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Vol. 12 #2 / February 1, 2020
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- Tarot Tip: Measuring Readiness To Change With Pips Ace - Ten
- Tarot School Aphorism
- What's Gnu?
- Diviner's Corner: Divining with Precious Stones and Crystals
- Best Practices: The Business of Selling Guidance
- Upcoming Events
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        Celebrating 25 Years!

Where does the time go? Exactly 25 years ago,
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Here's some of what you'll find in this issue...

What are we doing when we turn over a card?
We are in search of solutions, guidance and insight.
Insight in the New Oxford American Dictionary is
defined as “The capacity to gain an accurate and
deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.”  

People ask questions to gain insight and guidance,
but have you ever considered their readiness to make
changes in their situation or life? This issue introduces
the concept of using cards Ace through 10 as a scale
for accessing the seeker’s readiness to change.

Guest contributor Andrea Webb gives us some
colorful insights in The Diviner’s Corner column
on crystal divination, and the Best Practices for
Professional Readers column explores the business
of selling guidance solutions. 

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Silver Anniversary Gift

It has been a tradition of ours to give you a Tarot
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Our original Tarot Magick Manifestation Exercise has
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This guided experience uses the energy of the four suits,
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whenever you like. It’s a powerful technique that
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Tarot Tip

Calendar pages

We know through experience that readings are a useful
instrument, which help us confirm our choices and
decisions, or point to possible changes. For example,
“Should I continue on this path or should I change

Interestingly, in order for people to commit to change,
even for the better, there has to be incentive for them.
This becomes more evident when we think about why 
we need to reframe or rephrase questions and why we
need to think about the stages of change in querent
behaviors. In almost all situations, self-generated
motivation is ideal for implementing change.
The cards may indicate much needed changes for the
querent to realize their desires. But many people are
quite resistant to change, especially if those changes
are drastic and viewed as difficult or not self-motivated. 
A useful method in assessing the readiness to make
changes is using the 10 cards of the Minor Arcana,
the Aces through Tens, as a rating scale in conjunction
with the Transtheoretical Method of Change. The Aces
would be the lowest on the scale, indicating a lack of 
readiness or intent to change, and the Tens would have
the highest likelihood of successful change.
The Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM) developed
by noted researchers, Carlo C. DiClemente and J. O.
Prochaska (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983; Prochaska,
DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992) who compared the
experiences of individuals who overcame their addictions
on their own, with those requiring further treatment to
understand why some people were capable of quitting
on their own. It provided professionals with a way to
understand their clients with addiction problems and
motivate them to quit.

Cards and Stages:
Ace - 2
Pre-contemplation (Not Ready/No Intention)             

3 - 4 
Contemplation (Getting Ready/Intends to act)           
 5 - 6
Preparation (Ready/Intends to act immediately)         
 7 - 8
Action (Observable Change/Work in Progress)            
9 – 10 
Maintenance (Accomplished Change/Sustain)              

Suggested Ways to Use In A Reading

• Separate the Ace through 10 of the suit that  
   best represents the need or area of change. 

   Here are some suggestions:
   Wands = actions/energy
   Swords = decisions/thoughts/anxieties 
   Pentacles = physical body/diet/finances 
   Cups = emotional state/relationships 

• Shuffle all 78 cards with the intention of
   discovering the current stage of readiness
   to change. Turn over cards until one of the
   numbered pips appears. Then incorporate
   the corresponding stage into the reading and
   add it to the interpretation of the surrounding


Querent asked for guidance concerning a difficult
relationship. The relationship had numerous
starts/stops and the querent’s partner in question
promised to change for the better. The querent
wanted to know if there was a positive future for
the relationship or if they were wasting their time.

The querent admitted to being drawn back into the
relationship because of the time invested in the
partnership. The reading suggested the querent take
some time to discover their own needs and goals for
a healthy partnership. 

When asked about taking steps for themselves and
their readiness to change, the 2 of Swords was drawn.
This suggested the querent was at a fork in the road
and had rarely considered their own needs, finding it
difficult to do a self-assessment. Considering their
own needs was not a foreign concept, but drawing a
2 at the time of the reading suggested a low probability
of taking that path towards relationship success.

If they had drawn the 8 of Wands, on the other hand,
it would have indicated a commitment to taking the
actions needed to support a mutually satisfying

 Tarot School Aphorism
            Tarot does not judge us.   It can be a guide to help us  with our decisions and  the directions we take.  But if we make mistakes,  it's always there  to pick us up, dust us off,  and help us try again.   Appreciate the  constant value of Tarot  and how it can help us all  see the constant value  in ourselves.


What's Gnu?


If we can manage it, we plan to start sending out
a short Bonus Tarot Tip on the 15th of the month
(or thereabouts). That's the plan anyway.

The length of the tip may vary dramatically,
and the schedule may be be consistent or
sporadic. We will post them on the archive page
at so if you're
not sure if you missed one, you can check there.

We hope you enjoy our mid-month visits!


