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Vol. 3 #1 / January 1, 2011

 In this Issue:
- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: Tarot Study Guidelines
- Tarot Card Showcase: Queen of Pentacles
- Upcoming Events
- Best Practices: Are You Qualified to Advise Others?
- Featured Tarot Blog: Tarot Reading Site

Happy New Year & Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
And a special welcome to our new readers.
We are so delighted that you have joined us for the
start of 2011. This is an especially auspicious day as
the date is 1-1-11. Do you tend to notice when the
clock reads 11:11? It's a wonderful time to kiss
someone you love or send your blessings to the world.
On this date, we send you love and blessings all day
long -- along with our best wishes for the entire year.
The start of a new year brings a desire for improvement
to our physical well-being. Often this means a new
beginning or revamping to many areas of our lives in
which we wish to grow.
For the tarot student this can mean going back to basics 
or improving your techniques and becoming more
disciplined in your studies. This issue's tip offers
practical ways to study tarot that will give you form,
discipline and organization.
The featured card -The Queen of Pentacles - along with
the energy of Capricorn, encourages steadfastness in
fulfilling your goals whether it is in tarot or other
Joyously taking tarot into a new decade,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

Tarot Tips is here to help you with the practical side
of your Tarot journey. In order to take the greatest
advantage of this newsletter, please send us your
questions regarding any aspect of your tarot study
or practice and we'll do our best to answer them
in an upcoming issue.

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Tarot Tip

Increasing your knowledge of tarot is hardly a "one
size fits all" process. Studying with the help of a
teacher or mentor can enrich your understanding of
tarot and can assist in monitoring your progress much
like any other educational undertaking.

The seasoned tarot enthusiast can certainly attest to
being a perpetual student of tarot as it offers so many
layers with its symbolism and tradition. Delving into
the deep waters of tarot may or may not be something
that is of interest to you. Some practitioners are only
interested in tarot as a divination tool, while others
are interested in tarot for its esoteric,
psychological, meditative and mythic connections.

The most important thing to take into consideration
when studying tarot is your personal learning style. Do
you need a lot of structure? Are you more visual? Does
a "hands on" approach suit you better? It's
important because it ultimately boils down to
understanding and retaining information - and in
tarot there is certainly lots of information.

Here are some guidelines:


  •  Find time and a place that is quiet and
  • distraction free.

  •  Create a "tarot" atmosphere where you will
  • study.

  •  Use and keep a notebook or journal.

  •  Create a tarot library for references that are
  • easy to access.

  •  Get an extra deck that you only use for study. You
  • can make notes on these or cut off the words and use
    them as flash cards (if applicable).

  •  In a group or classroom setting the instructor
  • usually provides structure so it will be left up to the
    individual to organize handout, assignments, etc.


  •  Depending on the tradition you choose to work with
  • or the deck you plan to use for readings, you may want
    to get material pertaining to specific symbolism,
    astrology, or artist's impression for the deck. The
    Tarot School uses the Universal Waite /
    Rider-Waite-Smith deck for their lessons.

  •  Tarot is a language, and like learning any
  • language, the lessons start with an alphabet - one
    letter at a time.

  •  Your learning style plays a role. For example, if
  • your approach is primarily kinesthetic, you may wish to
    hold the card or mimic the stance of a figure in the
    card to gain insight about the card.

  •  Set intentions for your study time. Think about
  • what you want to accomplish.

  •  Practice, practice, practice. You can do readings
  • in online forums or at local Meetups. These are good
    ways to work with a variety of querents.

  •  Observation is key. Tarot is about you, so record
  • your observations as you get to know each card.

    Tarot is a mirror of our inner processes and gives us
    an avenue to soul evolution. It can lead to the
    exploration of Qabalah, Astrology, Ceremonial Magic,
    psychology, mythology and the study of other cultures.

    We developed The Tarot School Correspondence Course 
    to meet the needs of self-paced students regardless of
    their level of previous tarot knowledge. There are
    numerous educational resources at and
    other websites.

    The beauty of tarot is its capacity to evoke as many
    questions as it answers. This is where knowledgeable
    instructors come in handy. Thank goodness for a large
    and growing tarot community that keeps the questions

    Tarot Card Showcase

    In this section we will feature tidbits on a
    specific tarot card. While there are many
    systems and decks to choose from in the world
    of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite
    Tarot images and symbols.
    Copyright 1992 U.S Games.

