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Vol. 10 #4 / June 1, 2018
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- Tarot Tip: Tarot de Marseille – “See” the Cards and
                    Leave the Textbook Definitions Behind!
- Tarot School Aphorism
- What's Gnu?
- Best Practices: Understanding Client Expectations
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- Upcoming Events

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We're back from our Readers Studio hiatus.
This year's Readers Studio and Tarot &
Psychology Conference were stellar! But you
don't have to take our word for it -- ask anyone
who was there. It's always a challenge to keep
making our events fresh and exciting but we've
got big plans for RS19...


In this issue Beverly Frable contributes an article
that shows the importance of “seeing” the cards
instead of relying on textbook card meanings and
Best Practices gives information on what clients 
expect when they purchase your services and how
knowing what these expectations are helps to
grow your business.        
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Tarot Tip

by Beverly Frable

Who among us has not been curious about working
with the Tarot de Marseille (TdM)?  Some may have felt
intimidated, unsure how to interpret all the symbols…
and unclear how to start.  If so, perhaps today is the
right day to take that first step. 

Why read with the TdM, you may ask?  
For me, this quote captures why using a TdM-based
deck vs. Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) or Thoth-inspired
deck may be preferable:
“The tarot’s figures suggest an incessant movement.
They do not express any established doctrine nor they
conduct to one…They stimulate the capacity of our
imagination.” – Kurt Seligmann, Le Miroir De La
In other words, give thought to how reading with a
TdM deck is like going back to the “seeds” of tarot
versus the RWS and Thoth, which may be more
comparable to a plant that’s already taken form.
One of the main differences that tend to challenge
people is the fact that RWS and Thoth rely on scenic
PIPs; TdM does not. However, it’s important to give
consideration to the fact that these scenes and any
associated keywords have been assigned by people
based on their own perceptions, their own personal
influences, and their experiences or histories. Not
true for TdM. And, as a result, TdM opens the door
to allowing the cards to speak for themselves. 
One of the main goals of learning to read with the
TdM is to learn to eliminate prejudice or preconceived
notions.  It’s about broadening our horizons. It’s about
becoming individual readers relying on our own
unique abilities. It’s about becoming the best we can
be without relying on the preconceived perspectives
of other individuals.

This article will address a first step:  Set the
textbook definitions aside; instead, focus on
“seeing” the message of the card. Give thought to
the form, color, and how the flow blends from
card-to-card. Read the cards without associating
pre-determined meanings to each one. The goal is to
look at the cards with a fresh perspective. 
Here are some helpful hints to get you started. 

Give thought to how they make you “feel”, how the
cards blend together through the commonality of their
features, and how the flow of all of these things may
impact the surrounding cards. 
Here are some specific things to consider:
•  What shapes do the cards share?  
Do the cards share circles?  Lines?  Squares?

•  Is there a common color?  
Are certain colors prominent in the cards or
do the colors contrast?  Do the cards have mostly
reds (which may imply a positive response or a
“yes”) or blacks (implying a negative slant or “no”)?

•  Do the cards relay a sense of speed?  
Is the suggested movement of the cards mostly
fast (Swords or Wands) or slow (Cups and Coins)?  

•  Is there a shared sense of distance? 
Are the cards inside or near (Cups and Coins) vs.
outside or far (Batons and Swords)?

•  Do the cards express a sense of sharpness
(Swords or Wands) or dullness (Cups or Coins)?

•  The numbers….does the trend among the cards
jump slowly or quickly from a high to a low number?  
Are there many higher numbers (indicating “a
lot”)?  Or mostly lower numbers (meaning “a
little”)?   Do the cards go up or down in value?

•  And, lastly, are there many Courts?  
Is the trend from big (King) to small (Page)
or vice versa?
Recognizing and interpreting the more subtle messages
of the cards will become second nature in time. In fact,
you’ll most likely find that one of the most challenging
parts is letting go of the RWS or Thoth imagery that
may be embedded in your mind as you give the cards
Bottom line: You may be surprised how rewarding it can
be to gain the freedom to determine the meanings based
on what YOU see in the cards.
Good luck on this first step of your journey!  
And, most importantly, have fun! 

About Beverly Frable:

Beverly is…a diviner, a teacher, a coach, a
life-long student, a partner of 30+ years to 
Ms. L, and a mom to 13 kitties (not necessarily 
listed in order of importance or preference).  
Many people (over 3,000+ at last count!) are 
followers of her site which is dedicated to 
news and the cultural impacts of divination.  
You can find the site at either 
or on her website,


 Tarot School Aphorism
            Tarot is a prophetic book in which everyone can read their own purpose, meaning, reason and value. ~ Wald Amberstone /



Yes, you read that right. In fact, it only took
3 weeks to sell out!

