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Vol. 6 #9 / October 1, 2014

 In this Issue:
- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: How To Handle General or Vague Questions
- Tarot School Aphorism
- Tarot Card Showcase: Two of Swords 
- Best Practices: 5 Keys to Success as a Tarot Reader
- Featured Tarot Blog: Supertarot
- Upcoming Events

Greetings to all and Happy Anniversary Tarot Tips!
This month marks 5 years of reigniting Tarot Tips with 
Ruth Ann, Wald and Gina working together to bring you 
the best in the practical use of tarot!

We'd like to take time to thank all of our subscribers and
contributors for being on this magickal journey with us. 
We appreciate you sharing with us and helping to spread 
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October is traditionally a special time of year for
divination, and this month we have some great 
articles to help you with your readings.

You know the 'I don't really have a question, I just
want a general reading" type of inquiries? In this 
issue, we look at how to handle the general or vague 
question from querents. 

The sun is very happy in Libra for much of October. 
You'll find the sign of Libra hidden in the 2 of Swords, 
this month's showcase card.
The 'Best Practices' article points out 5 Components 
of Success as a Tarot Reader, which is useful if being a
successful reader is something you are after. Finally,
we've added a new tarot blog for your reading pleasure.

And one more thing...
There's a very special event in which we are participating that 
will enhance the energies you work with in the Minor Arcana! 

The Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit II
is a FREE event held October 13th - 24th featuring The Tarot School's Ruth Ann & 
Wald Amberstone, our own Gina Thies, 
and 18 other specialized tarot presenters. 
All the sessions will be free to listen to for
48 hours. You'll also have the opportunity
to purchase mp3 recordings of everything
(+ bonuses) when you sign up. That way 
you can listen whenever and as often as 
you like!

Here are the dates for our sessions:
Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone:
The Sword: It exists, but it's not there!
October 14, 2014 -- 1:00pm (PDT)

Gina Thies:
Dutiful Knights - Champions of Change
October 23, 2014  -- 10:00am (PDT)

We look forward to "seeing" you at the Telesummit! 
Yours truly on the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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Tarot Tip
Here is a familiar scenario. A querent sits for a
reading and the Reader asks, "What is your question?" 
The querent replies, "hmm..I don't really have a 
question. Could you just see what my future holds?" or 
"Would you just give me a general reading? There's so 
much I want to know. What do the cards say?"
Has this happened to you? Certainly every reader has
had some version of this question posed over and over
again by his or her querents. There are many reasons
for this type of inquiry, ranging from embarrassment to
naivety or uncertainty.
In the realm of reading cards, it is always best to be
prepared. Our querents and clients have many things
going on in their life, as we all do, and so it is wise
not to assume they are being difficult, vague, or just
seeking to test you.
Many querents are savvy consumers of the divinatory
arts and understand how tarot works. Many seasoned
professionals have educated their clients on what to
expect or not expect from a tarot reading. Alas, even 
seasoned readers can sometimes fall into the general 
question dilemma when they get their own readings.
First and foremost, trust what the cards have to say
about the querent's life or situation. Tarot is very
efficient at pointing out the "truths" of life.
Often the question is there, but you may need to allow
the querent time to formulate exactly what they need to
ask, and not be too quick to rephrase their question.
Another thing to do is simply to ask questions, such as
"What brought you here today?" or "How might a
reading help you today?" Some querents may be
reluctant to share too much. You could also ask them to
specify an area of life in which they would need advice
by asking, "Would this be a general question regarding 
love, family, money?" These suggestions may help them 
formulate the topic of their reading.
If you work at fairs or parties and get those "just curious" 
or "You're the psychic, you tell me!" type of querents, 
you can use a two-card spread using a court card and 
any other card from the deck. Use the court card to 
represent qualities or characteristics, and the second card 
to represent the area of life that could be of concern to 
that court card in a storytelling-style reading. This will 
tell an interesting story that the querent could find 
applicable to some part of their life.
Another great technique is to ask, "What doesn't
concern you at this time?" This is a process of
elimination whose main purpose to home in on more
specifics. Instead of focusing on problems, do spreads
that speak to what is positive, and how they can apply
the strengths of what is working for them in other
areas of their life.
Finally, create your own general reading spreads with
positions that address the more common concerns of
life. Or you can pull one card and have the querent 
examine it. Then ask them, "If you had to base a question 
on the scene depicted in the card, what would it be?" 
From there you can formulate or rephrase a question 
and proceed to the spread.
Good luck and happy reading! 

