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Vol. 4 #7 / August 1, 2012

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- Tarot Tip: How Often Should You Get Readings?
- What's Gnu?
- Tarot Card Showcase: Ten of Wands
- Best Practices: The Responsible Tarot Reader
 - Featured Tarot Blog: Tarot Topics Community Blog
- Upcoming Events

Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
And a special welcome to our new readers.
Those "lazy, hazy days of summer" may be hot and 
hazy here in the US, but they've been anything but 
lazy at The Tarot School. We've embraced the current
Mercury retrograde full-on by upgrading our computer
system and critical software, as well as finalizing the
hotel contract for the 2013 Readers Studio. We're also
starting our new 1+1=Tarot teleclass curriculum this 
Thursday! In case you think we've totally lost our minds, 
we're reassured by the fact that The Tarot School was 
founded during a Mercury retrograde. As Wald is fond
of saying, "Not even failure is guaranteed!"  
When was the last time you had a life changing
experience or wanted to improve your life because of
something someone said to you? We are bombarded daily
with words and information from many sources. Some of
this we pay attention to and some we don't.
Insights from the cards can influence seekers in
dramatic ways. Because of this some readers feel that
there should be a limit to how many readings they will
do for a single querent. In this issue our tip addresses 
the question, "How often should you get a reading?"
Do you feel a burden of responsibility as a reader? 
The "Best Practices" column addresses the topic of
responsibility as a reader and the 10 of Wands, the 
card commonly associated with burden is the featured
showcase card. And we are excited to have a very busy
tarot blog from Christiana Gaudet.

And one more thing...
Gina is going to be one of the featured presenters
at the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium
later this month! If you don't have your ticket for
the 21st Anniversary of SF BATS, there's still time

Onward and batward!
Yours truly on the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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of your Tarot journey. In order to take the greatest
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Tarot Tip
There is no established standard for frequency of
readings. Although some tarot enthusiasts have an
opinion about getting too many readings and creating a
dependency on readings, there is no literature that
defines how often is too much.
Still, from time to time the question does come up.
There is a belief that a person could become dependent
on what the cards say and not make decisions or take
actions on their own. The assumption here is that
readings can become habit-forming and reliance on a
reader for support can be overdone.
But dependency on readings is more myth than fact. If
you use tarot daily for meditation, journaling, or for
any other growth process, are you dependent on tarot?
Tarot can be used for guidance and as a tool for
personal evolution. These processes can take longer for
some than for others.
The frequency with which tarot is used for oneself
depends on how important tarot becomes to the
individual practitioner. Many are perpetual students of
tarot while others earn money from it, so it is used,
discussed or written about on a daily basis.
When reading for yourself, the frequency with which you
use tarot is a matter of personal choice. When reading
for others, your ethics could play a part in how you
decide to service your clients. And a part of this
issue comes down to boundaries.
At times you will need to set boundaries on what you
will and will not do. That depends in part on your
assessment of the needs of the querent. In the
counseling arena, when a client has a crisis that
affects their normal functioning, therapists set
sessions based upon the nature of the crisis.
Another thing to be aware of is your querent's
personal beliefs about the purpose of readings. If you
become a trusted advisor for a particular client, you
may be sought out for your reading style and advice
more often in that case than in others.
How often should you get a tarot reading? It's not
easy to say. Certainly, it seems to be a complex issue
rather than any set standard of how much is too much.

Starting Thursday! 1+1=TAROT
All-new card study series "1+1=Tarot" is 
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#2: New Tarot School Study Guide!
  • Contemplation: Going Deeper into Tarot
    #3: Tarot of the Name
    A lot of excitement is being generated
    by this limited edition hand-crafted
    scrying deck by Wald Amberstone. 

    Tarot Card Showcase

    In this section we will feature tidbits on a specific tarot card. 
    While there are many systems and decks to choose from in 
    the world of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite Tarot 
    images and symbols.
    Copyright 1992 U.S Games.

