Esoteric Insights into the Tarot
Newsletter of The Tarot School
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Vol. 12 #18 / November 12, 2020
Bi-weekly musings on random esoteric
attributions, alternating between Major and
Minor Arcana cards. Esoteric attributions
come before the picture on the cards. Since
they apply to almost any deck, this series
is not illustrated.

Lord of Abundance

The Way of Abundance

To describe the Way of Abundance, it might
be best to begin with a question. What is
abundance? At first glance, it would seem
simple enough. Anyone who is asked this
question will have an answer. But, as there
are many people, there are also many
answers. There are variations on the same
answers, and there are different levels of
answers as well, reflecting different levels
of experience, wisdom and perception.

Here, we need an answer that shows us our
own perfection, and that narrows the field
considerably. Our opinions will not serve
us. No answer will do that does not come
from a deep place. To accomplish the task of
a perfect answer, we must resort to
contemplation. So, contemplate the question,
“What is abundance?”

Then we need to ask another question, one
with several parts: 

    • Is abundance partial or complete?
    • Is it occasional or perpetual?
    • Is it dependent on or independent of

The answers we give to these questions
affect every detail of our lives.

The secret of the 3 of Cups is the Way of
Abundance, the discovery of the cornucopia
of creation. On the Way of Abundance, you
walk steadily into the endless flow of
creative bounty and realize that there is
nothing else.

Lord of Abundance

If you follow the Way of Abundance
to the end, you become the Lord of
Abundance -- the perfect vessel of creation,
joyously receiving the limitless totality of 
manifestation and experience. 

You achieve the perfection of delighting
in the world as it is continually born and
reborn, serene in the midst of all that
comes and goes, rejecting nothing. In your
presence, everyone is unaccountably happy.

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