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Vol. 7 #11 / December 1, 2015
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- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: A Matter of Time – Dealing With Time-Based Questions
- Tarot School Aphorism
- What's Gnu?
- PsychWise: Develop New Strengths (a Tarot Counseling Spread)
- Best Practices: Insights Your Website Reveals About You
- Upcoming Events
Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
And a special welcome to our new subscribers.

We have made it to the close of 2015!
December is always a busy month filled
with responsibilities and celebrations.
For many, this season of the year brings
to mind just how quickly time flies. We
think about how much we haven’t done
and how much there is to be done.
Efforts are made to look back and at the
road ahead. It is hard to ignore that
the end of the year is a time of planning 
and seeking insights on building support 
and strengthening efforts and improvements 
for the journey ahead.  

This info-packed issue will include the topics of time,
strength and improvements.

In the Best Practices Column, Gina gives you insights on
what your website reveals about you from the perspective
of site visitors, and Dr. Elinor has a great article that
includes a powerful introspective spread.
Thanks and seasons’ blessings to all of our subscribers,
students and supporters of Tarot Tips and The Tarot School.
We hope you’ll continue the tarot journey with us in the
upcoming year. 
And one more thing...

Bride and Groom 

In just a few days we'll be
celebrating the wedding of
my beautiful daughter, Rachel
and her wonderful fiancé, Chris!
We are beyond joyful for them! 


Yours truly and happy holidays,
Ruth Ann, Wald, Gina & Elinor

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Tarot Tip

“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.”
~ Jean Racine, playwright

Time is one of the most precious resources we have, 
some believe. How time is measured, its existence and
the perception of time and how important it is to life
have been of interest to astronomers, astrologers,
scientists and physicists for millennia.

Time, however, can be a thorn in the sides of diviners
and readers.
Much has been written to dispel, rephrase and avoid
anything related to timing in tarot readings.  There is
a tendency to transform “when”-based questions into
“how” and “what”-related questions. It’s a little
confusing when timeframes and seasons are essential
to astrologers, but seem to have no clear use in tarot,
where astrological attributes have been pre-assigned
and are unchanging.
Yet measurements of time and seasons do exist in tarot.
We discussed the Golden Dawn’s tradition of timing in
the cards in the March, 20015 issue of Tarot Tips.
Since the issue of timing in tarot readings isn't going
away, and all readers will have to deal with these
questions, it is best to have a good way ready to deal
with time or the future of an occurrence. 

Here are some suggestions:
1.  Know your own talent or innate gifts.
Discover and test your unique intuition. The more you
work with the cards, the more growth you’ll experience
in strengthening your intuition. In many instances,
timing may be solely the result of intuitive impressions,
much like other guidance revealed in the cards.

2.  Know your tarot and other tools.
Many tarot practitioners are familiar with the astrological
attributions and their uses in tarot. Just as you may spend
a significant amount of energy understanding or peeling back
layers of meanings in the cards, the same can be done with
the measurement of time within the deck. Practice timing
methods as you develop your other reading skills.

3.  Consider that the “What does my future hold?” 
     question may have nothing to do with prediction or
     timing at all.

Before trying to answer this question, ask the querent
what it is about the future or their life that they are they
trying to understand.

4.  Readers don’t all have the same gifts or experience
     in foretelling events.

Inform querents how timing does or doesn’t work in your
readings. Suggest a specific timeframe in which you can
confidently give insights, e.g., one month or one year,
and remind them that many factors influence when or
how something will occur.

5.  Keep a record of details regarding time-related
readings to learn about your own talents in seeing

The possibilities of tarot are endless. An open mind is
essential to the discovery of what can be done in a tarot


 Tarot School Aphorism


It is possible to stand directly in front of
mystery, and see yourself in a mirror made of 
4 tarot cards, without looking at a single picture
or using any ready-made body of knowledge.

This mirror is called The Hidden Face, and it is part of the
great magical psychology of tarot. 

The Hidden Face is practical magic. It lights up something hidden
in the landscape of human nature and shows a safe, effective path
from the present moment into the uncertain future. 

This is the first time we're presenting this technique in-depth,
and we welcome you to experience it in person!

