Esoteric Insights into the Tarot
Newsletter of The Tarot School
ISSN: 1529-0565 
Vol. 12 #16 / October 22, 2020
Bi-weekly musings on random esoteric
attributions, alternating between Major and
Minor Arcana cards. Esoteric attributions
come before the picture on the cards. Since
they apply to almost any deck, this series
is not illustrated.

PATH #13: Crown to Beauty

The path of The High Priestess is the
journey across the emptiness of The Abyss,
from the #1 (Crown) to the #6 (Beauty),
the longest path on the Tree of Life. This
is the significance of the letter Gimel, the
Hebrew letter associated with this card.
Gimel means “Camel”, and in this context
is the living vehicle that carries the traveler
safely across the uncrossable distance.

Path #13 is the experience of bridging the
distance between the qualities of the Depth
of Good in the Crown and the Depth of East
in Beauty, of the source of creation itself
and the time of dawn.

Coming to know and experience the blending
of Good and Beauty, of the first moment of
existence and the dawn of a new day, is what
happens to anyone who travels this path.

Like all other paths, it already exists as
part of the structure of your consciousness,
just waiting to be discovered.

About the Instructors:

Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone   
Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone
   are co-founders and directors of
  The Tarot School, established in
   New York City in 1995.

They have taught, written, spoken and
published about tarot on all levels from
divination to psychology, to esotericism,
to meditative and magical practice.
Perpetual pioneers of original theories and
techniques, they work constantly to expand
an ancient body of knowledge into the
forms of the modern world.


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