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Tarot Tip

Ace of Cups


This is partly a Qabalah question and partly
not. When we work with the minors, the Ace
through Ten sequence rather than the courts,
we work 1-10.  Seems simple.  But, when you
look at the Ace as the distillation of the
suit, as the positive shimmery totality of
that suit, how can the Ace be all that and
still be just number 1.  I understand that
the Aces are new beginnings, etc. but either
something went wrong when I learned them,
some basic misunderstanding grew up or I
make more of Aces in readings than need be.

Part two of the question brings in the
Qabalistic element. I find it interesting
that on the Tree of Life dealing with the
minors, the Ace is the Crown (Kether) and
10 is Kingdom, (Malkuth).  It seems weird
that it works from the crown, the top, down
to the 10. 

Many blessings to you and your wonderful


What great questions, Claudia! The questions
are simple, but the answers are not. In
fact, they open the door to whole chapters
of esoteric lore. But I'll try to give you a
useful hint or two.

The Tarot Aces are truly both the beginning
of each suit sequence and the containers for
the entire sequence together. Each Ace can
be said to serve the function of the seed
from which a life begins. It contains within
itself the whole unseen plan and potential
of the completed organism that will
eventually arise from it. The numbers 2
through 10 of any suit are the full
expression of the living potential of the
Ace of that suit. In Qabalah, it is said of
this process that “The end is embedded in
the beginning.”

The progression of the numbers on the Tree
of Life describe two journeys, not just one.
The numbers 1 through 10 express the
sequence of events by which, according to
Qabalah, creation emerges from the
formlessness of its divine origin, and step
by step becomes manifest as the world we
know. This is called the Journey of

The sequence of numbers 10 through 1
describes the experience of the awakened
consciousness seeking its own divine origin
beneath and before manifestation. This is
called the Journey of Return.

The numbers have a different feeling and
meaning depending on which way the observer
is traveling at the time.

I hope this helps.

- Wald


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