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Vol. 12 #20 / December 1, 2020

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- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: Creating Tarot Mandalas for Meditation
- Tarot School Aphorism
- That's Cool!: The Fool and The World
- Diviner's Corner: Rose Petal Readings
- Best Practices: Pandemic Guidelines
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Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
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Wald and I have been talking a lot about
time lately, especially the difference
between objective and subjective time. How
long something actually takes, as opposed to
how long it feels. They are often very
different. The calendar tells us we’re
coming to the end of a standard 12-month
year, but in many ways, this year has felt
more like a decade. Time is also being
experienced simultaneously as moving quickly
and slowly. For example, those working to
produce a vaccine are working at breakneck
speed, while the rest of us feel like it’s
taking forever. The result of all of this
can be disorienting.

Tarot offers us the gift of timelessness; a
respite from the dizziness of conflicting
perceptions of time. The symbolism endures,
even as we gain an ever-increasing
understanding of it. We can count on the
cards to be there when we need them. Yes,
they can act as a microscope, minutely
examining and guiding our daily lives, but
they can also take us far beyond that to
universal truths and otherworldly
experiences. A place beyond time.

As we come to the end of this calendar year
and count down the seconds to the new one,
take some time to sit with your cards and
allow them to help you be in the present
moment. May that moment be place of peace,
and may there be many such moments in the
year to come.

In this month’s Tip, we explore a meditative
technique using the backs of the cards.
The Diviner’s Corner introduces us to the
art of Phyllorhodomancy, and the Best Practices
column offers some guidelines on how best to
safely conduct business during the pandemic. 


And one more thing...

 The Tarot School's Tarot Salon

Our first virtual Tarot Salon was a great
success! After 25 years of in-person classes
in New York City, it was wonderful to teach
a roomful of students and colleagues from
all over the world. 

Wald has a talent for teaching multi-level
classes that have something for everyone.
From folks who are just starting on their
tarot journey, to those who have been
reading for up to 50 years(!), the feedback
we got was very gratifying. The breakout
reading practice sessions were fantastic,
and we had a prize drawing at the end
for extra fun!

If you would like to know more and be part
of the weekly Tarot Salon experience, check
it out at

We look  forward to seeing you there!


Take care, stay whole and healthy and
move forward on your tarot journey,
Ruth Ann, Wald, and Gina

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Tarot Tip

Fountain Tarot Back
(image: The Fountain Tarot back)

Tarot art is visual symbolism. Its imagery
can be a tool for meditation, insight and
enlightenment, and is often simply soothing.

Deck creators and artists are meticulous in
the design of each card. Each design begins
with inspiration combined with the unique
tools and talents to bring it to life. 

At what point in the creation process does
the back of a tarot card emerge? In most
cases we can speculate probably not until
most if not all the main images were
completed. The design on the back of the
cards may be left to a publisher’s graphic
design team with the creator’s approval.
Nonetheless, there are some amazingly
beautiful designs on the backs of many decks
that can be just as useful as the front
images in any meditation practice or ritual.

Mandalas, a Sanskrit word meaning “circles,”
are regarded as sacred images used for
prayer, meditation and healing purposes.
Mandalas are images used as a focal point in
a meditative state to calm and quiet the
mind. Some tarot card designs contain a
variety of geometrical shapes and abstract
patterns that albeit unintentionally make up
patterns that form mandalas. The backs of
these decks are a bonus tool for any user.
It can be the first step of an opening
ritual before a reading or used after a
reading for further reflection and healing, 
and can be a great stress reliever. 

How To Create a Mandala With Tarot Cards 

Choose a favorite deck with a repeating
pattern or design on the back or reverse
side for the most benefit. Using a circle
about the size of an average saucer but no
larger than a dinner plate, arrange several
cards in an overlapping pattern. The number
of cards depends on the size of the card and
the circumference of the circle you choose. 

