2020!” 

To say that last year was challenging is a
vast understatement. But one thing I noticed
on my FB timeline was that each time one
person was faced with a great challenge, the
tarot community came together to support
them. And each time someone had a reason
to celebrate, the community was there to
share their joy. Even in our isolation, we can
feel connected if we choose. We are grateful
to all of you who have chosen to connect
with us. So let’s take a collective deep breath
and enter this new year together! 

In this issue, the Michelle Welch
contributes a great tarot spread designed
for transmuting energy, often a first step
in bringing changes to our circumstances.
In the Diviner's Corner, Dr. Janet Piedilato
offers a spread technique you can use with
dream interpretation, and in Best Practice
you’ll get the top must-dos for updating
your business website and social media

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May the year bring you the best of
light and laughter on the tarot journey,
Ruth Ann, Wald, and Gina

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Tarot Tip

by Michelle Welch

Etheric Cords

Have you ever noticed no matter how hard
you try to protect yourself from others'
uncomfortable or harmful energy or
situations you inevitably absorb some of the
energy? Why? Because we are all connected
in some way, and you can’t run, hide, or
protect yourself from everyone and everything
that feels out of alignment with you. 

Instead of running away when faced with
an uncomfortable energy, I invite you to
consider taking the step that many of us
fail to take—transmutation. You are capable
of minding your own energy, and through the
process of transmutation, you can heal cords
of connection in your life. These cords may
be to a person, job, conditioned belief, or
even a house. You are corded to everything
and everyone because we are one. But when
a cord is causing you pain, what do you do?
You absorb the energy. You may deflect or
protect with tools such as bubbles of
protection, sage, or crystals. You may even
try to cut a cord to which inevitably you
are tied.  

However, my hope is you will begin to
realize your power to transmute the energy
through the cords. You know energy never
goes away; it merely changes form. You are
much too powerful to always need to be on
the defensive. You can act to change and
manage the form of energy. While there will
be times you need to protect, ultimately,
you can manage energy by knowing that you
are an alchemist. You are The Magician. You
don't need to run and hide from anything or
anyone. You are a Transmutation Superhero. 
Step into your superhero cape of transmutation
and change the form of energy.

That is The Magic of Connection.

Here is a tarot flip-spread to help you look
at an issue or situation in your life and
assess where you are absorbing energy, how
you can or are protecting, and how you can
transmute the energy.

- One tarot deck
- A question regarding what you want to
  transmute or change in your life
- Journal and pen


1. Write down the issue or situation you
want to transmute or change.
Be sure to
set your intention for the highest and best
good or however you set intentions.  
(Example:  I want to transmute a bad
relationship at work into one that is healthier.
I like my job and don't want this situation to
ruin it by me running away.)

2. Certain archetypes help us transmute or
change the form of energy.
These cards will
serve as our middle cards. The transmutation
archetypes I have included are The Fool, The
Magician, The High Priestess, The Hanged
Man, Death, Temperance, The Tower, The
World. I have also included two minor arcana
cards that help us transmute energy; the
Eight of Wands and Ten of Swords. You are
certainly welcome to designate other cards
as transmutation cards. First, go through
your deck and pull these cards out of the
deck. Set these cards aside.

3. Take your first transmutation card and
place it in the middle of the deck.
the other transmutation cards out of the
deck.) Shuffle the cards about three times.
Then take the deck and hold it face up in
your hand. Begin flipping through the cards
in whatever way is easiest for you. When you
reach The Fool, who will begin you on your
Superheroes Journey of Transmutation, pull
The Fool card and place it in the middle of
your spread. Then put the card that was
before it in the deck to the left of it.
Place the card that was after it in the deck
to the right of it. The card to the left
represents the energy you have absorbed in
this situation. The card to the right gives
insight into how you can protect or how you
have tried to protect. Remember that the
card in the middle is how you will transmute
the energy or how the energy of this
archetype or card can help with the
transmutation and healing needed.

4. Read the cards individually and
If you choose, you can go to
the next card of transmutation by repeating
the steps above. You may choose to use all
of the transmutation cards or just a few.
It is up to you. You will find various
transmutation cards will aid you in
different situations. You can use your
transmutation cards randomly or place them
in the order listed above. Adjust the spread
as necessary.

5. Write down the ways you have absorbed
and deflected energy in the situation.

How can you begin to transmute the energy
into the form that is for the highest and best good?

I hope that you realize the magic is within
you to manage the energy. You are the
superhero. You are The Magic of Connection.

Michelle Welch   About Michelle:

  Michelle Welch is the
  author of The Magic of
  by Llewelyn Worldwide
  (January 8, 2021). 

She is also the owner of two SoulTopia
metaphysical stores in Dallas, TX, where
she offers intuitive readings and healing
sessions in addition to teaching classes on
crystals, tarot, energy work, and intuition.

A "reformed attorney," Michelle is still an
active attorney licensed in state of Texas
and has lent her intuitive abilities to
numerous court cases. She is the host of the
SoulWhat podcast and the Michelle SoulTopia
YouTube channel. She is also an ordained
minister and holds many certificates in
various divination and healing modalities.