 Tarot School Aphorism



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Tarot Card Showcase

In this section we will feature tidbits on a specific tarot card. 
While there are many systems and decks to choose from in 
the world of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite Tarot 
images and symbols.
Copyright 1992 U.S Games.
Name: Wisdom in the World of Formation 
Astrological Attribution: Moon in Libra
Esoteric Title: Lord of Peace Restored
Traditional Meanings:
Intently listening to the inner silence. 
The song of the sword, the vibrations 
of the steel blade--harmony, balance, 
proportion. Weighty matters, a pair of
possibilities, choices. 

On the verge of decision but undecided. Influenced by the light of the 
moon (the inner light); the tide of events advances, something must be 
done. Timing is crucial-- await the critical moment. Make peace. 
Ignore the irrelevant. Calm and stubborn under pressure. The space 
between two thoughts which is sought in meditation.

Balanced, steady. Stuck, unsure. Unconvinced, unable, unwilling. 

Two Swords: Balanced, they represent the sign of Libra. 
The moon inside the angle of the swords is a reference to the 
astrological attribution of the Moon in Libra. 

Blindfold: Inner vision. Contemplation.

Blue-White Robe: Refers to Key II The High Priestess. 
Other references to The High Priestess include the Water
and the Moon.  

Cubic Grey Stone Bench: The medium (stone) of Manifestation (cube).

Islands: The three parts of the Supernal Triad (the numbers 1, 2 and 3), 
the unattainable divine realm of the Tree of Life. The island on the 
horizon symbolizes Kether, the Crown. The island on the right 
symbolizes Chochma, Wisdom. The island on the left symbolizes 
Binah, Understanding. The water symbolizes the Abyss, which 
separates the human from the divine realm, Above from Below. 
In psychological terms, islands represent the beginning of 
consciousness extending upward from the waters of the unconscious. 
Excerpted from The Tarot School Correspondence Course

Best Practices for Professional Readers
By Gina Thies
While my 15th year as a Professional Reader nears 16, I have
been reflecting on how have I done this for so long and what
could I impart to others looking to break into the business
as a hot-shot tarot star. The Next Big Thing, to borrow the
tag line of Samsung.
Here are 5 keys to success as a professional tarot card reader:
1) Stay Hungry, Eager and Ambitious. This includes the
awareness of why you do what you do and never getting
complacent. Be prepared to deal with moments of idleness 
and ready to face naysayers, too.
2) Stay Clear and Aware. This speaks to being able to
clearly define who you are as a reader, a business owner,
and who you are as an agent of change. In other words, be
CLEAR about and AWARE of what you truly desire for your
life. You should not just think about getting ahead or
hoping the checkbook balances at the end of the month.
CLEARNESS and AWARENESS are about living consciously 
with your true desires at the forefront of all you do. 

Get a journal and make an assessment of what it is you truly
desire. Write down the answer to this question: "When my
life is in its highest state of success, I am doing___.
Repeat this over and over again until you have the elements
from which you can construct the life you want.
3) Know Your Craft and Know it Well. It is imperative that
we have the skills, resources and knowledge to be the best
we can be. Studying, classes, training, research in a
particular niche area, and constant practice are all
necessary to achieve mastery.
4) Perpetual Devotion. Here I speak of dedication, but
taking it to an extreme. This is a serious commitment to
success and your craft. Think about how many hours a day 
you are focused on tarot, Lenormand, astrology, or whatever
other special interests you have. 

Learn from those who are the best of the best in your
practice, not so much to imitate what they do, but to let
successful role models teach you. Continually network with
those you consider have the success that you see yourself
having as well. This will help if you are uncomfortable
about what you do. 
5. Live in Balance with Nature. Understand the natural order
of things and find ways to achieve balance within yourself.
You must love what you do and let it constantly enliven and
stimulate you, as well as inspire you to further success or

Featured Tarot Blog
Author Paul Hughes-Barlow has so much information 
related to the Golden Dawn tradition, tarot and divination, 
that you could be on this blog for hours. It has a video 
series on both the Major and Minor Arcana and much,
much more.

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