How To Meditate On A Tarot Mandala 

Begin by finding a quiet place. Place your
tarot mandala on the table in front of you
or in front of wherever you intend to
meditate. You’ll want to be no more than
2 feet from your mandala. Relax and get

Breathe in and out slowly and deeply as you
allow your body to settle and relax. Bring
your mind to a quiet place. You can do this
with your eyes open or closed. Bring your
gaze to the tarot mandala, focusing on the
image. Allow your gaze to go out of focus
slightly, all the while staying immersed in
the colors and patterns before you. Continue
to breathe and relax. 

As you concentrate and focus, allow the
patterns and colors to work with the
unconscious part of your mind. Take notice
of any thoughts, feelings and emotions but
remain focused on the mandala. Allow about
5 to 7 minutes of time if you are not
accustomed to the pattern and gradually
increase time for your comfort level.
Initially some of the patterns that emerge
may unsettle your mind as it tries to relate
to an unfamiliar image. 

When you feel it is time, bring your
awareness back to your body and your

Take notes in your favorite journal about
what you’ve experienced in your mandala
meditation. For added insights, you can
choose one or more cards to turn over to
complete your ritual.         

 Tarot School Aphorism
            The Moon is the teacher of time. She is a goddess, whose dance teaches us what we are. She shows us Her face and then hides it, over and over again, knowing that one day we will learn Her lesson.


That's Cool!

      THE FOOL

Music by Edward Givens

The Fool and The World music by Edward Givens

I was recently introduced to a new music cd
by Edward Givens. Aside from my own, I've
only come across a couple of other albums
devoted to tarot-inspired music so I just
*had* to share it with you! In addition to
the pieces devoted to the Major Arcana
cards, there are four "Dances" -- one for
each of the four suits. Ed is exceptionally
talented. His Bandcamp page describes his
musical style this way:

The music of composer Edward Givens
goes from scintillating rhythmic grooves
to future primitive invocation to calm
minimalist introspection. His style is
characterized by sumptuous textures, exotic
modes, and a magical lyricism creating lush,
vivid sonic landscapes. Influences include
Jade Warrior, Jon Hassell, Robert Fripp,
Tangerine Dream, Mark Isham, Popol Vuh,
Mike Oldfield, Debussy and Pink Floyd. 

About his approach to tarot, Edward says,
"I think of Tarot cards as a form of pictorial
poetry or parable. Each miniature tableau
is a little story without words that speaks
directly to the subconscious, not unlike music.

It's a feeling akin to déjà vu. There is a
sense of wonder, of possibilities. This
intangible, mirage-like, ever just out
of reach feeling we have about life's
mystery is the very thing we seek when we
contemplate the cards in an effort to help
navigate our own individual Fool's Journeys."

The Fool and The World is a unique (and very
COOL) way to experience the tarot. Enjoy!

Have you found something cool?
Tell us about it! 


Diviner's Corner

By Rainbow Liz

Rose and petals

Roses are the universal symbol for love,
beauty, happiness, joy and healing. Their
undeniable essence make us feel supported,
loved, and deeply cared for. Across the
globe roses are used for a variety of magic,
ceremonies, rituals and divination. 

Phyllorhodomancy (Greek phullon, leaf +
rhodon, rose + manteía, prophecy) is a form
of fortune-telling done with fresh rose
leaves or petals, and is one of the oldest
forms still practiced today. Rose readings
were dedicated and were said to have come
from the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. Ancient
Greeks used this method of fortune telling
by clapping a fresh rose leaf or rose petal
on their hand, then judged the reading by
the sound it created. The louder and clearer
the sound, the more favorable the outcome.
If there was a muffled noise or none at all,
the omen was not pleasant. 

Another way the Ancient Greeks used
Phyllorhodomacy, would be to ask a question,
create three bowls of water with labels
saying “yes”, ‘no”,  “no answer” then place
a whole rose flower inside. Whichever bud
remained the most intact, fresh, and vibrant
would be the concluded response to the

This method was also used in Victorian
England for deciding which lover would best
fit the querent — but instead they labeled
the bowls of water with the names of
potential mates. Over time it developed
into pulling rose petals off of the stem
while asking questions. Where do you think
“he loves me, he loves me not” came from? 

