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Vol. 2 #23 / December 1, 2010

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- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: Using Pentacle-Shaped Spreads
- Tarot Card Showcase: Ace of Pentacles
- Upcoming Events
- Best Practices: The Tarot Professional and Taxes
- Featured Tarot Blog: Alec Satin - Tarot Reader

Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
 And a special welcome to our new readers.
When December arrives, does it prompt you to think
about the year that has passed? Or are you thinking of
turning a new leaf and looking forward to what is
ahead? During this time, given the financial woes of
the world. Many of us hope for a brighter and more
stable future, so this is often the focus of tarot
readings. It is not so much that a querent needs a
prediction about a certain outcome, but rather
reassurance that what is happening in the present will
lead to something positive in the future - and often
this centers around money.
The name December is derived from the name of the 
Roman goddess Decima. She was one of the Three Fates, 
the one who presided over the present. As practitioners 
it is important to hold up the mirror of the present to the
inquiring querents. This allows them to reflect on their 
role in and responsibility for the outcomes they desire.
The mirror and the coin were symbols relating to
prudence. In addition to the notion of reflection,
prudence is associated with foresight and exchange,
like that of monetary exchange. In this issue the focus
is on a great symbol of exchange - the coin, also
known as the pentacle in esoteric circles. In this tip
we give you spreads that are star shaped, and the
showcase card is The Ace of Pentacles.
The common meanings for the Suit of Coins are 
mostly based on finances, and in the Best Practices 
column we'll talk about defining your practice and 
another issue that coins can allude to - paying taxes. 
In addition to this, we offer a new blog for you to
Yours in prosperity on the tarot journey,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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Tarot Tip

The five-pointed star is an ancient symbol well known
in many traditions. The star by itself is called a pentagram. 
When it is enclosed by a circle, it becomes a pentacle. 
It symbolizes the four elements plus a fifth element, spirit.
The pentacle is a powerful talisman of protection. Its
five points represent the five senses through which we
perceive the world. The star in the circle is a symbol
of each individual as the center of his own universe.
You may enjoy trying these 5-card star pattern spreads:
Position the cards in the following manner:
Card 1 is at the top center
Card 2 is diagonally below and to the left of Card 1
Card 3 is diagonally below and to the right of Card 1
Card 4 is directly below Card 2
Card 5 is directly below Card 3
Five Senses Spread
1.  Touch - What about this situation touches me
the most? Take notice of any physical sensation that
may be a source of intuitive information.
2.  Taste - This card represents the attitude from
or towards the querent, which may be metaphorically
salty, sweet, bitter or sour.
3.  Hearing -  Inner hearing. This card gives the
wisdom of the still quiet voice of the Higher Self.
Like the physical ear focuses external vibrations
toward the inner ear that turns them into sounds, the
inner hearing captures the wisdom of the still small
voice of the Higher Self.
4.  Smell - The nose knows. This card shows what
could be helping or hindering in the situation. This
card looks at risks. Does something smell fishy? What
influences will help the querent come out "smelling
like a rose?"
5.  Sight - New insights or seeing something you
didn't see before is indicated by this card.
Mind - Body - Spirit Spread
1.  Mind - The current mental state or focus of the
2.  Body - Possible actions or next steps for the
3.  Spirit - Karmic lessons for the querent.
4.  Strength - What supports the querent.
5.  Weakness -  Areas that need attention or could
be damaging.
The next spread comes from The DruidCraft Tarot
by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Comm, illustrated by 
Will Worthington. It is called The Pentagram Spread 
and is useful for exploring the influences of the functions 
of feeling, sensing, thinking, intuition and Spirit as
defined by Carl Jung.
The Pentagram Spread
Card 1: The Place of The Inner Flame - This 
card shows how intuition play a role in your life 
or suggests ways intuition may be developed.
Card 2: The Place of The Well -  The card in this
position describes the role of emotions in your life.
It also suggests ways to develop emotional maturity.
Card 3: The Place of The Sword - This card relates
to influences affecting your thoughts or judgments. It
shows the role that intellect plays in your life.
Card 4: The Place of The Stone - This is the realm
of the physical body and the earth. This shows areas
concerning physical health or environment.
Card 5: The Place of Spirit/Soul - This represents
the advice or gifts of the spirit, or fifth function.
This advice relates to bringing about a sense of
wholeness or may relate to the needs of the soul.

Tarot Card Showcase

In this section we will feature tidbits on a
specific tarot card. While there are many
systems and decks to choose from in the world
of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite
Tarot images and symbols.
Copyright 1992 U.S Games.

