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Vol. 10 #5 / July 1, 2018
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- Tarot Tip: Focusing The Tarot Lens On Projection
- Tarot School Aphorism
- What's Gnu?
- Diviner's Corner: Numbers, Beliefs & Superstitions
- Best Practices: Finding Clients from Social Media Platforms             
- Upcoming Events

Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
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To all of our readers celebrating America’s Independence,
Happy Fourth of July! We don’t take our freedoms for
granted –– including our freedom to explore, study, and
work with the tarot. We also appreciate all of you who
continue to follow us as we bring you the best tips on
tarot, and other vital updates from The Tarot School.
This issue marks the start of a new feature column
called the Diviner’s Corner that will bring you articles
from guest contributors about all things divinatory.
The first Diviner’s Corner features Numbers, Beliefs
and Superstitions.
We are excited to have Jenny Suzumoto as guest
contributor for this month’s Tarot Tip. She writes
about the force of projection and tarot, and the Best
Practices column discusses finding clients from social
media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, etc.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue!                  
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Tarot Tip

by Jenny Suzumoto, M.A.
“I don’t like this card,” asserts my client as the
Ace of Cups graces the tarot tableau. Noting my
inner wobble, given that I love this card, we gently
move into exploring the aversive cup energy. Of course,
both my client and I are projecting our preferences onto
the Holy Grail, and this is one of the many wonders
of the tarot: it is a soul-filled projection holder,
illuminating everything that rattles or tickles us.
Projection is a powerful ability our minds possess.
Bringing awareness and attention to what we unwittingly
project onto others is a vital focus for our world and
Sigmund Freud identified projection onto others as an
unconscious defense mechanism to alleviate anxiety. As
children, we quickly learn to bury unacceptable aspects
of ourselves – both the bad and the good. These
challenging aspects have to go somewhere, and they do,
unconsciously landing on others out there, rather than
experiencing them in here. Thus, to project is to
protect ourselves from feeling an anguish of the soul,
about things that have their roots in us, although we
believe they are about someone else.
The force of projection can shape our lives. Our
judgments, opinions, beliefs and perceptions feed the
polarized rights and wrongs of the world. We cast our
projections like lassoes in the wind, catching another
person, group or race in the throw, and putting them in
boxes where they do not belong. Carl Jung said that war
is generated from the disowned “beasts” of the
human psyche, and by retrieving our projections we do
something beneficial for the world.
How can we lovingly retrieve projections? Well this is
one of tarot’s many liberating gifts. Without the
complexity of another human involved, the tarot evokes
our projections while remaining neutral. Whether
railing at or idealizing the Ace of Cups, my client and
I get to discover the unique storylines of our projections
and then empower ourselves with new insight and action.

Withdrawing our projections is empowering and
meaningful work. However it can be a revelation to
realize that what we most abhor or adore is a part of
our very own selves. So a steady approach of self-care
and kindness is essential… taking a peek at the
unconscious rather than prying open the door
wins the day. 

Here is a one-card tarot reading to explore

1. Shuffle the deck with this question in mind:
For my highest good, what card represents the
projection I need to focus on now?

2. Choose one card

3. Gaze at the card and notice what feelings 
    arise in you… 


4. Take note of positive and/or negative
    projections onto the card

5. Write 3 words representing empowering
    qualities of the card

6. Set an intention to integrate these qualities
    into your life

So give the tarot a whirl. See what projections the
cards can reveal to you. What irks you? What stirs you?
Who are you star struck by? Who do you want to
throttle! Discovering and transforming our projections
is super rich grist for the tarot mill and of benefit
for us all… And that’s my projection!! 

About Jenny:

Jenny Suzumoto is a tarot consultant, spiritual
director and counselor. She lives in Portland,
Oregon with her husband Bruce. She loves
hiking in the mountains, and believes in changing
the world one aspect of psyche at a time. 


 Tarot School Aphorism
            Every tarot landscape is lit by one or another kind of light. It is the purpose of every birth to bring a being to light. It is the goal of every spiritual path to bring the seeker to light. It is the final achievement of personal evolution to experience light without a shadow. ~ Wald Amberstone /

What's Gnu?Tarot Horizons Telesummit


Wald and I are very excited to be taking part in The
Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit 4 - Tarot Horizons
along with many favorite Readers Studio teachers and
community members! Thank you Kim Wilborn for
producing another fabulous free tarot telesummit!

Kim has asked every teacher to speak about the tarot
topics they find most meaningful, with each
presentation focused on helping you engage with
the wisdom of the Tarot in a FRESH way.

The name of our talk is “Lordy, Lordy! A Fresh Look
at the Esoteric Titles of the Minor Arcana.”
This is
a favorite topic with our students at The Tarot School
because it’s so useful (and interesting!). We’ll be
discussing things you’ve never heard before, unless
you’ve been in our class.