Prophecy for marriage through rose petals
was also popular among young ladies in 18th
and 19th century England. Traditionally, a
woman would pluck a rose, place it into
white paper, and secretly hide it. Any
gentlemen who discovered this would be
said to marry the diviner.

A similar system was also used to determine
the faithlessness of a spouse. A rose would
be pressed onto paper, and the brightness of
the color would decide their fate. Meaning,
the more vivid the color the more loyal the
lover would be. 

Today, rose petal divination is still very
popular. Modern phyllorhodomancy  takes
numerous rose petals, taps them on the
individual’s third eye chakra, then throws
them on the ground looking for any symbols,
shapes, patterns, decay, and etc. Or, gently
tossing them in the air and observing how
they fall, the formations they create, and
where they landed. 

This technique of phyllorhodomacy is
similar to tasseography (tea leaf readings)
but with rose petals or rose leaves! One
can use any color of roses they desire.
However, it works best when the hue
matches the vibration of the reading,
meaning the complexion is associated with
either self-love, romantic love, friendship,
family, ancestors, joy, happiness and etc.
The stronger the scent, the more potent and
positive the reading. 

Ultimately it’s up to the practitioner to
decide how in depth they’d like to get with
phyllorhodomancy! Get creative and always
follow your intuition. Doing rose petal
readings is a beautiful way to see the
future, with one of the most luxurious
resources Mother Earth grows for us. 

About Liz:

Rainbow Liz 

Rainbow Liz, owner of A Meaningful Dream,
is a cosmic guide on this Earthly journey. She
works closely with Mother Earth's resources
combining traditional methods of divination
and modernizing them through her own
creative perspective. Currently she practices
Phyllorhodomancy, Crystal Readings, Tarot,
Oracle, crystal ball, and energy readings.

Rainbow Liz is also a unique healer who
combines Reiki, Shamanism, and
Limpias (Mexican Spiritual Cleansing)
in her sessions. 

Tune in every Wednesday at 7pm EST on
A Meaningful Dream's YouTube Channel for the
Rainbow Awakening Hour, where Rainbow Liz
does a live collective reading and healing.

Contact her at:

We’d love your suggestion or submissions for this
column! If you have an idea or would love to
contribute, please contact us at


Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, no one knew
the extent of what we were dealing with or
how long we would be dealing with it. Any
and all business operations and gig workers
became subject to decisions made by local
and state governments in an effort to
mitigate the spread. 

As practitioners, what is to be done when
you are in a close contact practice such as
reading palms or have clients who want to
touch the cards?  Are there ways to safely
provide your services and follow recommended
guidance from health officials? 

There are a variety of issues to be
considered in the complex guidelines for
sole practitioners. To start, if you are
providing services for a fee and it is
reportable and subject to government taxes,
you might you might be considered a small
business and be subject to following small
business guidelines and mandates issued by
local governments and health officials. 

If you are operating in a retail location or
a leased space in an office building, you
may certainly be advised or required to
follow some rules, guidelines or procedures
in the interest of lowering the chance of
exposure to COVID-19. 

If you are not required to adhere to local,
state or federal guidelines, you are left
taking chances, making very personal
choices, and dealing with consequences.
You want to wear a mask but your client
does not. You want to maintain social distance
but your client insists they need a closer
look at the cards. It can all be quite
exhausting and frustrating.  

Being a professional means operating to the
same standards of any profession or
business. This article is by no means
intended to set out any dos and don’ts or
slants on any political perspective, but
appeals to a sense of duty and concern for
others. Find the information and resources
that help you make the best decision for
your needs and the people you serve. 

If you're not sure what the WHO or CDC
offers for businesses, you can check the
following resources:

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