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Vol. 6 #2 / February 1, 2014

 In this Issue:
- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: The Reader-Querent Relationship
- Tarot School Aphorism
- What's Gnu?
- Tarot Card Showcase: King of Cups 
- 7 Minutes with...
- Best Practices: Time for Help - Do You Need An Assistant? 
- Featured Tarot Blog: Wildblog - Official Blog of The Wildwood Tarot
- Upcoming Events
Welcome to a special issue of Tarot Tips!
And a warm welcome to our new readers.
Today we celebrate The Tarot School's 
19th Birthday! Even after all this time, 
tarot continues to surprise us with a depth 
of experience we've found nowhere else. 
We appreciate that you have chosen to
accompany us on the journey.
It's been a tradition of ours to offer a gift of
thanks on this occasion. This year we're giving
away a set of our personal notes, which we
compiled for a recent Tarot Salon on Spreads for
the New Year. These spreads / techniques are
useful all year round, but they can be especially
helpful at the beginning of a cycle, such as a
new year, month, birthday, or the start of a
venture or relationship.
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And now a bit about what you'll find in this issue...

In celebrating important milestones in our lives, we often think 
about who and what is valuable and holds special meaning for us. 
We consider our relationships, and this month in particular, 
people are thinking about and honoring relationships of all types.
For a tarot practitioner, there is the individual relationship 
with your deck and, of course, the relationship with the 
seekers who come to you. In this issue of Tarot Tips, we 
look at the reader and querent relationship.
The King of Cups is highlighted as the showcase card,
the Best Practices column looks at tips on finding a 
personal assistant, and we are glad to feature a tarot blog 
from a talented fellow tarotist. 

And one more thing...
This is a double-birthday month since Ruth Ann
celebrates hers, too! This year, her "important"
birthday falls on a Monday, so we'll be celebrating at
our weekly Tarot Salon! If you're in the New York City
area and would like to be notified of upcoming Salons,
drop us an email and we'll put you on the notification
list. In the meantime, you can read a bit about the
We look forward to partying with you! 
From our hearts to yours,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

Tarot Tips is here to help you with the practical side
of your Tarot journey. In order to take the greatest
advantage of this newsletter, please send us your
questions regarding any aspect of your tarot study
or practice and we'll do our best to answer them
in an upcoming issue.

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Tarot Tip
These two roles are perhaps obvious in themselves, 
but have you ever considered the importance of the
dynamics between the two? 
The relationship between reader and querent can be
varied, and sometimes the role each of these play can
change. But for our purposes here they are defined
simply as one who reads, advises or guides, and one
who asks a question.
Depending on the style of the tarot practitioner, the
reader-querent relationship can be asymmetrical, where
one of the participants does all the talking or all
the listening. Many readers construct the reading so
that the querent is limited to addressing only certain
issues, while others allow free-flowing sessions,
trusting that the querent will get what they need from
the process.
This is a topic that opens up a number of possibilities. 
As a reader, if you have not established what your role 
is in your practice, some versatility comes in handy 
as you grow. 
Some key points to bear in mind for the reader-querent
relationship are:
Professionalism - This is not just about demeanor.
Tarot reading is a specialized skill, even an art, and
carries with it a responsibility for professionalism
similar to any other form of expertise.
Authoritative Role - The querent often relates to the
reader as an authority with special insights and skill
in using the cards to give useful information about
their life. It is important not to give advice or
information in areas where you are void of skills or
Clarity of Service/Role - Your role as a reader can be
defined by the services you offer. For instance, you
can describe yourself as a healer, a counselor or a
psychic. But be cautious in describing what you do. Be
sure to deliver what you have led your querent to
believe they will be receiving.
Bear in mind, that regardless of style, the reader-querent 
relationship is based on trust. You will thrive as a reader 
if you earn that trust and build on it over time.

 Tarot School Aphorism



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Tarot Card Showcase

In this section we will feature tidbits on a specific tarot card. 
While there are many systems and decks to choose from in 
the world of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite Tarot 
images and symbols.
Copyright 1992 U.S Games.

Esoteric Title: Lord of the Waves and
the Waters, King of the Hosts of the Sea 
Astrological Attribution: 
Scorpio (Fixed Water) 
Elemental Counterchange:
Air (King) of Water (Cups) 
Force: Water, Heart, Feelings, Attraction
Form: Air, Mind, Thought, Boundary

Traditional Meanings:

Old in the ways of the world, connoisseur of passions and
secret appetites, he knows first-hand the addiction to love
and pleasure. Now, tempered by experience, he watches
without comment as others are consumed by their desires.   
Intimate with the landscape of the heart, without fumbling
or mistakes, he occasionally seduces the inexperienced and
the weary. With a sure hand he guides them to his bed,
trading sophistication for comfort and delight. Knowing how
to love and care he remains inwardly detached, and only
slightly jealous of younger rivals. 
Long a devotee and seeker after truth, he consults with
initiates. Patient and worldly, he counsels the ignorant. 
The wise and the foolish alike speak well of him..

