Court Cards: The Fourth Arcanum

Court Cards: The Fourth Arcanum
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Tarot is full of mysteries and depths. Every card comes in layers many deep. Cards can be combined into all sorts of meaningful groups that make them especially significant in different ways. When you play with tarot long enough, you literally start seeing things.

Court Cards are a group unto themselves. What, exactly, makes them different in their essence from the other cards? The answer is that they are an Arcanum, a formal mystery, a whole separate secret unto themselves.

The Aces are are a secret like that. They are the geological platform of the elements on which everything rests — the secret roots of the world.

At their deepest, underneath and supporting all their standard meanings, the numbers 2 – 10 of the Minor Arcana also form a mystery, which is why they are called Arcana. At that level, they are ways to mastery of self and world.

The Majors are tarot's version of the arcane architectural principles of creation.

Court Cards are avatars, incarnations in human form of a mysterious intention, which is also distilled human intention, potentially the highest, strongest intention you are capable of. They are energies that do things. Court Cards are not about things that just happen. They are about things that happen because of you. They are intended to be personal.

The uses of Court Cards go far beyond their meanings in a reading. In this study guide, using an original Tarot School tarot psychology technique called the Complete Court Card Array, we'll start to explore what makes the Court Cards a mystery — your personal mystery, an Arcanum in their own right and in the truest sense of the word.

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