Color Costume & Choreography

Color Costume & Choreography
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The imagery in most tarot decks contains a dazzling complexity of depth and detail. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start when interpreting the cards.

This Study Guide focuses on three main elements that elicit deep responses from everyone who sees these evocative works of art, even when they aren't aware of it.

  • The first is color, whose pervasive presence sets the intuitive mood in every card.
  • The second is costume, which gives the overall context for interpretation.
  • Third is what we call choreography, the stances and actions which show us the definitive energy and direction of the intent of each image.
By learning how to use these three aspects of tarot imagery, the cards instantly come alive with meaning. This one technique will be a strong asset to any reading you do. Format: downloadable pdf – 9 pages

“Since I've been studying with the Tarot School, I've learned to go deeper into the cards, to look at the images' body language, their stances, their expressions, the colors, the costumes and the symbols. I've learned a wealth of information from the symbols alone, that I had never been aware of before. My knowledge has increased tremendously and this has helped to make me a much stronger reader.”

~ Judi Jurist


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