Generous and moody. Graceful and intimidating. 
Subtle and restrained. A veil of calm conceals enduring intensity.


Symbols of Water: The water, the fish, the blue robe, 
the lotus, and the wavy lines on the crown.

Symbols of Air: The ship in full sail, the turbulence 
of the waves (driven by wind), the grey background 
(a reference to the Qabalistic world of Yetzirah), 
and the gold of the cloak (a reference to Consciousness 
and thus to the Element of Air). 

The King: Brings the power of the mind to matters 
of the heart. A symbol of knowledge, experience and 
sophistication. In the system of Qabalistic attributions 
used in this Course, the King is the third member of 
the holy family of Father, Mother and Son. This is 
in line with the Christian attributions of Christ as 
both King and the Son of God.

The Lotus: (on the arm and back of the throne, 
on the scepter, and in the design of the crown) 
It speaks of purity growing from contaminated or sullied 
beginnings. An erotic symbol, it simultaneously suggests 
feminine sexuality by the shape of its flower (the vulva) 
and bi-sexuality or total sexuality by its combination of 
long, stiff stalk with vulva-shaped flower. From Egypt to 
China, from India and Tibet to Japan, the religion and 
mysticism of the East regards the lotus as a prime symbol 
of spiritual purity and perfection.

Fish: (in the background and on the King's pendant) 
Symbol of the depths, of the unconscious. The fish is 
also universally regarded as a symbol of fertility, and 
as a denizen of the watery abyss that brings rain and flood, 
regulating the cycles of agriculture. As a fertility symbol, 
it was widely associated with sexuality in ancient civilizations.

Red: (in the King's cloak and on his crown) 
Refers to the passionate nature of Cups.

Ear Flaps: The King's Cap of Maintenance -- 
also signifies intuition and psychic power as the sense of 
hearing turned inward. Together with the King's direct 
and intense gaze, it implies that little escapes his observation, 
either inner or outer.

Stone Platform: Suggests that as King, his knowledge, 
experience and authority are a steady foundation in the 
midst of the turbulence of thoughts and passions.

Excerpted from The Tarot School Correspondence Course


One great question, one great answer!

Wald asks interesting questions of interesting 
people in 
the tarot community, and Ruth Ann creates 7-minute 
content-rich videos for you to enjoy.


Nancy Antenucci answers:
Some people *think* tarot, some people *feel* it. 
You dance and act tarot. How is that different from 
all the other ways to relate to it?
Mary K. Greer answers:
You are well-know for your interest in, and development of, 
the psychological aspects of tarot. How has that combination 
of tarot and psychology affected your own personal and 
professional evolution?
See these and other videos at


April 25 - 27, 2014
LaGuardia Marriott Hotel, New York

Best Practices for Professional Readers
By Gina Thies
You may be far from being able to hire someone to 
help you with your business, but you can dream. Your
business plans and profits may not support the luxury
of an employee to help you with your practice, but you
may want to know a few things if that decision has to
be made.
The very first thing you may be asking is, how do I
know I need an assistant? Personal assistants can and
do take on a variety of responsibilities. Look at where
you need help in your regular business and personal
tasks. For instance, you may want someone to set up
appointments, respond to emails or quotes for events.
If these seemingly mundane tasks are starting to be put
off, or your response to clients is not as fast as you
hoped, an assistant may be the answer.
Some considerations in hiring a personal assistant
include choosing someone who is organized, flexible,
and good at coordinating a variety of activities. What
is so cool about the whole assistant idea is that you
can hire someone like this on a temporary or part time
If you'd like someone to physically come to your place
of business, a local employment agency or temp agency
can be helpful. But for many routine jobs, a virtual
assistant may be just the ticket. VAs have their own
space and equipment, and as independent contractors,
they handle their own insurance and taxes. Also, since
you're not restricted to available local personnel,
there's a wider pool of talent from which to choose.
The second question you will surely ask is, can I afford 
to pay for help?  If you presently can't afford to hire an 
assistant, you can offer a willing candidate tarot lessons, 
or give them readings in exchange for their work. 
Of course, when you seriously need someone to help 
improve the profitability of your practice, you will 
have to have a conversation about wages.
If you feel stressed by having to do everything
yourself, remember that help is out there if you just
take a little time to find it.
Virtual Assistantville
10 Things to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant
11 Freelancer and Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Sites

Featured Tarot Blog

Are you a fan of The Wildwood Tarot? Here is an amazing
blog featuring contributions by Mark Ryan, John Matthews 
and Will Worthington. This deck has hints of pre-Celtic 
imagery, and celebrates forestry and nature. Learn about this 
deck in these very informative posts and authors' musings.
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