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Vol. 5 #4 / April 1, 2013

 In this Issue:
- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: The Initial Image Technique
- What's Gnu?
- Tarot Card Showcase: Four of Cups
- Project Spotlight: The Gypsy Palace Tarot
- Best Practices: Impressions Matter
- Featured Tarot Blog: Ostara's 78 Keys to Creativity
- Upcoming Events

Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
And a special welcome to our new readers.
Happy Day of The Fool!
If you've been reading Tarot Tips for a year or more, you
know not to expect a gag issue from us on April 1st. Well,
we're not going to disappoint you this time either. :)
Instead, we'll be focusing on images, vision and impressions.
Although The Fool does make a cameo appearance in the
newsletter. See if you can spot him!
We are so excited about Readers Studio 2013 -- which is
coming up at the end of the month! Nancy Antenucci, one of
the three master class instructors, graciously shares a
tarot tidbit about IMAGES as this month's Tarot Tip.
We're manifesting a grand VISION at this year's Readers
Studio with a full-day Tarot & Psychology Conference on
Thursday, April 25, prior to the main weekend events.
Hopefully you'll get to join us for the day, even if you
can't attend the Studio itself.  Imagine that...a full day
of tarot and psychology!
And by the way, we were able to convince the hotel
to keep our discounted room block open until April 12th,
so make sure you reserve your room now! Remember,
you don't have to pay them until after the event is over!
The Best Practices column looks at the IMPRESSION 
you may make on your clients, and we offer a brand new 
blog for your pleasure. Also, be sure to check out the
Project Spotlight to help a worthy tarot project become
a reality!
And one more thing...
There won't be a May issue of Tarot Tips. Readers Studio is
right at the end of the month, and we're spending every
moment between now and then preparing to give you an
absolutely amazing experience. And frankly, we'll be "too
pooped to pop" by the end of it, so we're taking a little
break. In the meantime, enjoy...
Yours truly on the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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of your Tarot journey. In order to take the greatest
advantage of this newsletter, please send us your
questions regarding any aspect of your tarot study
or practice and we'll do our best to answer them
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Tarot Tip
by Nancy Antenucci
I went to the chiropractor to have my neck readjusted. It
had been causing some irritation but increased to a headache
that I couldn't shake. She told me that it was actually my
lower back that needed the adjustment. For a few days
afterwards, I wondered about the same scenario for a tarot
reading. A client comes to me convinced of a certain issue
that needs realignment. What if that was only a symptom,
though, and not the source of the pain?
This issue led me to develop the "Initial Image" technique.
I sit quietly with my eyes closed as my querent shuffles the
deck. I ask for an image with such questions as, What do I
need to know about this person right now? What is most
influencing them? Where are they really on this planet
Most of the time I will receive an image that I consider
comes straight from their spirit or Creative Unknown. It is
often a short movie or a knowledge or feeling. I will tell
the querent what I received before laying any cards down. It
often leads to an insightful dialogue about the vision. This
cosmic story of the querent may not always make sense right
away, but it will often bring deeper values to the surface
that would have been completely missed had we stayed on our
rational track.
I will be teaching more about this during my presentation at
Readers Studio. I will also be presenting a workshop called
"Trusting Your Tarot Voice" April 13, 2013 at the Magus
Bookstore in Minneapolis, MN from 2-5pm. Please email at for more information.


Oracle Soup is a new podcast produced by
Katrina Wynne and our own Gina Thies. Billed
as "Dishing and discussion on tarot, oracles
and esoteric topics for those who advise
others," they'll be exploring topics such as
How to be a better reader, Transference and
countertransference in reading, and Do
readers need a Code of Ethics statement?
The first serving of Oracle Soup will be
published on Friday, April 26. In the
meantime, check out their Facebook page at

Tarot Card Showcase

In this section we will feature tidbits on a specific tarot card. 
While there are many systems and decks to choose from in 
the world of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite Tarot 
images and symbols.
Copyright 1992 U.S Games.