January 29 – 31, 2016
Friday: 6:30-9:30pm
Sat & Sun: 11am–7:30pm

Tuition: $250
Seating Limited to 10

Location: Forest Hills, NY
Directions: Provided upon registration

PsychWise – Tarot & Psychology Q & A
with Elinor Greenberg, PhD, CGP, CPTR

Rhodin's The ThinkerQUESTION:

 I like that so many of your Tarot
Counseling spreads focus on empowering
the querent. Many of my querents are so
focused on external circumstances that
they do not see that they can play an
active role in shaping their life. Can
you recommend a spread that I could use
to help my querents be more proactive
and introspective? 

Many psychotherapists practice what we term a
“Strength-Based” approach. In a Strength-Based approach,
instead of focusing on what is going wrong for the client
and all their bad feelings, we focus on the strengths that
they already have to deal with life. Reminding clients of
their strengths bolsters shaky self-esteem. This encourages
the idea that they already have abilities they can use to
deal with their problems and, if they need to, they can
develop new ones. Most people have strengths that they
take for granted or forget to utilize in a new situation.

This approach is easily adapted to Tarot reading.

Using Tarot cards helps bring strengths to mind and
also illustrates them in a way that is hard to dismiss.
Most people who come for a Tarot Reading are inclined
to take seriously whatever the cards seem to say. And
I have found that most people enjoy the experience
of focusing on their strengths.   
In the section below I give a simple 6-card spread that I
designed to focus on discovering and highlighting the
querent’s current strengths and on how the querent might
develop a new desirable strength. I have included a sample
of a record sheet that you may find useful in keeping track
of the results of this reading.  

(‚ÄčA Tarot Counseling Spread)

Step 1:
Have your querent shuffle and choose 6 cards from
the deck without looking at the cards. 
Step 2: Lay them out upright in the form of the cross-shaped
spread as follows:



                       3         1        4            

Cards 5, 6, 1 and 2 are vertically-aligned,
and cards 3 and 4 should be placed on either side. 
Place card 3 on your left and card 4 on your right.

The Positions
(Starting From the Center)

First Position – Card #1 – You

Second Position – Card #2 (below #1) Below You 
What you rest on, what you already have

Third Position – Card #3 (left) – Surrounds You
Available Now

Fourth Position Card #4 (right) – Surrounds You
Available Now

Fifth Position – Card # 6 (mid- above #1) 
Activity to do to develop strength shown in #5

Sixth Position – Card #5 (top)
What you can strive to develop 

Step 3: Fill out the Record Sheet 
Step 4: Interpret the cards 

All Tarot cards have multiple levels of meaning. You can
use your usual meanings for the cards as long as you focus
only on the meanings that relate to strengths. I give some
examples below to show you typical ways that I might
interpret the cards for a strength-based approach. 

Major Arcana Cards:  These show fully developed strengths.  

For example, Key 4 The Emperor can be seen as depicting the
ability and willingness to take responsibility for one’s
personal kingdom and those in it; the ability to use reason
and logic to solve problems; and, through the number 4, the
idea of being stable and organized. 

The Suit of the Card: This shows the type of strength.   
In their simplest and most obvious form:  
  ·  Wands: Relate to the capacity to take charge and
initiate a new project, move quickly and take action,
compete with others when necessary, and build a business
enterprise from scratch. 
  ·  Cups: Relate to the capacity to love and deal with
emotions productively, the ability to introspect, fantasize,
and search for truth and beauty. 
  ·  Swords: Relate to the capacity to think clearly,
analyze a situation, weigh alternatives, and make judgments.
  ·  Pentacles: Relate to the capacity to deal with everyday
reality in a practical and productive way, finish what one
starts, create an organized well run home environment, take
care of one’s body and garden.  

“Bad Cards” 
There are no bad cards in a strength-based reading.  
Read “bad cards” as positive skills that the querent
can develop. 
Ex. 5 of Swords: Develop internal equanimity so that
you cannot be humiliated by losses or others’ attempts
to devalue you.  
Ex. Key 16 The Tower: The ability to stay calm in the face
of a sudden and unexpected change in your situation.  

Joanne comes for a reading because things are not going 
well for her at work and she is feeling overwhelmed by all 
her flaws. I suggest that as she already knows her flaws, 
we could do a reading about her strengths to balance her
perspective. Joanne is a bit surprised by the idea, but agrees. 