Diviner's Corner

by Andrea Webb

Crystals and Stones

What is it about crystals that make us so inordinately
drawn to them?  Is it the colour, the sheen, the magic
or the splendour of them? I would say it’s all of the
above, and that Mother Nature produces such a wealth
of beauty for beauty’s sake. But that’s not all they are.
I am a crystal healer and use these wonderful stones as
part of my healing practice, but they can also be used
for divination, and that’s what this is all about.
Crystals have energy and each different type of crystal
is slightly or dramatically different from all others. 
Some words we may use to describe this energy are
grounding, clearing, softening, calming, expanding or
strengthening, and this is how they are used in healing.
But as far as divination is concerned, yes you can
certainly tune in to sense the energy of the crystal,
but let’s take this in another direction and look at
the interplay between colour and crystal.
RED represents action, passion, growth, physical,
survival, and courage. It is practical, grounded and
empowering, but it can also be angry, insecure,
destructive, stubborn, bullying, shaming and guilt-
inducing. Some examples of red crystals are
red jasper, red garnet,  ruby and red calcite.
Each of these crystals has a grounding quality,
but their energies are very different from each other.
ORANGE is joyous, sociable, warm-hearted, excited,
optimistic, expansive and fiery, but also opportunistic,
overbearing, pessimistic, self-indulgent and grieving.  
Carnelian, fire opal, orange calcite and sunstone
are some orange crystals you may come across.
Generally, they have a warming aspect, but again,
their energies are very different from each other.
YELLOW is happy, sunny, uplifting, discerning, wise,
tolerant and inquisitive, but also relates to unhealthy
attachment, turmoil, cowardice, stupidity, impatience
and sarcasm.  Crystals with yellow tones are yellow
jasper, tiger’s eye, citrine, amber and sulphur
These crystals are so different in energy from each
other that there is no particular aspect that they all
have in common.
GREEN symbolises nature, balance, healing,
generosity, harmony, unity and growth, However, 
it can also indicate imbalance, jealousy, resentfulness,
frustration, scarcity and envy. Moss agate, aventurine,
malachite, moldavite, jade and fluorite
are green
crystals, and there are all sorts of energies within them.
Again, from an energetic point of view, they have
nothing in common.
BLUE represents knowledge, wisdom, truth, integrity
and calm. It is sedating, still, tranquil and expressive,
but it can also be ignorant, superstitious, frigid, deceitful
and moody. Blue lace agate, sodalite and blue calcite
have a calming energy, whereas among other things,
lapis lazuli and hawkseye are protective, and celestite
and azurite
can link us with the angels, and are
therefore expanding.
VIOLET is peaceful, selfless, psychic, mystical,
creative, respectful and limitless, but also arrogant,
delusional, self-important and ruthless. Violet or
purple crystals such as amethyst and sugilite have
a protective quality. Fluorite and charoite are able
to ground higher energies, but they should not be
considered as grounding crystals in the same way
as red jasper for example. Lepidolite is beautiful
and softening.

We can’t complete this list without looking at pink,
black and ‘white’ crystals.  

Overall, PINK is a softer version of red and is soft
and friendly, but also relates to universal love and
compassion. Too much can indicate immaturity
and impetuousness. Pink crystals are generally about
love, and the best-loved pink crystal is rose quartz,
which relates to harmony and self-love, whereas
morganite is divine love and rhodocrosite will
assist with opening your heart.
BLACK represents hidden riches and an esoteric
knowledge. It is mysterious and profound, but also
negative, depressive, empty and regressive.
Black obsidian, black tourmaline and shungite
all have grounding abilities. However, black obsidian
is a very profound crystal and energetically can get
to parts other crystals cannot reach. Both black
tourmaline and shungite are fantastic in dealing
with electromagnetic smog, with shungite having
other amazing properties in addition to this.
WHITE is light, open, pure, clean and expansive, but
also starchy, sterile and empty. A couple of
‘white’ crystals are clear quartz and selenite.
Clear quartz is the master crystal and can be found all
over the world. Think in terms of clarity and
strengthening when using it. Selenite on the other
hand is very angelic and cleansing.
Overall, if a client has held their crystal for a short
while and then hands it back to you to divine from,
you can probably pick up a sense of the client from
their residual energy. But you may also find the
various words associated with the colours a great
help in determining what your client needs or is
going through.

About Andrea:

Andrea Webb
Andrea Webb is a healer, specialising in crystals and
colour, based in Salisbury, UK. She travels around
Southern England with her crystals promoting her
therapies and workshops.

You can find her at and

We’d love your suggestion or submissions for this
column! If you have an idea or would love to
contribute, please contact us at


Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

Often practitioners of spiritual or soul-based business
struggle with selling. Pricing, fees or acceptance of
money still causes some to cringe. But no sole
proprietor or small business owner can be successful
very long without selling services.
The first step in selling is to know your offerings
very well and know how to best position them.
Features are nice but what people will buy are
benefits and results. Think of it as selling not only
advice but solutions.
A key component is to know the different types of
clients you work with, or will potentially work with,
and be able to identify their needs and how you can
meet those needs. In each interaction with a current
client, look for an opportunity to build on the contact.
The opportunity may come in the form of a referral
or positioning new services based on other needs you
may uncover.
When you build confidence in what you do and who
you are, your clients will appreciate you and have no
trouble paying what your services are worth. After all,
we all like to be valued, and when it comes to your
business, there is no better form of appreciation than 
being paid well.


A common hurdle divination professions often face
is having the confidence to raise their rates or to
charge what they feel they deserve, as opposed to
what they think clients will pay. 

Stop Undervaluing Yourself and Get Paid
What You're Worth
is an excellent blog post by
Stephanie O'Brien. Do yourself a favor and read it.
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