Visit her websites:


 Tarot School Aphorism
            The study of Tarot can be the beginning of self-inquiry. Self-inquiry in time opens us to our own truth, first the truth of who we are, then the truth of what everything is. When that point is reached, we see our own truth in every force and form. Everything is our teacher, everything is us. ~ Wald Amberstone


Diviner's Corner

By Dr. Janet Piedilato


While many may focus on setting aside
time to read tarot card spreads for others
or, when time allows, reading for oneself,
I would like to present a simple daily ritual
which will gift all tarot readers, beginner,
and pro alike, with a daily ritual that will
shed light on day-to-day challenges. It
takes a little effort but offers big benefits. 

Before going to bed at night choose a
favorite Tarot deck and shuffle it.

With the faces of the cards turned down,
draw out two cards. 

Place the cards on a night table and turn
one over revealing it. Have a look at the
card and allow it to call up thoughts and
memories. Leave the other face-down. 

Formulate a question, just as you might in
a regular reading. Write it down and leave
your journal next to the cards. Go to sleep.

Upon waking, rest a moment in bed as you
try to remember your dreams.  

Rise and jot down notes on what you
remember. If you have no recollection of
any dreams, ask yourself what you would
have liked to dream.  Write down your
wished-for dream, including information on
where you wished to be, along with what
you were doing and who was with you.  

Be still for a moment and look at the
question you recorded prior to going to
sleep. Look at what you just wrote.

Now turn over the remaining tarot card.  

With your question fresh in mind, look at
the two cards with reference to your dream
or wished-for dream script. Does it tell a
story that relates to your question? Does it
mirror something else in waking life? Let
the thoughts lead you to recall memories.
Like river stones, leaping from one to
another is the way to reach the desired
destination, to reach understanding.  

Record your thoughts and keep the images
in mind as the day progresses, noting any
meaningful coincidences. Is your dream
incubation card reading shedding light on
your path, moving you through challenges,
helping you find your way? 

Let your dreams awaken your intuitive sense
as you leap across the river stones of
memory. Establish this ritual and sleep will
be a cherished visit to the magical realm of
awareness. Incorporating this Dream
incubation Card Ritual, the territory of
intuition is expanded and empowered,
shedding light upon each reading, dream and
card, while capturing the waking reality of
meaningful coincidences.  

Abundant Blessings!

About Janet:

Dr. Janet Piedilato 
  Janet Piedilato is a
  psychologist, a
  complementary health
  care consultant, and
  an ordained minister.  

She holds two doctoral degrees: a doctorate
in biology from New York University and a 
doctorate in transpersonal psychology from
Saybrook University where Janet studied
with Dr. Stanley Krippner, world-renowned
dream psychologist.  

Janet was privileged to study shamanism
with Michael and Sandra Harner and holds
the distinction of being the first woman
practitioner to present shamanic ritual at
the Harvard Divinity School Conference on
Reinterpreting Shamanism.  

Her publications include The Mystical Dream
which presents a novel approach to
understanding imagery as the language of
dream and the guide to better comprehend
one’s self.   

Visit her website:

We’d love your suggestion or submissions for this
column! If you have an idea or would love to
contribute, please contact us at


Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

2020 may be the year we would all like to
distance our memories from as much as
possible for a number of reasons. If you
haven’t thought about updating your business
outreach and changes for the new way of dong
business, let this be the perfect time. 

As restrictions are eased, your clients make
not be as certain what you are following in
terms of guidelines and/or what changes are
in store for your services. The first place
clients look to be informed about your
business are social media platforms and a
business website. Here are some of the top
changes and updates to consider for your
business outreach.

Auto-Reply Email Message 
If you are away, it’s a great professional
courtesy to set up an auto response to
inform those trying to contact you when they
can expect a response. 

Freshen up your theme/color and images. 
Take the opportunity of the new year to
update your headshot or more recent images
of your workspace and changes to your office
or staff.

Update content for Newsletters/Blog. 
Information is ever changing since the 2020
pandemic. If the content from old posts is
no longer relevant or you don’t want grim
reminders of the past year to be taken out
of context, you’ll want to consider removing
or archiving.

Create a new welcoming post or an
“I’m back” video.
If you have been closed or not doing events
or seeing in-person clients, this is a great
way to reintroduce your services to society.

Create an FAQ post or page.
Let clients know how you are keeping them
safe in these new ways of being. Include if
they need to wear a mask, if they should
call or text when they arrive at your office
when they make in-person appointments, and
any pertinent information about your new
office or establishment routines.

Update missed or canceled appointments
With everyone trying to stay safe, you may
not require a person to show up if they are
symptomatic. Let clients know what to expect
should they need to cancel or miss a booked

Update location or contact information. 
If you have or plan to change locations,
post the update as soon as possible and send
out an email, social media or postcard blast
so clients now where to go.

Take note of new trends based on client
needs and requests, and update your products
and services based on your analysis of those

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