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Vol. 12 #19 / November 19, 2020
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Celtic Cross Spread

Teresa asks…

As I read reversals, and am using the Celtic
Cross for most readings, how does one read
the Card in Position 2? I have not found a
definitive answer for the positive/negative
aspects of that particular placing.


I am assuming that by "Position 2" you mean
what is often called the "Crossing Card."
This card is placed sideways across the
"Covering Card" and is neither specifically
upright nor reversed –– which is probably
why you're having trouble finding a
definitive answer.

The way I learned it, this card can be
looked at as either an obstacle or a help
to the querent in the situation the reading
is exploring. Obstacles may be challenges,
conflicts, or issues that need to be
confronted. Helping forces may represent
support, growth, opportunity and/or

The only way you'll know which way to
interpret the card is by considering it in
the context of the question. You may have a
strong intuitive sense of whether the energy
or person in the card is helping or blocking
the querent, or you may need to discuss it
with them a little to gain clarity.

Just because a card looks happy or difficult
at first glance does not automatically tell
you whether it is there to help or hinder
the querent. For example, if the King of
Pentacles appears as the crossing card, it
could indicate financial support from a
relative or difficulties with a employer ––
again, the context of the reading will point
you in the right direction.

Bright blessings,
Ruth Ann 
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