Private Lessons with Wald

Private Lessons with Wald
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There are times for any tarot student when books, recordings and videos alone are not enough. These are times when you feel you just have to have a teacher to talk to who will work with you exclusively.

Private lessons can be an essential part of serious study. Often it is the best and sometimes it is the only way to move past routine learning and rise above the plateaus where we all occasionally get stuck. It is also the most likely path to peak learning experiences and personal breakthroughs.

  I set aside time to work with you privately when you need or want to, one-to-one, via Zoom or on the phone.

  Hourly private lessons tailored to your needs and goals are available, singly or in lesson groups.

  All levels of tarot experience are welcome.

We will contact you with information on how to schedule your appointment.

These sessions are separate from the coaching included with the Correspondence Course Degree Program.

(Note: Your private lessons may be tax-deductible
as a training expense. Consult your tax advisor.)

Teaching at this level of depth and intensity is one of my
greatest pleasures, and I truly look forward to sharing it
with you!


“When you first mentioned your development of private lessons to help students use Tarot to delve into their own inner life, I was immediately interested and signed up right away. My main interest in Tarot lies in its uses for personal insight and psychological/spiritual growth, and your use of techniques such as Birth Cards, Elemental Array, Court Card Array, and The Hidden Face has added so much to my own self-knowledge and my knowledge of Tarot.

The priceless knowledge and insights I've gained in these private lessons have also made me a better reader. Wald, you once said, about Tarot in general, that if you study it deeply enough you will change. You were right, I changed.”

— Beth Palladino

“I just wanted to once more express my extreme gratitude for the opportunity to get your insights on my question — it's invaluable to me, and only makes me realize even more what a wonderful institute The Tarot School is — offering knowledge that's really nowhere presented so rich, and you two guys are truly wonderful people.”

— Kaj Eijlers (Netherlands)



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