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Vol. 1 #1 / October 1, 2009

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Welcome back to Tarot Tips! We haven't
published an issue for a while but have
returned! Tarot Tips still is a great place
to get useful and informative tips on tarot.
We at The Tarot School are developing more
courses and techniques to help you be the
best you can be in your study and practice
of tarot.
You can now follow The Tarot School on
Facebook and Twitter! Informative and
interactive, it's a great way to stay connected.
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Wald and I are delighted to present our new
Tarot Tips editor and contributor, Gina Thies.
Gina is a professional tarot reader and
associate of The Tarot School. You may know
Gina from The Readers Studio, Tarot Teleclasses,
or our recent Tarot Psychology training in
Dallas. She's been a long-time student and
colleague, and is assisting us in getting
out Tarot School information and events as
we concentrate on expansion. Welcome, Gina!
We're looking forward to sharing Tarot Tips
with you again. Please fell free to send us
questions or helpful tips of your own.
Enjoy and Bright Blessings!
Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone

Tarot Tip

It is a common misconception that there are
"good" cards and "bad" cards. Even if you
understand that tarot makes no value judgements,
and that each card contains the entire spectrum
of meanings, you may still find it difficult
to come up with "positive" interpretations
for some of the darker-looking cards. Here
are a few suggestions:

The Tower: The destruction of old structures,
while admittedly unpleasant for many, is the
fastest route to liberation. Revel in the
freedom! It can also indicate sex that will
knock your socks off. :)

The 3 of Swords: "Three for one and one for
all!" Conflicts are resolved through love.
The intellect is grounded in the heart.

The Devil: Did you know that the esoteric
function assigned to the Devil is Laughter?
Be devil-may-care. The Devil is also a great
source of raw power. Tap into it.
The 10 of Swords: This card talks of endings.
An end to suffering; an end to a long-term
problem; the dawning of a new era.

Tarot Card Showcase

In this section we will feature tidbits on a
specific tarot card. While there are many
systems and decks to choose from in the world
of tarot, in this section we will utilize the
Universal Waite Tarot images and symbols.
Copyright 1992 U.S Games.

Esoteric Title: Root of the Powers of Air
Direction: East
Element: Air

The Aces always start each suit of the Minor
Arcana.  Here we take a look at the Ace of
Swords. Waite's interpretation of the Ace
of Swords translates it to mean triumph, the
excessive degree in everything. A card of
great force, in love as well as hatred.  
Sounds like it can cut anything both ways.
The Sword in tarot was believed to be a
representation of the sword of King David.
Swords have been implements used in mythology
to promote judgment. The sword is a phallic
symbol and is seen as masculine in tarot.

Additional suggested meanings: Thought,
communication, ideas, accomplishment, big
honors, fresh start, leading, victory, battle,
knighted, intelligence.

For more on the symbolism of tarot read the

DID YOU KNOW?... The 4 Aces are used in a
dynamic Tarot Psychology system called the
"Elemental Array'? The Tarot School presented
the first of its series on Tarot Psychology
in Dallas, TX recently.

Here is the link to the preview class audio replay:
Be sure to watch for details on this and the
other classes in the Tarot Psychology Degree
Program coming soon!

Best Practices for Professional Readers

Are you thinking of going professional with
your readings but not sure what to charge?
Are you currently a professional and wondering
if your fees are appropriate and competitive?

The question of what to charge can be a
tricky one. Remember the saying, "You get
what you pay for?" Well that applies to the cost
of a tarot readeing just as it does to anything
you may purchase.

When setting your fees, consider the following:

Am I going to do this as my sole source of
income? If this is the case, you may have to
do constant marketing to draw in clients.
Most advertising costs money, so take this
into consideration when you decide on your
Do I get paid more because I am "more experienced"?
Generally, we all love to get paid according
to our expertise, but remember, new or potential
clients do not know if you're really good until
after the reading. Decide whether you are
charging for your time or your experience,
or if you are more interested in the work of
reading and the added experience. It will
make all the difference in knowing your price

Fees can have a broad range and can be based
on what services are included or additional
gifts and tools utilized.

Do a bit a research on the market in your area
to be sure you are charging "market value"
for your services. Once you have your numbers,
make sure you communicate these clearly to
your clients along with a breakdown of time
and what it will costs if a reading goes over
the requested time.

For those already working professionally,
you may want to take charging cues from the
traditional therapy fields and structure your
fees in that manner.
Get familiar with local and state business
and tax laws in order to be in compliance.
If you're still not sure about what you should
charge, use the cards. Pull a card and use that
number. For instance, if you pull 14- Temperance.
The price could be $140 per hour or 1+4 =5.
$50 a half hour or $100 an hour.

Happy earnings!!

Community News/ Events
SF Bay Area Tarot Symposium
Established by Thalassa in 1991, SF BATS is
the oldest continuously produced Tarot event
in the world. This year's gathering will
celebrate the 100th anniversary of the
Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck. This 2-day
extravaganza will feature Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack
and other authors, artists and tarot enthusiasts.
Held in San Fransico, CA, join the celebration
and fun October 3 - 4, 2009.

For registration information, go to:

UK Tarot Conference 2009
16-17 Oct. 2009, Columbia Hotel, Lancaster
Gate, London. Founder Kim Arnold presents the
UK Tarot Conference, now in its sixth year.
The conference brings together some of the
most highly respected tarot authors, artists
and teachers from around the world.

For conference information log into:

Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
in stores now!
This new deck by renowned Tarot artist Ciro
Marchetti  includes the book, Gateway to the
Divine Tarot and offers compelling interpretations
from Ciro, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone,
James Ricklef and Leisa ReFalo.  Get it at a
bookstore near you or go to

From the Editor

Hi all! I am Gina Thies and am happy to be a
part of Tarot Tips. I have a deep love for
all things tarot and have a deep appreciation
of all that I have learned from Wald and
Ruth Ann.  I have been interested in tarot
since my first reading in 1994 and have read
professionally since 2000. I own, a professional site
for private readings and related tarot

I hope to have you all take part in Tarot Tips,
and Wald, Ruth Ann and I look forward to
bringing you all the best in tarot.

Yours along the tarot path,

Featured Tarot Blog
This blog features wonderful information.
It discusses card meanings, techniques, workshops
and more. It is beautifully designed and even
has an archive to go back for the information
you've missed. Very cool!
Check it out at:

Do you have a question or comment on anything
tarot? Suggestions for future topics?
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