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Vol. 4 #11 / December 1, 2012

 In this Issue:
- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: Using Reversed Cards in Your Readings
- What's Gnu?
- Tarot Card Showcase: The Hanged Man
- Best Practices - Are Business or Marketing Coaching Programs Worth It?
- Featured Tarot Blog: Moonlight Counseling 
- Upcoming Events

Seasons Greetings!
Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
And a special welcome to our new readers.
First, a special 'thank you' for all of your well-wishes
and positive energy during the past few weeks. We know that
everyone on the East Coast is looking forward to some sort
of stability after such a dramatic storm.
In the last issue, we felt The Tower to be a relevant card.
Under the circumstances, The Hanged Man, "Spirit of The
Mighty Waters," seems just as appropriate to showcase in
this issue. Paradoxically, The Hanged Man, called the Stable
Intelligence, is associated with the unstable element of
We also thought it fitting to discuss reversals, and Mike
Hernandez has written a wonderful tip about using reversed
cards in a tarot reading.
As the end of the year draws near, it is traditional to
reflect on the year gone by and make plans for the year
ahead. Anything unsuccessful is usually abandoned and
improvements require new perspectives. An aspect of this
activity is discussed in the 'Best Practices' column.
And two more things...
As the days grow shorter, coming together as a community is
a great way to shine light in the darkness. This month there
are two ways to do that:
1) No matter where you live, join us for some cheerful
discussion at the Free Readers Studio Teleconference.
It's early this month (December 2nd), so you'll still have
plenty of time to shop.
2) If you're in the New York City area, we invite you to
celebrate with us at our annual Tarot School Holiday Party
on December 20th!
See the Upcoming Events section for the details on both
We think you'll enjoy this month's edition of Tarot Tips and
we wish you...
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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Tarot Tip
by Mike Hernandez
A common and often continuing discussion among experienced
and neophyte Tarot readers concerns the issue of using
reversed cards. "Why should I use them?" "Aren't reversed 
meanings always negative or just the opposite of what the cards 
mean in their upright position?" "Can't I get these meanings 
just from looking at the cards upright anyway?"
I find that working with reversed cards adds a very broad
range of meanings and interpretations that I can get from a
deck of cards, and they enable me to see subtleties and
nuances that can add so much to a reading. Think of the
Tarot as a language, such as Spanish or French. Let's
assume that each card represents a single phrase; for example, 
the Three of Pentacles means "Working with others." 
If you only read upright cards, you have 78 phrases in your 
Tarot vocabulary. If you read reversed cards, then you now 
have 156 phrases and your vocabulary is doubled. I hope the 
advantage and benefit is clear.
An important thing to be aware of is that reversed cards are
not inherently negative. This is totally reasonable. When
you think about it, upright cards are not inherently positive. 
Just as there are many ways to interpret an upright card, there 
are also many ways to interpret a reversed card. For example, 
here are just a few of the ways you can interpret a reversed card:
Difficult situation
Energy is diminished
Energy just beginning (planting first seed)
Energy is waning or passing
Excessive energy
Internal focus
Positive lesson
As you begin to explore using reversed cards in your readings, 
allow your mind to go beyond any meanings you may have 
learned or created for a given card. Take some time to look at 
the artwork in the card and see if any new images emerge. 
You'll be surprised how a deck you've known and loved 
for a long time can become revitalized and fresh again.
Reading a reversed card accurately depends upon several
factors: the spread you're using, the card position's
meaning within the spread, where the card falls within the
spread, and the context of that card in that position to the
overall message of the spread. Last, but certainly not
least, your intuition plays the key part in reading the
reversed card - it really centers on what the card says to
you at that particular moment in space and time in relation
to the story you see unfolding before you.
Here's an example of a reversed card that does not have a
negative connotation.
In this three-card spread are:
1.   Issue at hand - Five of Wands
2.   What's causing it - Three of Pentacles
3.   Your next move - Four of Swords Rx (reversed)
Now let's assume you have a client who's been feeling
uneasy lately because she knows something is not quite right
at work; she can't seem to put her finger on what it might
be. After she shuffles the deck, these are the three cards
you've drawn and put into the spread.
The interpretations for the first two cards seem relatively
1.   The issue seems to be about a particular project 
      and the people (possibly from outside teams) with
      whom you are collaborating.
2.   There seems to be some amount of serious disagreement 
      and argument about aspects of the project. This is most 
      likely with your project manager and the project managers 
      from the other teams.
At this point, you might be thinking, "Now wait a minute!
Does the Four of Swords reversed mean that she has to start
worrying more about this issue? Upright it typically means
being calm and at rest..." Actually it's quite the contrary.
3.   It seems like your next step is to stop bringing 
      work-related issues home with you. You likely 
      can't do much about the situation and it's certainly 
      not worth losing any sleep over it. Let go of this 
      unnecessary stress and start getting a good night's sleep.
I hope you can see how reversed cards can bring more depth
and subtlety to a reading. The key is not to be afraid of
them and don't see them as being inherently negative. Use
your skills and intuition to read a reversed card just like
you would an upright card. It really is that easy.
For more from Mike Hernandez, visit his website at:

#1: Josephine's Parlour
In recognition of the enthusiasm for
all things Lenormand, we've added
this special room at Readers Studio
just for "Lennie Lovers" to swap
readings, compare decks, share tips, 
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Tarot Card Showcase

In this section we will feature tidbits on a specific tarot card. 
While there are many systems 
and decks to choose from in the world of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite Tarot 
images and symbols.
Copyright 1992 U.S Games.

