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Vol. 12 #15 / October 15, 2020
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Melissa asks…

One question has always plagued me about
the tarot. I am basically interested in using
the tarot for myself. The thing that always
has confused me is that when you try to
do a reading for yourself, you could do
readings over and over in one sitting and
always come up with something different.
So how do you know what's right?

I've read somewhere that if you get cards
that don't seem "right" you should probably
start over with a new reading. What's the
right explanation? How do you know which
reading is right when you could sit and do
it all day with different results?


If you do more than one reading to answer
the same question in one sitting, you can
regard the answer you get from the first
reading as the primary answer. Any
subsequent readings should be considered
as providing additional information and
approached with that intent. This can be
useful in understanding complex situations.

However, if you ask the same question more
than once hoping for a different answer than
the one you received the first time, you are
sending a signal that you don't trust the
cards. If you don't trust them the first
time, then why would you trust them the
second or third time?

Without trust, there's no real reason to do
a reading.

But what if you do trust the cards but your
reading just doesn't seem to make sense?
In this case, the chances are that only a bit
of card knowledge is missing. The more
you know, the less often this problem will

So if a reading doesn't make sense right
away, instead of immediately doing another
reading, take the time to do some research
on the card or cards you drew and
contemplate their meanings. Every card can
be interpreted in a number of ways. One of
those ways will make sense in the context
of your question.

Another way to look at multiple readings /
answers for the same question is like a
multi-faceted gem. Each answer gives you a
different perspective from which to view the

One of the techniques we practice in our
classes at The Tarot School is the “Reading
in the Round.” Here, multiple readers
contribute their interpretations, offering
insights the primary reader hadn’t
considered. It’s unlikely that a single
reader would see all the possibilities.
If you are the only one doing the reading,
doing multiple spreads on the same question
could serve the same function.

However, there is a caveat…

This doesn’t work with a Yes/No question,
where the answers from multiple readings
could be contradictory. It’s best to have a
more specific question and then do
subsequent readings to build on aspects of
the answer.

For example…

Initial Question: 
Will I get this job? (Yes/No)

Revised Question: 
What do I need to know about getting this job?

Follow-up Questions (You can pull additional
cards or do entire readings for each one.):
•  What can I do to increase my chances?
•  What should I avoid doing?
•  What am I missing about the situation?
•  Is this really the best job for me?

Finding different ways to approach a single
question with multiple readings can be very

With love and gratitude on the tarot journey,
Ruth Ann & Wald
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