    Astrological Attribution: Capricorn

    Esoteric Title: 
    Queen of the Thrones of the Earth,
                             Queen of Gnomes
    This queen rules the realm of the Gnomes. She sits on a
    throne carved with fruit, vines, nature sprites and the
    head of a goat. She is surrounded by lush and fertile
    outdoor surroundings.
    The Queen of Pentacles demonstrates focus and
    steadiness as she looks at the pentacle, symbol of her
    rulership over the Earth. She manages her environment
    very well and loves to surround herself with beauty.
    She has the ability to make things flourish as she
    embodies Mother Earth.
    In a reading, this card suggests a need for
    practicality and self-restraint. The Queen of Pentacles
    has a high practical intelligence. She is not one to
    make rash decisions, and uses common sense when it
    comes to problem-solving and reaching conclusions.
    She is materialistic and she enjoys the good life,
    achieving social and business prestige. She is a good
    provider and caretaker. In a reading this card can mean
    someone who is pragmatic, committed, seeks security 
    and prefers to have long-term relationships.
    Positive Keywords: Supportive, trustworthy, reliable;
    riches, luxury, devotion, resiliency and honesty;
    loving, generous, confident, down-to-earth.
    Negative Keywords: Untrustworthy, lacking confidence,
    impoverished, dishonest, disloyal, unhealthy,
    possessive, toxic, perplexed, slow, and undisciplined.

    Upcoming Events:
  • January 24
  • NYC Tarot School Classes Resume
    Our schedule:
    More info:

  • April 29 - May 1, 2011
  • The Readers Studio (RS11)
    Queens, NY
    Presenters include: Caitlin Matthews, Corrine
    Kenner, Barbara Moore, Mary K. Greer, Bev
    Haskins, James Wells, Carolyn Cushing and
    many more!

    Best Practices for Professional Readers
    What qualifies you to advise others? If you aren't a
    member of the mental health profession, a member of
    clergy or formally trained in counseling, what makes
    you different from the average bartender or hairdresser
    that listens to their customers pouring out their
    issues daily?

    I am often asked, "How long have you been doing
    this?" or " How did you get into tarot reading?"
    I am not sure if it's curiosity or if saying "6
    months" or "25 years" would give some sort of
    inkling as to my skill level, but I don't think I would 
    be wrong to presume that what they really want to
    know is what qualifies me or what credentials give me
    the authority to advise people.

    Perhaps they are nervous or just curious, but I think
    that people may want reassurance that you are not going
    to manipulate their perception with mind games, and
    they seek a level of comfort and trust before sharing
    their private lives with you.

    Whenever I have the opportunity, I try to educate
    interested people about what it is that a tarot reader
    does. A reader has a mixture of good common sense, life
    experience and an understanding of the human condition,
    which results in not just being a tarot reader, but a
    professional helper and source of support.

    When someone reaches out to you for assistance, you are
    a link in a support chain and can become a designated
    counselor by default. This can occur in a crisis, and
    you become a shoulder to lean on or a nurturer,
    sometimes without your even realizing the relationship.

    As designated counselor, you can be support for
    querents in their immediate need as they focus on the
    here and now. This is especially important if a 
    spiritual dilemma stems from conflicts rooted in deeper 

    Of course, in matters of health, finance and the law,
    its important that you recommend they consult a
    licensed professional, unless you happen to also possess
    those credentials yourself.

    There are several common techniques that allow support
    in counseling situations. The most basic techniques

  •  Allow them to vent: some need to share what
  •     bothers them

  •  Get specific on problem or needs: what/why they
  •     need a reading

  •  Clear up possible miscommunications: does your
  •     response make sense?

  •  Suggestions: give options and place responsibility
  •     in their hands

  •  Reassurance: give positive feedback where appropriate

  •  Resources/Homework: give the querent information
  •     and/or an action plan

  •  Empathy: show your human side, especially in
  •     delicate situations

  •  Safety: protect yourself emotionally
    Questions arise when developing or transitioning
    to professional Tarot Reading status to earn
    income. These can range from "How can I make
    money with Tarot?" and "How do I get started?"
    to more complex technical and business questions.
    You may already be up and running and have
    questions about how to enhance or ramp up your
    business. We would love to hear from you. Send any
    questions, or interest in a future class on the
    Business of Tarot, to


    Discover the meanings behind the interpretations
    and hidden secrets of the cards.
    Learn how to read with confidence and precision.
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    Find out what is behind the pictures of the world's
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    Get a firm foundation in tarot that you'll build on
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    Start your tarot journey here... and go anywhere!
    Study at your own pace and get one-on-one coaching
    from Tarot School director, Wald Amberstone.

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    Tarot consultant Chanel Bayless shares her insights on
    her 16 -year passion for tarot. This blog features
    insights for both the professional reader and the
    layperson, exploring topics like predictions and the
    role of divine feminine presence in tarot.
    You can also check out Chanel's really cool deck
    creations. You'll definitely want to keep this one on
    your radar.

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