Below is Joanne’s reading. This is how I filled in her cards 
on the her Record Sheet:

Record Sheet 
Develop New Strengths Spread 1 
© Elinor Greenberg 2010  

NAME: Joanne Jones
DATE:  11-2-15

Card 1:  6 of Wands 
Represents Joanne in this situation

Interpretation: Joanne may be feeling inadequate now, but
she has had many successes at work.  It would be useful for
her to put her present concerns in the larger context that
includes her overall success at work. 
Card 2: 4 of Wands
Her foundation strength 

Interpretation: Joanne completes projects successfully. 
This card supports the 6 of Wands above and confirms that
Joanne is good at completing projects and this strength is
one of the secrets of her success.  
Card 3: Ace of Pentacles
The strength that Joanne can develop 

Interpretation: Joanne can become more aware of financial
opportunities that are available to her. 
Card 4: Knight of Cups
A strength that she could reach out for now to help
her situation at work 

Interpretation: Joanne loves her work and moving her
projects forward.  Joanne could feel better now by focusing
on how successful she has been at choosing something to do
for a living that she genuinely likes.   
Card 5: Key 18 The Moon
Another strength within reach  

Interpretation: Joanne is good at moving forward and
evolving herself. The victorious figure on the horse in the
6 of Wands card is facing the new path shown in Key 18
The Moon. This suggests that, if Joanne wants, she could
use her skill at evolving to evolve her current job into
something even more satisfying. 
Card 6: Ace of Wands
A step that she could take to develop the strength
personified by Card 3 The Ace of Pentacles 

Interpretation: Joanne could take on a new project at
work that is likely to make her more financially valuable
to her firm. 

Querent’s response to the reading and what he or she
learned that was useful:

 Joanne says: “It is good to be reminded of my past
successes and how many important projects I have completed
for the company. I feel more secure when I think of things
that way. I think that I am a bit of a perfectionist and I
lost perspective when I focused on what I don’t do very
well. Some people are better at dealing with the clients
than I am. I have always been good at getting things done,
not schmoozing with people.  

I was surprised to see money come up as an issue. I had not
been focusing on that directly, but it does play a role in
my current unhappiness. Our company is divided into those
who bring in money through sales and those who actually
carry out the project. I am on the project side and was
envying those on the sales side because they are paid more
in general than we are because they bring in the money.  

Key 18 The Moon card shows me that if I want to, I can
evolve myself in a way that gets me a larger salary check. 
I just have to pick my projects more carefully (Ace of
Wands). I guess I am actually in a better position at work
than I thought based on my past successes (6 of Wands and 4
of Wands).” 

Dr. Elinor GreenbergDr. Elinor Greenberg, PhD, CGP, CPTR
is an internationally renowned Gestalt therapy
trainer who specializes in teaching the diagnosis
and treatment of Borderline, Narcissistic, and
Schizoid adaptations. She has been studying
tarot since 1995 and is psychology consultant to
The Tarot School, where she earned a Third Degree
in Tarot. She is a member of B.O.T.A. (Builders
of the Adytum) and has been certified as a professional
tarot reader by the American Tarot Association. 


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Best Practices for Professional Readers
By Gina Thies
Your website plays a significant role in determining whether
someone ultimately transacts with you. Decisions made to
choose a reader most likely will be based upon the
connection the person feels to a particular reader when
making a decision to seek guidance. Successful conversion
means capitalizing on the opportunity you have to satisfy
the needs of a visitor when they visit your site. This means
setting yourself apart to stand out and providing the right
communication to your prospects so that they can confidently
know you are the right reader for them.
So what does your website say about you and your services?
What insights would your customers take away from your
website when they visit?
Consider that you’ll have essentially two types visiting
your site: potentials and regulars. Depending on your
business goals, you’ll need to have a website strategy and
design that will appeal to both.
One of the first ways we gather insight about a person or a
business is appearance. Does your website reveal that you
are a staunch business professional, or give the feel of an
easy-going, relaxed, sharing environment? Neither of these
is wrong nor bad. It really depends on the clientele you are
At the core of successful websites are great strategies for
content, design, and purpose or functionality. If you are
the type that loves research with lots of facts and details,
your website may be one with lots of wording, and blogging
may be a big part of the attraction for your visitors.
Should you feel uncomfortable about coming off as too
“salesy”, your website may provide emphasis on the cards
and your experience with using them as your tool of choice.
You’ll attract the right clientele for you by conveying
the information to the right prospects in the right way.
Does your site look as if a client is visiting a
clandestine, back alley massage parlor, a retreat cabin in
the middle of forested woodlands, or a pristine high-end
corporate office?
Take some time to review your site from the eyes of your
ideal client or survey your current clientele. This will
give you the information you need to design or redesign your
site. Websites are never done! With few exceptions,
designing a website should be seen as a long-term strategic
process for achieving your business goal. 

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