Esoteric Insights into the Tarot
Newsletter of The Tarot School
ISSN: 1529-0565 
Vol. 12 #12 / September 24, 2020
Bi-weekly musings on random esoteric
attributions, alternating between Major and
Minor Arcana cards. Esoteric attributions
come before the picture on the cards. Since
they apply to almost any deck, this series
is not illustrated.


In tarot, the norm of human development
is to move from the abstract to an
ever-increasing solidity, from the purest
light to an ever-thickening darkness. But
the esoteric function of The Hierophant
reverses that trend, as he does with so many
others. His is the second of the five
physical and esoteric senses that give each
of us our access to the world we live in,
and it is more subtle than The Emperor’s

The Hierophant listens for and hears the
voices from Above, Below and Within. He
hears the sound of weeping sorrow and joyous
laughter that never reaches the surface of
human consciousness. He hears the voice of
every deity giving commandments and
answering prayers. He hears the sounds of
happiness and triumph, of guilt and grief,
hidden in every subconscious. 

The Hierophant within you listens for and
can hear the slightest meaningful sound of
the quietest voices in creation.

About the Instructors:

Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone   
Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone
   are co-founders and directors of
  The Tarot School, established in
   New York City in 1995.

They have taught, written, spoken and
published about tarot on all levels from
divination to psychology, to esotericism,
to meditative and magical practice.
Perpetual pioneers of original theories and
techniques, they work constantly to expand
an ancient body of knowledge into the
forms of the modern world.


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