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Vol. 12 #7 / June 1, 2020
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- Tarot Tip: Shift by Wald Amberstone
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- What's Gnu?
- Diviner's Corner: Superstitions
- Best Practices: Success and The Mindset

Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
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Greetings All! We hope that you are fairing
well during this time. And if you or a loved
one is not, please accept our offer of sympathy
and comfort.

As you may know, Wald contracted Covid-19
and pneumonia in March. Thanks in large
part to the outpouring of love, prayers, energy
sendings and magical workings, he survived
(this was a near thing) and is recovering.
He is still at a rehab facility, but is doing really
well and is expected to be released later this
month. It will be great to have him home again!

We are pleased to feature a rare essay of Wald’s
in this month’s issue of Tarot Tips. It explores
a shift in perspective he has experienced in
regards to tarot readings. The Diviner’s
Corner peeks at superstition and spiritual
practice. And whether you are starting on
your professional path or rebuilding your
business, Best Practices addresses how an
energetic mindset plays a crucial role in 
becoming successful. 

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We are super-excited to welcome our
new “baby” into the world! Be sure to
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Take care, stay whole and healthy and
move forward on your tarot journey,
Ruth Ann, Wald, and Gina

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Tarot Tip

by Wald Amberstone

Think About Things Differently

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon over
the last few years especially, partly because
I'm getting older and partly because my
students are also.

There seems to be a shift that happens when
youth gives way to maturity and then middle
age and beyond. The nature of what's
important changes. The rush of circumstance
and the personal dramas of everyday life
become less compelling, and the attention
begins to turn inward.

It becomes increasingly important to answer
psychological, moral, philosophical and
spiritual questions that have developed over
a lifetime and remain unresolved.

As I grow older, these things are more and
more in my mind and heart, closer to the
surface of consciousness. When I was
younger, I was reluctant to face these things,
much less talk about them. But now, when
someone offers to do a reading for me, it is
these deeper, more personal issues that seem
to come up of their own accord, no matter
what question I start with.

Because I am increasingly sensitive to this
trend in myself, my readings for others
move in the same direction. I find my clients
and querents responsive to and deeply
appreciative of the attention I give to these
enduring life issues. I find that I am not alone
in the deepening that accompanies the passing
of years. And I find this kind of reading is the
most deeply satisfying of all that I do. It is
the desire to help, to heal, to give, that I am
sure lies at the heart of the love for tarot that
inspires most readers.

It seems reasonable to me that, as tarot
readers, you would want to become aware
of this shift if it hasn't already occurred to
you. Try it out for yourselves. Nuance your
readings with mature clients to give more
weight and more prominence to serious inner
issues, and see what kind of response you get.
I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

 Tarot School Aphorism
            Tarot is more than hearing and memorizing a standard tradition. Underneath that tradition, tarot is a world of mystery, and every card is the beginning of its own mystery.


What's Gnu?



   Our Nestling
   Takes Flight!

The Tarot School's Birth Card Course is
almost a month old! And while it might not
be quite as adorable as this sweet little
ducky, our hatchling has powerful wings
ready to take YOU on the tarot journey
of a lifetime.

Naturally, we are proud of our creation,
a labor of intensive research and a lot of
love for the past six years. After all, this
is a groundbreaking new program with
in-depth content you have never seen
from us (or anyone else, for that matter).

In fact, our longtime student and friend,
Beth Palladino, writes, “I've been studying
Tarot Birth Cards with Wald and Ruth Ann
both live and by recording since I started
with them in 2002. I also use what I learned
about Birth Cards in my own readings.
This is definitely a brand new and highly
expanded version. I just completed
Lesson One and already have had new 

And then there are the stories beginning to
roll in from students in Australia, Canada,
China, India, Mexico, Netherlands,
South Africa, the United Kingdom, and
of course, the U.S.

For instance, Yvette Ferrand in Florida writes,
“This course is an evolutionary journey for
me as an individual and what I can give to
others as a reader. I feel like I've descended
into the tarot for the first time. I've taken my
first breath like The Fool to begin a new
journey. This is spiritual and emotional.”

Wow. Thanks, Yvette.
We kind of think so, too!

If you’ve wondered why there’s so much buzz
about the tarot’s Birth Cards; or if you would
welcome a sweeping refresh of your practice;
or if you want to master a brilliant new
perspective of how the tarot applies to everyone
you know -– you can get started today.

Inspiration and adventure await, and all
downloadable from the cozy comfort of
wherever your nest is. 

 Click here:
NOTE: This is a written course, not an
             in-person or recorded class.


Diviner's Corner


As a whole, humans can’t help but be
superstitious. Think about it, we all have
credulously believed in some storyline,
legends or the supernatural. If you are a
spiritual practitioner, the word can make
you raise an eyebrow. Before passing
judgment on the word, lets talk about
superstition. Most people are taught to
believe that there is a force or source
not found in the physical world that has
influence on the earthly realm.
Superstition is the belief that things
can occur in an unscientific, lucky or
magical way. It is associated with spirits,
otherworldly beings, prophecy and magic.
To make reference to superstition, implies
convictions not shared with the majority
belief in a one true Supreme Being.
Superstitions have been handed down
through history, folklore and religious
rites. You’ll find it in prophecy and
prediction of future events. Some believe
superstition to be unfounded and downright
sinful, while others utilize their superstitions
in conjunction with their natural intuitive
abilities as a way to cope with the uncertainty
of the world.

• The Difference Between Superstition
   and Spirituality by Christiana Gaudet

• The Science of Superstition
  A new study suggests knocking on wood
  might actually help us avoid bad luck.

• 20 bizarre superstitions from around the
   world and the meaning behind them

We’d love your suggestion or submissions for this
column! If you have an idea or would love to
contribute, please contact us at


Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

What comes to mind when you think of
success? Money, wealth, health; these may
represent success indeed, but how these
milestones are reached takes effort and the
right mindset.
Obtaining success is an on-going goal.
Entrepreneurs and executives who were
interviewed about career success said that
winning in 2020 would require speed and
agility given this time of uncertainty. In an
article featured at Fast,
Christine Andrukonis stated that all who
were interviewed agreed that energy would
be one of the most important factors
required for success.
Adopting and practicing an energy mindset
is endorsed for long-term career success.
Energy mindset and energy management
are nothing new. The concept has been
regurgitated in different forms in self-help,
metaphysical and motivational speakers
over the years.
An energy mindset ranks self-awareness
and self-care first. In this way, a connection
to the “I” within can be obtained. Defining
your own ideas and success factors are
necessary, as no one else can tell you what
your success should be. If you count being
able to earn enough to stay out of poverty,
you can call that a success rather than running
a Fortune 500 corporation. For some just
running a family is enough.
The other considerations in the energy
mindset is having concern for others and
contributing to the highest good. An energy
mindset will help you feel more empowered
about the choices you make.
Explore and understand the strengths and
weakness of your talents and skills. Doing so
allows you to put those skills to best use and
to further develop skills to integrate into
what you aim to produce.
Energy and positivity should be placed on
what you can control in the here and now,
and getting proactive about your future success
should be ongoing. Often revisiting things
that you have and want to accomplish will
serve as a chart that maps your success. It
also serves to define or redefine what you
truly consider to be your success story.


• 8 Mindsets That Will Set You on the
   Path to Success
• Success In Reaching Goals Is Determined
  By Mindset


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