YOU: Again? Didn't RS18 sell out, too?

US: Yeah. 

YOU: But aren't you moving back to the
LaGuardia Marriott, which has a bigger ballroom?

US: Yes, we are.

YOU: And it still sold out already? 

US: Yup.

YOU: But the RS19 website isn't even up!
I don't even know who the presenters are
going to be. 

US: That's true. And the website won't be
updated for quite some time. (That's gotta
tell you something!) FYI, the master class
instructors will be Sasha Graham, George
, and Ethony –– a wonderful, witty,
and cutting edge group!

YOU: So now what? I really want to go!

US: We do have a waiting list, which you
can get on by sending us an email at

YOU: OK. How many people are on it?

US: A bunch. But that doesn't matter
because lots of people on the waiting
list make other plans before we get to
them, so you still have a chance at a seat.

YOU: I heard you're not doing the Tarot
& Psychology Conference. Is something
else happening on Thursday instead?

US: Yeah, baby! We're very excited to
be producing our first Divination Day!
It's going to be epic –– Rana George
will be introducing a new original approach
to reading Lenormand, Heatherleigh Navarre
will show us how to scry with a crystal ball,
and Carrie Paris has some great sortilege
techniques with casting charms!

YOU: Is that sold out, too?

US: Actually, no. There are still seats
available for Divination Day.

YOU: But I don't know anything about
those subjects. I don't think I could keep up
with the rest of the group.

US: You don't have to. The whole point
of Divination Day is to introduce you
to divinatory methods you might not know.
Or to add new techniques to what you do.
Everyone will be learning together.

YOU: That's a great idea! I've actually 
been very curious about those things.
But what if I register for Divination Day
and then wind up getting a seat at RS19?
Could I still get the discounted rate for
the two events?

US: Yes! We'll let you know how when
the time comes.

YOU: I'm still bummed. Is there a way I
can connect with the Readers Studio tribe
while I'm waiting?

US: Our Readers Studio Facebook Group
is perfect for that. You should definitely
check it out. Even if you've already joined,
stop by again. There's still a LOT of activity.
Plus, it's the best way to get all the breaking news.

YOU: So where can I register for Divination Day?

US: Divination Day tickets can be purchased at
our online store at
Just look for the RS19 logo. You can also purchase
ad space to be in the program book.

YOU: I'd never considered taking an ad. Now
might be a good time to do that!

US: It's a great way to let people know about you
and your business. Kudos to you for considering it!

YOU: Is there anything else you're not telling me?

US: Yeah. But we're still working on stuff so
that will have to wait awhile. Stay tuned...


Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

Anytime we shop for or purchase a service, the process
starts in the brain. The expectation we have of our
purchases is that they will in some way meet the
demands of our busy lives and make our lives better.
Consumers are particularly loyal to positive experiences
where they spend their hard-earned money. This means
that the whole experience is an emotional one. These
feelings happen when customer expectations are or
aren’t met.
We all have preconceived ideas of the experience we
should have when we purchase something, and these
ideas are there whether we have information to support
them or not. This may be especially true for tarot readers.
It is not the fact of whether you do predictive readings,
advising, fortune-telling, etc., but the expectation that
you should have special insight will help a querent
figure out their concern or question.
Recently, a newly referred client stopped in the middle
of our session to talk about a prior reading with a
psychic who had several accreditations and accolades to
show her legitimacy as a psychic. However, this client
said she got nothing out of the reading with said
psychic. Within the first 20 minutes of her reading I
had addressed her topics without her having to tell me
what they were or asking her a question. Because
previous clients referred her to me, her expectation
was already formed. She mentioned what her friends said
about their readings with me, so she expected accuracy
from a true professional.
In the intuitive “help” business, there are many
negative expectations ranging from feigned psychic
ability to fraudulence. So any good practitioner that
has positively met the expectations of clients will
do well.
Here are a few expectations that customers/clients

• That you’ll be able to help them all the time
• Fast resolutions and hassle-free buying options
• Professionalism
• Strong reputations or reliable reviews/testimonials
• Prior great experience to be repeated
• Meaningful experiences
• Trust
• Responsibility
• Anticipation of needs
Getting to know what your customers think and feel can
only happen by collecting data and using it to hone in
on improving your business strategy and increasing your
At the end of the day, this all boils to down to
figuring out what works for you and gaining a
competitive advantage.


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