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Tarot Tip

What Am I Doing Wrong?


Hello!  I've been reading Tarot for almost 8 years now
and I've had my first experience of being absolutely,
100%, totally wrong, and I don't know how to take it. 

The querent, the current ex-girlfriend of my husband's
friend, asked the cards if her boyfriend was "The One"
for her. The cards replied very positively, though warned
there would be some work ahead. I only found out the
other week that they broke up. While she considers them
friends (I haven't heard form the guy yet), how do I
explain the fact my cards –– for more than one reading –– 
pointed out that he would be "the One" for her?  
Fortunately, she hasn't brought up my reading, but 
my stomach turns if she does...

I haven't felt comfortable doing a reading again. The last
reading I did, I totally second-guessed myself the whole
time and felt it was not a helpful reading.  What advice
can you offer in this type of situation?  Surely, I'm not 
the only one who has given a "wrong" reading?
Thank you very much!
Trish W.
Worcester, Massachusetts


Thank you for this great question, Trish –– and you're
right, you are certainly not the only one!

When we do a reading, there is a tendency to think that
what we see in the cards is definitive. However, keep in mind
that their story may not be over yet. I had a very similar
situation a number of years ago where numerous readings 
I did for a friend indicated the guy she was seeing (or more 
often, not seeing) was "the One." I even think they did 
break up at one point. But they got back together, and 
eventually did get married.

I'm not saying this will definitely happen in your case, 
and your question is a good one because we really can't be 
right all the time. But since this has affected how you're 
reading now, I just want to tell you to keep the faith. 
Don't second guess yourself.

What you see is what you see and is most likely accurate
based on current circumstances. But things do change 
and what other people ultimately do with their lives is still 
up to them.

Sometimes people are given genuine opportunities that 
for one reason or another they don't, won't or can't take
advantage of –– and not only in love. "The One" may truly 
have appeared for your friend. Just because they broke up 
(for now) doesn't prove that he wasn't, in fact, the one she 
was looking for. It's entirely possible that either or both of
them weren't ready for each other. This doesn't necessarily
negate what you saw at the time you did the reading.

As far as confidence in your abilities is concerned, even if
you gave a wrong reading, you wouldn't be any less accurate
than the weather forecaster who gets it right about 75% of 
the time and gets paid six figures to be that good. Doctors
lose patients, lawyers lose cases, and Tarot readers occasionally 
get it wrong. If after 8 years this is the first time you're 
doubting your abilities, I'd say you have a pretty amazing 
track record!
✨🔮✨ Ruth Ann         

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