Astrological Attribution: Neptune
Hebrew Letter: Mem
Meaning: Water
Esoteric Title: Spirit of the Mighty Waters
Upside-down or even right-side up, The Hanged 
Man is notoriously puzzling. Adding to the 
confusion is the normally uncomfortable position 
which the figure doesn't seem to mind. Except for 
yoga and a few other situations, there are not many
reasons to purposely hang upside-down.
The image of The Hanged Man would have been
well recognized, routinely appearing in most of
Northern Renaissance Italy. Renaissance artists
were regularly commissioned to paint "pittura infamanti", meaning defaming
portraits, as a way of soiling the reputation of certain individuals, usually for
offenses that were not punishable by execution.
Speculatively, the scene in the card is related to Judas' demise after his betrayal 
of Jesus Christ. However, religious tradition identifies The Hanged Man as Peter, 
who was hung upside down. Due to their religious importance, the accounts of 
saintly martyrdom were primary subjects of Renaissance art.
The figure of The Hanged Man might intuitively represent an arrested state of 
personal consciousness or a reversal of views and perspectives. The Hanged Man 
is likely to think opposite to the thoughts of others.
In a reading, this card can suggest awakenings, delays or periods of waiting.
Traditionally it indicates intellectual or spiritual pursuits or instruction. 
The Hanged Man offers the insight that wisdom can be gained by looking at 
a situation from another point of view. 

Positive Keywords: 
Release from ordinary perspectives, devotion, a different 
viewpoint, deep thought, mindfulness, introspection, self-reflection, sacrifice, 
Negative Keywords: Betrayal, restraint, punishment, delay, stagnation, 
martyrdom, treachery
Tarot Affirmation: I confidently express my viewpoint and know it is valued.

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Best Practices for Professional Readers
By Gina Thies - 
Coaching is excellent for those who need accountability. 
But the promise of a magic pill for those looking for fast, 
easy results can add up to costly mistakes. Many years ago, 
I was in a coaching program which on the outside seemed 
to be a good fit. The advertised pitch made it seem like the
coaching was ideal for those who were on the verge of
starting a small business.
I wanted to solidify the foundation of my business, learn
what was essential for a home-based business and how to
successfully launch it. Instead, what I received were weekly
calls and handouts that were for people looking to sell the
same type of multi-level marketing that they were advocating.
If you are seeking solutions for success in business, it's
worth it to look for a good coach with a similar sensibility
to your own. Business coaching programs are similar to 
life coaching but geared for the entrepreneur. Rather than 
helping with individual life dilemmas, they provide strategies 
for a rocking, prosperous business. There are many truly 
helpful guides out there. Ask people you know if they've
tried any they would recommend.
Some programs require discrimination, however, and 
it would be a good idea to do some research first when
considering them. These generally claim that their 
strategies have proven to earn a hefty income -- 
usually over six figures -- and they can help you to 
do the same!
If you pay close attention, there's a formula (with various 
angles) that usually promises to:
-     Help you start/grow your business quickly.
-     Offer their proven system(s) for selling your products or services.
-     Boost your ego or confidence, so you can be cool like them.
-     Earn six-figures, sometimes millions, just like them. 
      They drive home this point by repeating it often. 
      Very often. A lot. Did I say a lot?
To gain the benefits of their programs, you have to:
-    Adapt and behave as they do or tell you to for success.
-    Follow their lead because they are smart and experienced, 
     and know how people act and react as customers.
-    Enroll in their offer, but you'll only benefit if you act fast!
-    Realize because you are special, you therefore can
     get in on the secret discounted price, but you'll have to
     hurry because, the regular price will start at a later date.
-    Tell you how they, too used to be frustrated, broke,
     or had a job your mother would frown on, in the guise of
     relating to you, only to make you self-conscious because you
     aren't following their guru's formula for success.
-    Buy countless streams of their products, designed
     for your success, some of which they seem to have designed
     on the fly.
-    Never tell others about your membership to their
     secret closed group. You are chosen, and those others would
     just not get it or start a bunch of drama. But they will be
     happy if you recruited your associates or friends from your
     sphere of influence.
Before you know it you can be caught by these tactics, hook,
line and sinker. Don't think that I am 'coach bashing.' I am not. 
The point here is that before you invest in coaching, do your 
homework and look at the bigger picture.


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Featured Tarot Blog
Arthur Rosengarten, PhD. is the author of 
Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibilities, 
a ground-breaking introduction to tarot for the 
mental health professional. In addition to insightful 
thoughts on tarot, his entire website has wonderful 
articles pertaining to his work as a licensed psychologist 
and how he uses dreamwork, sandplay and tarot to 
supplement his work.
* Dr. Rosengarten is one of the distinguished presenters at 
   the upcoming Tarot & Psychology Conference! 
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