Tarot and Health

Tarot and Health
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This Study Guide explores a selection of health issues that may be inferred from the tarot.

  • Learn what conditions the suits might indicate and what the images suggest
  • Discover important clues hidden in tarot's esoteric systems
  • Learn how to pinpoint body parts
  • Identify the underlying question your querent may have

Also included:

  • 3 very useful spreads
  • A collection of hotline phone numbers you can use to refer clients who are in need of professional help

Important Note: It is extremely important that you do not use the cards to diagnose or prescribe for yourself or your clients unless you are licensed to do so!! Seeing any of these symptoms during the course of a reading should only be considered a possible indication of a problem and should always be verified by a doctor or other licensed health practitioner. Format: downloadable pdf – 18 pages


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