Esoteric Title: Root of the Powers of Earth
The Ace of Pentacles features a large angelic hand
cupping a golden pentacle. The golden pentacle is a
divine gift of power and practical application in
physical matters.
This Ace shows accomplishment in the areas of home,
business, family, career choice or anywhere we seek
stability. It is generally considered a card of success
in the material sense.
Aces are the first cards to appear in the minor arcana
and exhibit the force of each element. The Ace of
Pentacles is the element of earth and contains the
revered sacred symbol of the pentagram. Pentacles was 
a term introduced by Macgregor Mathers that Waite 
adopted for the traditional Coin suit. Eliphas Levi 
referred to the coin of tarot as a "pantacle." This was an
invention of Levi's that was a variation on the word
pentacle for the purpose of distinction.
The garden in the card relates to the element of earth.
It symbolizes the earthly realm, everything that is
contained in nature, and serves as a source of
inspiration as well as security.
The suit of Pentacles is considered feminine and is
thus associated with the regenerative and fertility
aspects of the earth as Divine Mother. The circle
represents totality and the roses and lilies symbolize
life force and purity.
In a reading this card suggests how the fruits of our
labor manifest. The Ace of Pentacles has a tendency 
to show that the efforts we put forth are good and
This Ace has a gift to offer. It is an excellent card
to get before any special occasion like a birthday or
Christmas. It opens to a path of new enterprises and
gives the power of determination and ability to solve
Positive Keywords: Prosperity, practicality,
satisfaction, contentment, treasures, gifts,
opportunity, success, safety, perseverance, nature and
Negative Keywords: Dullness, laziness, greed, financial
loss, blockage; bad habits, pain, empty, unhealthy,
unsustainable, poor.

Upcoming Events:
  • December 11 and 12
    with Wald Amberstone

    We're pleased to offer this popular training
    once more this year. Here's what you'll learn:
    *  3 Reasons Qabalah should be part of your Tarot practice
    *  Kabbalah, Cabala or Qabalah?
    *  Terminology, architecture, concepts and vocabulary 
        of the Tree of Life
    *  What this has to do with Tarot, the world and you
    *  How you can put all this to use in your readings

    I loved the Tarot School's Qabalah and Tarot course 
    and found it very useful. It was a fun and easy way 
    to quickly get an overview of qabalah and immediately 
    be able to apply it to tarot.  It enhanced my tarot skills 
    enormously and made esoteric qabalistic references 
    easier to understand. ~ Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D.
    There is a rich, special and natural connection
    between Tarot and Qabalah. We invite you to join
    us for a joyful learning experience that will open
    up Tarot for you like an oyster with a pearl
    This is the last time this course will be offered live
    for the next year or two. Seating is limited so
    register today!
    December 11 and 12
    11 am -7 pm Eastern time 
    Tuition: $250  
    Location: Forest Hills, NY   
    Call 800-804-2184

  • April 29 - May 1, 2011
  • The Readers Studio (RS11)
    Queens, NY
    Presenters include: Caitlin Matthews, Corrine
    Kenner, Barbara Moore, Mary K. Greer, Bev
    Haskins, James Wells, Carolyn Cushing and
    many more to be announced!

    Best Practices for Professional Readers
    It's not too early to start thinking about taxes. 
    You don't want to wait until April 15th to start
    gathering all the information you will need to file 
    if you've been earning income in some capacity 
    as a tarot professional.
    Most likely you are operating as either a sole
    proprietor or an independent contractor. Let's define
    the two and briefly discuss some general and common 
    tax deductions for the self-employed.
    A sole proprietorship is a business entity owned and
    managed by one person. The main characteristic of a
    sole proprietorship is that the owner is indistinguishable 
    from the business. The independent contractor is an 
    individual or business that provides services to another 
    individual or business. Examples of independent 
    contractors are real estate agents, brokers, artist-for-hire, 
    tarot consultants, etc.
    Sole proprietor and independent contractor are used
    interchangeably for a self-employed individual. The IRS
    has developed guidelines to determine if someone falls
    into one of these categories. It is important for you
    to know, since this affects many home-based and online
    Good record keeping is essential for making the process
    of paying your taxes easier. There are many programs to
    make tax filing easier for the self-employed, but
    consulting a professional tax expert or CPA is highly
    Another important thing to know is what you can claim
    as deductions. For tarot professionals, these might
    include a vehicle, a home office, travel, phone, internet, 
    interest on loans, meals and entertainment. It is good to 
    mention here that if you are taking credit card payments 
    through organizations like PayPal, you may want to 
    account for these as the IRS certainly has these on their 
    radar. Once again, it is best to work with a qualified tax 
    professional in these matters.
    I also recommend researching the relevant local state
    tax and business laws for information about applicable
    information on setting up and running a business. The
    following are links to help you learn more about
    business ownership and taxes:
    Questions arise when developing or transitioning
    to professional Tarot Reading status to earn
    income. These can range from "How can I make
    money with Tarot?" and "How do I get started?"
    to more complex technical and business questions.
    You may already be up and running and have
    questions about how to enhance or ramp up your
    business. We would love to hear from you. Send any
    questions, or interest in a future class on the
    Business of Tarot, to


    Discover the meanings behind the interpretations
    and hidden secrets of the cards.
    Learn how to read with confidence and precision.
    Cut through confusion, conflicting viewpoints and
    tarot "information overload."
    Create a deep well of tarot knowledge that you can
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    Find out what is behind the pictures of the world's
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    Get a firm foundation in tarot that you'll build on
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    Start your tarot journey here... and go anywhere!
    Study at your own pace and get one-on-one coaching
    from Tarot School director, Wald Amberstone.

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    One of the first things you'll notice on this blog is
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    way." Alec Satin is a gifted reader who provides
    well-researched information on all things tarot. This
    blog features Alec's unique look at spreads and
    individual cards. This blog is worth following!

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