The 20 calls are FREE — but consider getting the mp3s
so you can review the great material from all the talks
at your leisure. (You'll get a cool bonus from us if you do!) 

Here's a list of the great teachers and topics:

• Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone  
  Lordy, Lordy! A Fresh look at the Esoteric Titles of the Minor Arcana

• Robert Place 
  The Evolution of the Tarot

• Ethony 
  Breaking the Borders of the Tarot Court

• Sheilaa Hite
  The Mirror of the Moment

• Kooch Daniels
  The Empress, Seeking the Path of Love

• Suzanne Corbie
  Opening Doors to New Horizons

• Ferol Humphrey
  Culmination and Foundation with the Nines

• Pamela Eakins
  High Priestess: Mary, Isis, Liberty, and You

• Christiana Gaudet
  When the Best Question is No Question:
  Techniques for General Reading

• Heather Mendel 
  Revealing the Concealed:
  Secrets, Symbols and The Suits of Swords

• Colin McPhillamy

• James Ricklef
  Tarot and Affirmations

• Reid Hart
  Meet the Tarot Spirits

• Sarah Barry 
  Using Tarot for Social Change

• Mark Horn
  Kabbalistic Tarot Meditation for Sephirotic Healing

• Kim Wilborn
  New Horizons in Tarot & in Life

 …and more!

The Tarot Horizons Telesummit runs from
July 16 – 27 but you can sign up now!

Follow this link for all the yummy details: 


Diviner's Corner

If you are interested in any of the intuitive arts,
most likely you have some curiosity or interest
in numbers and their connection to and purpose in
esoteric or occult subjects.

Superstitions about numbers are held all over the
world. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines
superstition as 1) excessively credulous belief in and
reverence for supernatural beings 2) a widely held
but unjustified belief in supernatural causation, or a
practice based on such a belief.

For example, there is a widespread belief that numbers
have power, like the ability to summon or influence
supernatural entities or energies. 

Here is a list of beliefs and superstitions commonly
associated with numbers:

0 – Sometimes not considered a number.
Represents the unknown.

1 –  Considered unlucky in ancient circles but in
modern times, one is a lucky number. This number
is a number of unity and singleness.

2 – A number of polarity and duality. Two reflects
a well-known belief that opposites attract.

3 – Generally lucky with magical powers.
Superstitions include sayings like “the third
time’s the charm” and “death comes in threes”.

4 – In Western culture 4 is lucky, but in China it
is thought to be unlucky because of its association
with death.

5 –  Represents the four elements and spirit in magical
circles. It also represents the human body or the five
senses. Depending on the tradition, 5 could be lucky
or unlucky for marriage.

6 – This is considered by some to be the number of
perfection; the perfect symmetry of God and Man.
Since the 6th house in astrology rules work and
service, it speaks of the mastery of a particular
craft or service.

7 – Some believe 7 to be a very lucky number,
and others believe it to be unlucky. It is believed
to be a very mystical number for all Abrahamic
religions. It is common to believe that if a glass or
mirror is broken that it will bring 7 years of misfortune.

8 – Infinity and regeneration. It appears on its side in
the form of a lemniscate on The Magician and Strength
tarot cards.

9 – Very powerful number used in prayers, invocations
or novenas. In Japan, 9 is considered not so lucky as
it sounds very much like the word in Japanese for

10 – A new beginning. Closure. In numerology 10 can
be reduced to number 1 and given similar meanings.

We’d love your suggestion or submissions for this
column! If you have an idea or would love to
contribute, please contact us at



Best Practices for Professional Readers
By Gina Thies  / /

So how do you turn followers and fans into paying
clients? One piece of the puzzle to getting paying
clients from those who like what you have to say or
things that you post is by knowing exactly to whom you
are talking. That means saying the right things when
you are casting the net out on your favorite social
media platform.

Here is a breakdown of these platform and their uses:

• Facebook is where most people have a personal page
for sharing posts about anything that they are doing,
interested in or have an opinion about. People use it
to keep track of the important people in their lives
and to support their interests.

• Twitter is what’s called a microblogging site
that let’s you share what you are doing in the now.
Microblogging or tweeting is primarily short
announcements or messages, usually limited to
very short sentences.

• Instagram primarily relies on mobile devices
with built-in cameras to capture and share candid,
personalized moments with followers. 

• Pinterest is a platform that is product-based.
If you have a really great product, then it is easy to
learn to use Pinterest to promote and generate an
audience for it.

New platforms are coming where you can find even
more ideal client bases. To learn more about how to find
these clients, consider taking my Awesome Audience
course now being offered through the Tarot
Summer School. 

Awesome Audience Building goes live August 2, 2018
and is part of a Summer learning series offered by myself
and 12 outstanding instructors.

For more information and to book your course, go to 



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