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Vol. 5 #2 / February 1, 2013

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- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: 4 Simple Ways to Deepen Your Personal Insight with the Tarot
- What's Gnu?
- Tarot Card Showcase: Queen of Cups
- Best Practices: I Need Guidance But Don't Want To Pay
- Featured Tarot Blog: Daily Tarot Girl
- Upcoming Events

Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
And a special welcome to our new readers.
We are so pleased to be of "voting age" and appreciate
all of you who have helped us get this far. As is our
tradition, we have a special birthday gift just for you
as an expression of our gratitude.
This past year, we introduced a series of study guides
on various tarot-related topics. In celebration of our
birthday, we'd like to give one to you. Since we don't
know which will interest you most, we'll let you
choose. You'll find them in the Study Guides section at Use the special coupon
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(Offer good through February 28, 2013.)
We're also extending the 3-time payment plan for
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Psychology Conference are going to be awesome! We'd
love to see you there.
And for a little birthday present of our own, we
received our advance copy of The High Deck! We are
absolutely thrilled with the way it came out, and can't
wait to share it with you. We'll let you know as soon
as it's available for shipping.
With Valentine's Day coming also, February is just one
big love-fest around here. Love, nurturing and care of
our loved ones is a wonderful thing, no matter what
time of year it is. But what about a little tarot self-love? 
Biddy Tarot's guest tip discusses how to deepen your 
self-exploration with tarot in 4 simple steps.
The Queen of Cups, our showcase card, expresses a 
very universal theme of lover and the ideal partner.
And what about relationships with your clients? The
Best Practices column highlights how to handle a tricky
situation with a less than ideal querent. Finally, we
have found a great blog for those of you who enjoy a
daily dose of tarot.
And one more thing...
We love you!
The best and brightest on your tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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Tarot Tip
by Brigit Esselmont
Think that Tarot is all about crystal balls, psychic
powers, crushed velvet and 1-800 numbers? Sure, that
all exists, but it doesn't have to be that way.
Many 'normal' people use the Tarot cards on an
everyday basis for self-development and personal
insight. Crystal balls and crushed velvet don't even
come into the equation.
In fact, the Tarot is incredibly powerful for
uncovering layers of a deep and almost subconscious
level of your inner psyche.
Want to know why you're lacking direction?
Why your relationship isn't working like you want it
to? How you can become more fulfilled in your daily
work? How you can honor your true self?
How you can better connect with your loved ones?
All of these types of questions are perfect for the
Tarot. And the Tarot is perfect for understanding more
about YOU!
4 Ways to Use the Tarot for Personal Insight
To use the Tarot cards for personal insight, try some
(or all) of these activities:
1. Draw a Card a Day
Draw one card at the start of the day asking, "What
do I need to know about today?" Think about what this
card is telling you - what events or situations to
expect, what you can learn during the day, what you
need to watch out for, where your best opportunities
lie, etc.
At the end of the day, reflect on how this card related
to your actual experience and take note of what you
have learned.
Over time, you will form an even stronger personal
connection with your cards and you will find that your
cards offer you profound insight, even on a day-to-day
2. Get to Know Yourself with the Major Arcana
If you're feeling 'lost' or directionless, then
exploring the Major Arcana in relation to yourself can
be a very helpful way to rediscover your direction. Use
the "Get to Know Yourself with the Major Arcana"
questionnaire to ask yourself some of the deeper
questions about your life path. You'll find it at:
Or, work with each Major Arcana card, tapping into the
life lessons that each has to share.
3. Use Simple One Card Readings
If you're facing a dilemma or you need insight into a
personal situation, use a simple one-card reading to
provide insight. First, clearly frame your question.
Ask, "What do I need to know about___?" or "Where
do my best options lie?" or "What do I need to take
into account when making this decision?"
Then, draw one card, and one card only. Go deep into
that card by exploring the symbolism, elemental and
numerological associations, and your intuitive
Resist the temptation to draw 'clarifier' cards
that often only serve to complicate the reading. And
resist the urge to keep asking the same question in the
hope of finding the answer you want. The key is to stay
focused on the one question and the one card.
You'll be amazed at the depth you can gain with just
one card!
4. Meditation with Tarot Cards
This final activity is incredibly powerful and will
help you to build a very strong and personal connection
with the cards.
Select a Tarot card from the deck, then start by
relaxing your body and your mind. Softly gaze at the
Tarot card, and without thinking, just observe what you
see in the card.
Next, step 'into' the card and experience what it
is like to be a part of the Tarot card.
- What does it feel like to be the main character
   in the card?
- What are you touching, feeling, seeing, tasting
   and smelling?
- What emotions does it bring up?
- What thoughts come to mind?
Use this meditation with the Tarot cards to tap into
your subconscious mind and explore the universal
energies associated with that card on a very deep
So next time you need insight into what's happening
in your life, pick up your Tarot cards and use these
simple techniques to connect with your subconscious
mind and tap into your inner psyche.
Love These Tarot Reading Tips?
You'll find even more in my newest Tarot eBook,
Confidence. Follow my 31 day program and you'll be
reading the Tarot like a professional in no time. Build
a personal connection with the cards and take your
readings to the next level. Find out more at
About Brigit
Brigit is a professional Tarot reader with over 15
years experience. She is an author, blogger and mentor.
Her website, Biddy Tarot, is incredibly popular amongst
Tarot enthusiasts with Tarot card meanings, Tarot
guides and eBooks, and regular blog posts to help you
learn Tarot.
She is also mum to 2 beautiful girls and lives with her
family in Melbourne, Australia.