    Astrological Attribution:Saturn in Sagittarius
    Esoteric Title: Lord of Oppression
    A man embraces a bundle of wands as he walks 
    towards some buildings in the distance. His head 
    is lowered as he leans into the weight of the load. 
    He trudges his way through green fields under a 
    bright blue sky.
    The Ten of Wands is often referred to as the
    "burden" card. Waite emphasized this burden 
    by showing the figure carrying a heavy and 
    cumbersome load. The ten wands are the heavy 
    burden of the influence of Saturn.
    A question that occurs when this card appears is whether you are carrying the 
    load out of necessity. The burden, of course, could be a character-building
    This card can indicate that you feel overwhelmed by your circumstances. 
    You could have bitten off more that you can chew by over-committing. 
    It may be time to reconsider and to see if you can delegate instead of
    doing it all yourself.
    Tens are cards of completion and the beginning of a new cycle. 
    In a reading, this card may indicate that hard work has brought success. 
    However, you still need to deliver the goods before you can be relieved 
    of your load.

    Positive Keywords: Determination, progress, goals, responsibility, 
    strength, expansion, confidence, striving, work, tasks and productivity.
    Negative Keywords:  Obstacles, heavy burdens, overwork, 
    oppression, difficulty.

    Tarot Affirmation: I respectfully honor the universal laws of responsibility.


    Tarot is full of mysteries, and as much as we all know about tarot, 
    there's a lot we don't know, too. In an exciting new series of teleclasses, 
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    The Aces, The Twos and The Threes
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    You'll receive the mp3 recordings even if you can't attend the classes.

    Best Practices for Professional Readers
    By Gina Thies
    Tarot readers are agents of change. It is no light task
    to take on the responsibility of guiding others. We
    help others with changes in beliefs, feelings, and
    behaviors in a positive way, all while reminding the
    querent that they have the ultimate burden of
    responsibility for themselves. It is the reader's
    responsibility to treat clients with respect, to act
    ethically and to respect pivacy.
    The querent is responsible for taking action to bring
    about the changes they desire. I tell my clients that
    regardless of what the reading points out, they are
    always in the driver's seat.
    It can be frustrating when a querent seeks  repeated
    guidance on the same topic. Many readers have personal
    policies of limiting the number of a querent's readings 
    on any one issue with the intention of preventing 
    dependence on tarot.
    But we should realize that not everyone learns in the
    same manner or has the same cognitive process. Also, 
    it is possible that their issue may take a few readings 
    to successfully navigate. As a reader, I wouldn't turn
    down a querent simply because of some general notion 
    of dependency.
    Questions arise when developing or transitioning
    to professional Tarot Reading status to earn
    income. These can range from "How can I make
    money with Tarot?" and "How do I get started?"
    to more complex technical and business questions.
    You may already be up and running and have
    questions about how to enhance or ramp up your
    business. We would love to hear from you. Send any
    questions, or interest in a future class on the
    Business of Tarot, to


    The High Deck coming Fall 2012



    Featured Tarot Blog
    Billed as "A Blog Spot for the Tarot Enthusiast,"
    the Tarot Topics Community Blog features a
    running selection of posts from different tarot blogs.
    It is curated by Christiana Gaudet, who has been a
    full-time professional tarot reader and teacher since
    1993. The author of Fortune Stellar: What Every
    Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know, Tarot Tour
    Guide: Tarot, The Four Elements, and Your Spiritual
    Journey, Christiana is a Certified Tarot Grandmaster.
     Upcoming Events:
  • August 25-26, 2012
  • San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF BATS)
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    San Francisco, California
    Established by Thalassa in 1991, SF BATS is the
    oldest continuously produced Tarot event in the
    world. This beloved gathering of Tarot enthusiasts
    has showcased some of the best and brightest
    readers, authors, artists and teachers in the field.
    2012 is SF BATS 21st Birthday! Join the celebration.
  • September 30, 2012
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