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Vol. 11 #2 / February 1, 2019
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- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: Memorizing Tarot Card Meanings – Right or Wrong? 
- Tarot School Aphorism
- What's Gnu?
- Diviner's Corner: Guides – Teacher of All Realms
- Best Practices: Location, Location, Location!
- Cool Tarot Storage Solution: Hammer & Nail Woodworks
- Upcoming Events
Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
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Where does the time go? Just as we've watched
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blink of an eye," so it seems with our baby business.
What was once a local weekly class has become
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colleagues from all over the world! We couldn't
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Here's what we've got going on this month...

Human beings naturally create and assign meaning
to everything. It is how we learn and how we stay
safe and prosper in life. We could say that meaning
lives in the mind and memory, rather than being
enhanced in the physical world. But how do you feel
about memorizing card meanings? 

In this issue, the Tarot Tip offers a thought-provoking
article on memorizing card meanings, The Diviner’s
Corner focuses on guides, and Best Practices for
Professional Readers is all about location. 
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Tarot Tip

In spite of the numerous techniques for learning tarot
card meanings, there is a growing opposition to
memorizing them. Is it really beneficial to not bother
with committing meanings to memory? Does dismissing
traditional card meanings actually shortchange the
tarot learning experience? Would not memorizing
meanings be a helpful springboard in the short term
for developing significant personal interpretations?

Before throwing the baby out with the bath water on
either approach to learning card meanings, let’s take
a look at the importance of human memory in the
learning process.

Memory as a process is associated with and essential
to learning. It comes in two basic forms, long-term
and short-term.

Long term memory depends on information that is
continuously repeated and reviewed, increasing the
likelihood of it being retained long-term. The more one
memorizes this way the more one can learn over time.

In contrast, short-term or working memory works best
for short-term recall and would not be an efficient way
to process a large quantity of information such as 78
complex tarot card meanings. Short-term memory has
a limited capacity to store information. If you look
through a tarot deck once, it is virtually impossible
to describe the cards in detail. But when you look at
the cards over a long period of time, you’ll be able
to commit the images to long-term memory, and thus
be able to recall what you learned about the card.

Those of you who came of age before the invention of
smart phones had to remember telephone numbers. As a
matter of fact, there was a time when people remembered
more than 8 or 9 seven-digit phone numbers. Nowadays,
since calling someone just means touching their names
on a LCD screen, the days of remembering a person’s
telephone number are fading. Will remembering what
The Sun card means share the same fate?

Now let’s talk about intuition. In some camps, it is
believed that memorizing card meanings inhibits
intuitive guidance during a reading. What is rarely
considered in these camps is the understanding that
what we call intuition is the process of accessing
information that we have stored subconsciously in the
symbolic form that gives card imagery its meaning.

Tarot is like a unique language, and anyone who has
ever studied a foreign language knows that you have
to commit its sounds and glyphs to memory to learn,
understand, and eventually become fluent in it.

The practice of memorizing card meanings is by itself
neither right nor wrong. Its value depends on the
individual, and their ability to store information,
recall it from memory, and absorb and utilize it.


Take your favorite tarot deck and quietly shuffle
without looking at the cards. With eyes closed, choose
one card from your deck and place it with the backside
of the card facing up. Put the rest of the deck on the
table for later. 

Take your dominant hand and place it a few inches
above the card. Keep your hand hovering for 30 to 60
seconds (or longer) until you begin to receive psychic
impressions. Open your eyes. Before turning the card
over, jot down your perceptions, interpretations or
meanings. Turn the card over and look at the card for
about 30 seconds and quickly write down any other
perceptions from viewing the card.

Next, pick up two or three of your favorite tarot books
and look up the interpretations or meanings given by
the book’s author for the card you chose. Note any
similarity or difference in interpretations or meanings.
If you have previously read these books, was any
meaning you came up with in this exercise close to
what was in the book?

Put this card aside, and repeat the exercise with
another card. Continue in this way until you have done
the exercise with every card in the deck. It will take
time, but your effort and patience will be amply

 Tarot School Aphorism
            The possibly final secret of tarot, both concealed in and revealed by the mystery of the esoteric titles, is that all the cards, all 78 of them, are the names and perceivable forms of deity.  And all of them are us.


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Diviner's Corner

Spirit Guides

A highly evolved teacher offering guidance, advice,
psychic information or other inaccessible knowledge
has long been associated with the etheric realm or with
disembodied beings.

These guides are thought to have a vibration or
awareness above the physical realm, whose presence
can be perceived by those who have a highly developed
sensory awareness such as psychic or clairvoyant

Guides are disembodied spiritual entities who offer
assistance in healing and protection, act as gatekeepers
between realms, teach lessons, and help in other kinds
of spiritual development.

Guides communicate directly or indirectly through
visions, dreams, impressions, symbols or channeling.
People on individual spiritual paths can connect with
their personal guides through meditation, prayer,
visualization exercises or by seeking omens. In some
cases, groups or communities have guides devoted to
specific purposes or causes.

In almost all cases of spiritual guides, there is a
perspective that these intelligences or beings have
existed on earth at one time and have evolved past
the present human experience and have agreed to
help those in this realm evolve to the next stage of
their existence. 


• Gabby Bernstein's recent blog post has some
  great tips for getting to know your own spirit guides!

  10 Simple and Beautiful Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides         

• Type "Spirit Guides" into the Pinterest search bar
  for tons more great resources! 


We’d love your suggestion or submissions for this
column! If you have an idea or would love to
contribute, please contact us at


Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

Choosing the right location for your small business
will be one of the most important decisions you’ll
make as a business owner. Also, knowing when to
branch out or relocate will be something to come to
terms with, too.

The locale from which you operate can make or break
your business success. More often than not, as a sole
proprietor, you’ll work from a home-based locale, and
through an e-business or website rather than from  a
traditional brick and mortar location. Yet some tarot
professionals want or need to keep their business and
personal lives separate, and so they choose to have and
operate from an office away from home.

What is right for you is what is right for you. The
first thing to consider is where you live and to
research any local ordinances or regulations regarding
the type of work that you do such as fortune-telling
laws. You’ll need to decide what your business type
is or will be. For example, will you be only providing
readings or will you want to expand into retail,
offering items for sale, etc.?

Then you’ll need to find out where you’d best serve
your clientele. The character of the neighborhood or
the community in which you will operate is as important
as your personal preference.

Your clients’ access to you and their transportation
may need to be considered, but not so much if you are
providing reading services by phone or video. If many
of your clients are already coming to you from within a
10 mile radius of your location, why would you move
30 miles away because the rent is cheaper? Would it
make sense to move to a location where the locals and
the community could support your business financially
rather than a deteriorating neighborhood?

Is it better for you in terms of your taxes to maintain
a home office? What about your future expansion?
You’ll want to think about location for your
potential growth or other services you might
offer in the future.

If you are considering a storefront or office outside
or your home or already have an office space and want
to move, consider how well the next place you rent
meets important needs such as great parking and great
traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. You’ll also
want to be in a location where there are compatible
businesses such as yoga studios, specialty boutiques
and art districts.

When planning to choose a location, pick an area that
resonates with who you are and visit and talk to other
business owners in the same area about trends and the
pros and cons of investing in the area as a tenant. 


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