Astrological Attribution: Moon in Cancer
Qabalistic Attribution: Chesed in Briah
Esoteric Title: Lord of Blended Pleasure
Sitting in solitude under a tree amidst a
plush setting, a youth relaxes with his arms
folded and legs crossed. A hand emerges from
a cloud offering a golden chalice, while 
three other cups sit in the foreground.
The number four in standard numerology
suggests stability, achievement and being
grounded in reality. And a popular
interpretation of the figure's body language
is one of resistance -- possibly indifference, 
apathy or discontent. From this perspective, you could say that this person 
may be somewhat satisfied with what has been accomplished in life for the 
time being, but has some reservations about taking on any new interests.
But now let's look at the card a little differently. The number four
in Qabalah (Chesed), represents the never-ending flow of goodness and
grace, and the figure's arms are crossed in the shape of a lemniscate,
the sign of eternity. From this point of view, the person may be seen
as immersed in meditation, accepting and integrating the gifts before
him on an internal level.
It is interesting to note that the figure's back rests against the
trunk of a tree in Waite's version of the card. The tree has long
symbolized the spine, which connects to the root chakra. It is this
area in which we are said to experience our most basic needs and
sensual pleasure.
Speaking of which, the esoteric title, Lord of Blended Pleasure, is
one of the most interesting things about this card. Here is an
opportunity to add (or blend) some pleasure into the mix of everyday
difficulties. If you've ever had someone lovingly massage your feet
after a long day, you'll understand the concept. So when the 4 of Cups
comes up in a reading, perhaps it's time for a little pampering --
either to receive it or offer it to someone else.

Positive Keywords: 
Pleasure, success, luck, fortune, sensuality, love, 
signs and premonitions, vision, imagination, daydream, pensive relaxation.
Negative Keywords: Dissatisfaction, isolation, boredom, preoccupation; 
withdrawn, unsettled, discontent.

Tarot Affirmation: 
I accept the grace of the universe and channel it wisely.

                   The Readers Studio: April 26-289, 2013 — 3 days of intense tarot learning for advanced students and professionals. Produced by The Tarot School. Click Here!

Project Spotlight

Charming, vibrant and delightful describe both Hungarian
artist Nora Huszka and her Gypsy Palace Tarot. With just a
few more days to go, her Indiegogo campaign will help Nora
with the printing costs of the deck.
The video on her campaign page is joyful and fun -- and
there are several clips of her actually working on the
colorful artwork.
her deck:
"The gypsy-fairy tale world holds a lot of secrets waiting
to be found! The cards have a spirit, what I wanted to
capture with the archetypical figures, intense colors and
the whole design, the excellent quality. I wish that it
makes people feel they hold something unique, something
royal in their hands. The origin of them is pure and full
with energy, I wish that working with them can connect
magic, arts and the inner self in a beautiful celebration!"
We believe the Gypsy Palace Tarot should have a place in
your collection, and you can help make it happen!
Campaign ends: Saturday, April 6
You can also help by spreading the word to your
friends, and visiting Nora at her Facebook page

Best Practices for Professional Readers
How many chances do you think you'll get to make a good
impression on your clients? If you answered only one - the
first, I'd say you're somewhat right. Earning your clients' 
trust and business is something that goes beyond that first 
meeting or session.
I consider myself a bit of a shopaholic, and therefore have
a thing or two to say about customer service and quality
impressions that stores or services make upon me. Naturally
I want to apply some of these principles to my own service
to impress my customers.
Have you ever considered what type of client you want to
attract for your services? What about client retention? Many
businesses think about this before a customer becomes a
customer. It boils down to what impression is made on 
the client not only when they are new but consistently
throughout your client-practitioner relationship.
Here are a few things to consider:
1.    Responsible response time. This means answering emails
and returning phone calls in a timely manner. Setting
appointments and honoring the times given.
2.    Show warmth and be approachable. Whether in person or
on the phone, smiling is important. While some of the
concerns addressed by your client may be serious, you still
want to create an atmosphere of a welcoming person who shows
concern and is willing to assist.
3.    Evaluate the relationship. Assess their needs as soon
as possible and if you are not a good fit, you may not want
to waste time or money, either theirs or yours. In that
case, refer them elsewhere if possible.
4.    Inform and educate. Let clients know about other
services you offer and/or provide resources you think may be
beneficial to them.
Here's to attracting and retaining the clients who are right
for you and whom you can best serve!

Join our international event as hundreds of tarot readers, 
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Readers Studio takes a quantum leap forward into the 
21st century! We proudly present the first Readers Studio 
Tarot & Psychology Conference. This exciting full-day 
conference takes place on Thursday, April 25th. 
The presenters are all distinguished PhD. psychologists 
who use tarot in their practice. You can attend just for the 
day, or combine it with your Readers Studio registration 
and get a $100 discount.


Featured Tarot Blog
Tarot can certainly boost your creativity. Check out this
blog from Ostara, who has been a tarotist most of her life,
as she explores life and the choices made through the tarot
lens. Good Stuff!

 Upcoming Events:
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  • Readers Studio + Tarot & Psychology Conference
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