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Tarot Card Showcase

In this section we will feature tidbits on a specific tarot card. 
While there are many systems and decks to choose from in 
the world of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite Tarot 
images and symbols.
Copyright 1992 U.S Games.

Astrological Attribution: Cancer
Qabalistic Attribution: Water of Water
Esoteric Title: Queen of the Thrones of the Waters, 
Queen of Nymphs and Undines
Traditionally queens are shown seated on a throne
as the embodiment of the archetypal Great Mother. 
The Queen of Cups falls into the type classified by
Antonia Anna "Toni" Wolff, a Jungian analyst, as 
a medial aspect of the feminine psyche.
In her paper, Structural Forms of the Female Psyche,
Toni Wolff explains that the Medial Woman 
"mediates between the concrete world and the 
unseen world, between the conscious and the
unconscious." Medial Women "are sensitive to currents of thoughts and feelings not perceived by most people, but which become apparent in the future...
A contemporary Medial Woman is apt to be fascinated with such subjects as
parapsychology, astrology, spiritualism, and Eastern philosophies." 
And of course, tarot.
As Water of Water, the Queen of Cups sits on the edge of the sea, 
a reference to Binah on the Tree of Life. The elaborate shell design 
on the throne symbolizes the card's astrological attribution of Cancer, 
and the shell with its delicate coloring and shape bring to mind fertility 
and the mystery of birth and rebirth.
On Waite's version, two mythical mermaids flank the throne. 
The mermaids belong to a group of traditionally temperamental 
water gods like Neptune. They are believed to possess the gift of 
prophecy and are able to lure men to doom with their alluring beauty.
The "cup" held by the queen in this card is the most elaborate 
and decorated in the suit of Cups. It resembles the monstrance or 
ostensorium, a vessel used to hold sacred relics, and is a mixture of 
Christian, Rosicrucian and Hermetic symbolism.

Positive Keywords: Honesty, virtue, happiness, 
kindness, pleasure, 
wit, intelligence, spirituality, devotion.
Negative Keywords:  Untrustworthy, dishonest, troublesome, fickle; 
anger, disorder, and vice.

Tarot Affirmation: The waters of the Great Sea refresh 
and renew me.

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Best Practices for Professional Readers
Not long ago I received an email with the subject "I
need guidance" from someone inquiring about a reading
or so I thought. It did indeed pertain to my services,
but the person also wanted to make sure that I was a
legitimate person and not scamming for money. They
requested that I prove myself without them just taking
my word for it and all for free!
This was one of many instances in which it seems people
are skeptical about scams, but also seem to be running
a scam of their own. There are others who send in
questions without payment, along with their birth dates
and other pertinent information, requesting a reading.
In addition to this, they want to know about my
accuracy as a reader.
Other professional readers have come across similar
requests, It's a discouraging aspect of the
professional reading business, and seems to be
occurring more frequently these days.
Usually the best of closing techniques do not convert
these inquiries into an actual sale. I'm thinking
somewhere along the way, a nice reader had pity on
these folks. I guess they cannot appreciate the cost of
web hosting, domain name, electricity, and other fees
accrued in order to reply to them for free.
So what do I do?
I keep a list of free reading sites as references to
pass along. There are plenty of readers willing to give
free readings and you may want to compile a list of the
ones you trust to recommend.
I also respond sympathetically with specific
instructions on how I work, along with directions to my
order page.
Then I add a little bit about how tarot works and some
of the best uses of a tarot reading, with the hope that
even if they do not use me, they avoid hassling the
next reader.

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